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1960 MGA Interior Trim

Brian and Kath have continued working on our gorgeous 1960 MGA interior restoration. They’ve glued and fitted the rear wheel arch carpets and fitted the

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Mr Callow – Worcestershire

“Thank you Bridge Classics, cannot fault how you ran the competition transparently. Congratulations to the winner 👍🏻when I win the Premium Bonds I’ll come to you

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Triumph TR6 Hardtop Restoration

Another joint effort between the Paint and Trim shops has now been completed. We were tasked with completely restoring this TR6 hardtop. We’ve removed all the chrome-work and transformed the hardtop with a black on black colour choice.

Once the roof was prepared and fully painted it headed into the trim shop. From here, Kath unpicked the old headlining before marking out a template for new material. Then she cut out the fabric and calico loops for ready for the rods. She then begun sewing the fabric together before glueing info place on the hardtop and looping the hoops through the rods. Once the main ceiling of the hard top was trimmed, Kath moved onto the side pillars.

Great team effort on this one, it’s looking amazing!

Ford Capri 3000 E Steering Wheel Restoration

The team have done an incredible job re-trimming this Ford Capri wheel. The wheel firstly went down to the paint shop to be sanded down and repainted black. Once fully painted it headed through into the trim shop for Kath to pick up work on the leather. She stripped off the leather and applied the brand new leather before stitching the seams together. The exact sticking pattern was matched to keep this wheel looking original.

Lovely work, team!

1974 Austin Mini – Delivering The Winner’s Car!

Congratulations to Chris Allitt, winner of the 1974 Austin Mini. Mauro delivered the car to Chris on Saturday. Its fair to say Chris was stunned to see this lovely classic arriving on his doorstep! After chatting to Chris we learned he used to build the engines on classic minis. We discovered that Chris assembled the engine on this very car! Obviously Chris is a very skilled engine builder as she’s still running beautifully to this day. How amazing that this Mini has returned back to Chris!

Winner: Chris Allitt
Ticket No: 1558

The Live Draw for this competition was held on Saturday 23rd May 2020.

Will you be our next classic car winner? To find out a little bit more about our competitions head to to see how our competitions are won. We’ve already had four lucky classic car winners!

Two New Arrivals at Bridge Classic Cars HQ

This week has seen two stunning classics arrive. The first is a Vauxhall Viva GT, the second a TVR Chimaera. Stay tuned for more information about these cars and our plans for them.

1960 Jensen 541R in the Trim Shop

Brian has been hard at work on the interior of our Jensen 541R. He’s been working on the front cubby box/ armrest. He firstly stripped off the old covers of the cubby box and sanded the wood down to a smooth finish. He then made new covers from black vinyl, using the old ones as a template.

He then fitted the cut vinyl onto the freshly prepared cubby box. The base plate was also fitted with black vinyl and fitted into cubby box.

Brian then has made up a soft armrest and fitted it to the cubby box. He’s cleaned up the ashtray and fitted it into the box. Great work, Brian!

1960 MGA Update From the Trim Shop

Brian has added a few additional touches to our MGA interior. He’s fitted edge trim around the wheel hole and added strengthened metal bars to the door cards.

We’ve also now fitted the seat runners to the seat frame.

Re-chroming for 1956 Ford Consul

Some repair work and re-chroming required on our 1956 chrome-work. All complete and back with the owner to continue with the rebuild.

BMW M3 Evo – trip to Aldeburgh

Our 1996 BMW M3 E36 is currently being stored in one of our CarCoon’s within our classic car storage facility.

The owner has come up from London for the day to enjoy some fish and chips at the world famous Aldeburgh Fish and Chip Shop.

So the car is out of hibernation for the day to enjoy the sunshine.

Austin Mini in paint

Our 1967 Austin Mini 850 is now in our paint shop ready to be finished in Surf Blue with Old English White roof.

This very unique restoration will be leaving ours shortly after re-paint, to be passed back to Team C for refit before heading to the electric classic car specialists to be converted to electric technology.

1960 AC Aceca – A full assessment underway.

John has worked on a full and thorough assessment of our 1960 AC Aceca. We will present our findings to the car’s owners on Friday afternoon and a decision will then be made for the future of the car. Will it passed on to a new owner, will it be recommissioned or will it undergo a full restoration.

