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1960 MGA Interior Trim

Brian and Kath have continued working on our gorgeous 1960 MGA interior restoration. They’ve glued and fitted the rear wheel arch carpets and fitted the

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Jensen 541 R Roof Lining

Kath and Brian has done a wonderful job transforming the roof lining of our Jensen 541R. There’s a lot of black components on this Jensen specification. The roof lining however is finished now in this sumptuous perforated cream headlining fabric, expertly trimmed by our Trim Shop team. They begun by fitting the restored roof bars into the roof of the car, using the old headlining as a template, it was a challenge to get the fabric to fit perfectly without any creases. This required the fabric to be kept taught from all angles. It’s now finished and looking wonderful.

1960 MGA Interior Trim

Brian and Kath have continued working on our gorgeous 1960 MGA interior restoration.

They’ve glued and fitted the rear wheel arch carpets and fitted the rear bulkhead carpet, making sure to perfectly cut around the gearbox tunnel. 

They then fitted the armrest, cutting around the handbrake lever. The gearstick surround carpet and the gearbox fennel carpet were then fitted. The black is beautifully offset by red piping to match the MGA’s exterior colour. The interior is really starting to come together as this restoration approaches completion.

The wheel arch panels have been fitted while the front door pockets were screwed into place.

The drivers footwell carpet required a 30mm hole for the front driver mat cap. Kath has sewn in a grommet to allow the carpet to be secured to the floor of the car. It’s in the little details that ensure the overall presentation of this car is excellent.

Moving down the rear of the car the boot is now complete. Kath and Brian made a bespoke great wheel cover and boot board. 

Wonderful work, team! 

1973 Triumph TR6 Hardtop

Our 1973 Triumph TR6 factory hardtop is currently in restoration here at Bridge Classic Cars.

The hardtop is also having a bit of a face-lift whilst in with us; with all chrome work being removed and a new black ‘stealth-like’ finish.

A lot more repair work than first anticipated with the roof having suffered a lot of corrosion. All affected areas have been cut out and replaced with new metalwork, the hood is now in the paint shop being primed and painted before heading off into our trim shop for Brian and Kath to fit the new black head lining.

1982 Porsche 911 – Paint Repairs and Roof Lining Repairs

Our 1982 Porsche 911 is in the workshops to have a couple of areas of paintwork addressed. The front nearside wing has a small but deep scratch that needs repairing. The rear spoiler has unfortunately suffered the effects of having slight moisture. The car has been sitting under a cover and we believe the cover has allowed moisture to get in but not to breath which has resulted in a very minor bubbling effect. This area will need to be stripped of paint, treated, prepared properly and re-painted.

Whilst in, we will look to repair a small tear in the roof lining. We are aiming to repair the area in situ, without having to replace it with new. itr would be lovely to keep the existing roof lining but we’ll assess the results once complete to see whether it is to our satisfaction.

Finally, all four wheels will undergo a full refurbishment.

Jaguar E-Type Racecar Trottle Linkage

Paul has been working on our unique race inspired E-Type. He’s had to modify the throttle linkage to fit our carburettors which are upgraded from standard. The linkage has now been fitted into the engine bay which is now tantalisingly close to completion.

Lovely work, Paul!

Peugeot 504 Rust Repairs Continue

Scott has been working hard on our Peugeot 504 project. This lovely classic was in need of some serious rust repairs. As with all rust repairs, it’s very difficult to tell exactly how far the rust has penetrated into the vehicle until you start cutting it out. As Scott has found, in this case there was a lot of rust! Work like this needs to be done correctly to future-proof the car and keep the vehicle in top shape for many years to come.

Scott is now at the fabrication stage of this extensive repair. He’s been shaping and welding in fresh metal, replacing what has been cut out.

Cracking work, Scott!

This wonderful classic Peugeot will head over to Chris in the paint shop when Scott has finished. Once in the paint shop, Chris will begin shaping and perfecting the bodywork in preparation for fresh paintwork.

2014 Audi A5 S Line – smart repairs

In this weekend we have our 2014 Audi A5 S Line with a very unfortunate scratch from front to rear.

A real shame that someone has decided to carry out this act but we will rectify the damage and get it back to how it should be in no time.

In our paint room being prepared for paint.

The work is now complete and the car is back to how it should be. Looking fantastic and ready to go.

1960 MGA Enters The Trim Shop

Paul has handed the MGA over to Kath and Brian in the trim shop to begin the interior fit.

They’ve made light work getting all the panels fitted into the car. Even pre-cut kits still seem some adjustments to fit perfectly. We will update this blog when the interior fit is complete. Great start, Brian and Kath!

Both Jensen Interior Projects Continues

Brian and Kath have been flat out the past few weeks since returning to our workshop. They’ve been tackling the interior on our two Jensen 541R’s.

Brian has been mainly working on creating the bespoke wooden panelling and Kath has been working with our leather and fabric.

The old interior has been used by Kath as a template to cut our fresh leather to. She has then fitted the new leather to Brian’s bespoke built wooden panelling.

We’ve now finished work on the front two seats and the rear seat