Watch this space…

1974 Austin Mini: competition prize ready to leave

Last Friday we announced Chris Allitt as the latest winner of Bridge Classic Cars live competitions.

Chris is now the proud owner of our 1974 Austin Mini 100.

Already owning a classic Mini and being a member of the Mini Owner’s Club the car is going to a great home.

🔷 1974 Austin Mini Live Draw 🔷🎉 Congratulations to Chris Allitt who won with ticket number 1558! 🎉Have your say. Let us know in the comments which cars you'd like us to run as competitions in the future.

Posted by Bridge Classic Cars on Saturday, 23 May 2020

As with all of our competition prizes, the Mini has been in our workshops this week to be completely checked over and a brand new MOT is now present. This Saturday we will be delivering Chris his new classic!

1960 AC Aceca – Day 1 Clean

Day 1 of our 1960 AC Aceca barn find clean. After 35 years in storage the owner has decided it’s time to get a full assessment carried out on the car with a view of either restoring or recommissioning.

We have started on day 1 by detailing the engine bay as best we car. The car will undergo a full 2 day detail to reveal all of it’s imperfection and show us and the owner exactly what extent we will need to go to on the car.

Here’s a little before and after!



Arriving this week: 1994 TVR Chimaera V8

Arriving in our workshops later this week we are so excited to welcome our 1994 TVR Chimaera 5 litre with a seriously impressive history of works carried out. Grab yourself a cup of tea and sit back to read all about it…

1994 TVR Chimaera in Starlight Blue with Navy and Magnolia interior.

Original TVR V8 engine upgraded and rebuilt to a 5 litre capacity at approximately 71,000 miles in 2011.

Using the V8 Developments modified heads and inlet with 45mm bore trumplets and 72mm throttle inlet.

Megasquirt MS2 ECU controlling fuel and spark.

Ford Gen 2 Coil packs.

Wideband Innovate MTXL AFR sensor, gauge fitted but hidden out of sight.

Smooth bore silicone induction pipes, with KN filter.

Real Steel Viper Typhoon cam.

Baffled sump.

16-row oil cooler.

Clive Ford Y piece, standard centre box exhaust system.

AP Racing clutch fitted at 71,000 miles, to 5 litre TVR specification.

Gearbox rebuilt at 71,000 miles.

New BTR diff fitted in 2017 with new bushes (supplied and fitted by Central TVR)

Gaz Gold suspension.

Front double anti-roll bar, rear anti-roll bar.

Front and rear droplinks replaced.

Electric power steering to Chimaera PAS rack

4 pot Sierra Cosworth calipers and 283mm discs at the front, new Mintex pads in 2018.

Lupo headlight conversion.

New outriggers fitted in 2012. folding hood and Targa panels recovered in 2016 by Classic Car Services.

Refurbished wheels and tyres fitted in 2016.

Wheel alignment and geo check carried out by James Agger Autosport in 2016.

Original alarm replaced to include central locking control and remote boot opening.

A previous owner rebuilt the engine in 2011 converting it from a 4 litre to a 5 litre, using parts from various suppliers including Real Steel and V8 Developments. Also carried out the conversion of the engine from distributor based spark to coil controlled by a Megasquirt ECU which also controls fuel injection. The same owner also carried out a significant amount of work to the mechanical side of the car, including new shocks, uprated anti-roll bar, replacement outriggers, recon gearbox, new clutch and also fitted a pair of newer seats from 98 Chimaera.

A recent visit to the rolling road at Northampton Motorsport as part of a Sporting Bears charity event allowed an opportunity to have a run on the rollers, where it was found to be putting out 280bhp and 305lb/ft torque. The staff from Northampton Motorsport said the power and particularly the torque was pretty good for a 5 litre TVR engine.

It was badged as a TVR Chimaera 500 and is correctly recorded on the V5 logbook as a 5 litre. It has a modified 5 litres TVR (Rover) V8 engine. To avoid any confusion it left the factory as a 400, 4 litre and has been rebuilt and converted to 500 specification.

The roof panels have been recovered during my ownership and the rear folding section replaced. I took the opportunity to change the rear window to a lozenge shape which makes folding the roof much easier and allows the rear section to fold into the car further than the standard roof.

The GKN diff was replaced in 2017, opting for the more expensive option of getting a brand new BTR diff fitted (as fitted to the later Chimaeras in place of the GKN diff) by Central TVR. This is possible with their GKN/BTR chassis conversion plates. The speed sensor and diff bushes were replaced at the same time.

It has 94400 miles on the clock, was first registered in 1994. The previous owner recently fitted a new Exide 640CCA battery, new Mintex pads to the front, replaced the manifold gaskets and changed the oil and filter.

Jensen 541 R Roof Lining

Kath and Brian has done a wonderful job transforming the roof lining of our Jensen 541R. There’s a lot of black components on this Jensen specification. The roof lining however is finished now in this sumptuous perforated cream headlining fabric, expertly trimmed by our Trim Shop team. They begun by fitting the restored roof bars into the roof of the car, using the old headlining as a template, it was a challenge to get the fabric to fit perfectly without any creases. This required the fabric to be kept taught from all angles. It’s now finished and looking wonderful.

1960 MGA Interior Trim

Brian and Kath have continued working on our gorgeous 1960 MGA interior restoration.

They’ve glued and fitted the rear wheel arch carpets and fitted the rear bulkhead carpet, making sure to perfectly cut around the gearbox tunnel. 

They then fitted the armrest, cutting around the handbrake lever. The gearstick surround carpet and the gearbox fennel carpet were then fitted. The black is beautifully offset by red piping to match the MGA’s exterior colour. The interior is really starting to come together as this restoration approaches completion.

The wheel arch panels have been fitted while the front door pockets were screwed into place.

The drivers footwell carpet required a 30mm hole for the front driver mat cap. Kath has sewn in a grommet to allow the carpet to be secured to the floor of the car. It’s in the little details that ensure the overall presentation of this car is excellent.

Moving down the rear of the car the boot is now complete. Kath and Brian made a bespoke great wheel cover and boot board. 

Wonderful work, team! 

RS2000 Front Brake Caliper Piston

Our RS2000 returns to the workshops with a couple of issues to address. We have slight movement in the gearbox which needs to be looked at but also something happening down below on heavy braking.

Upon closer inspection, a sudden pop has revealed that the front caliper piston seals have worn away. Once we rebuild the calipers we can get this back on the car and hopefully it’ll be ready to go home.

Mr Callow – Worcestershire

“Thank you Bridge Classics, cannot fault how you ran the competition transparently. Congratulations to the winner 👍🏻when I win the Premium Bonds I’ll come to you for my E-Type”

Shine Supply UK – April 2020

Thanks to Mike at Shine Supply UK for opening up on a Saturday morning to help get our 2012 BMW 640D Convertible ready for collection. A quick turnaround was required on this one as we were contacted on Friday evening by a buyer who wanted to collect the car on Saturday evening.

Seeing as the weather at the moment is so brilliant we have been using the car. Although it was nice and clean it was not acceptable to be handed over to the new owner.

And whilst in the Shine Supply UK HQ we had a little look at some of his other cars.

Sourcing missing parts for our race car

Having carried out a number of Jaguar E-Type restorations we have been very fortunate to have met some fantastic contacts and friends all with shared interests. This has come in extremely useful as a call to one of our good friends has meant we have managed to source two very rare parts that were missing from our Jaguar E-Type race car project, the gearbox column cover and hand brake.

Thank you to NHS and Key Workers

Two weeks ago we asked each and every one of your to get involved to help us thank the wonderful NHS staff and key workers as they continue to keep our country moving.

We offered £200 worth of credit to be spent on any future competition here at Bridge Classic Cars as our way of saying thank you.

Here’s how it went:

Win £100 free credit for you and a friend❗💙 NHS staff and Key Workers continue to work tirelessly in these difficult…

Posted by Bridge Classic Cars on Saturday, 9 May 2020

Below is everyone who entered to win this free credit.

We’re about to randomly select a number between 1 and 77 and will announce the winners on Facebook. The winner will the number that comes up and whoever they nominated/ were nominated by.

Both people will receive £100 to spend on any of our current or future competitions!

Thank you to everyone who took part in this. We’re extremely thankful to everyone who has helped us build such a wonderful community of classic car lovers.

Stay safe everyone, The Bridge Classic Cars Team

1 Emma Galloway

2 Chris Galloway 

3 Jerry Clack

4 Laura Mendoza

5 Lyndsay Edwards

6 Mal Jones

7 Paul Orell

8 Julie Shoreman

9 Jack Orell

10 Lizzy Bailey

11 Darren Smith

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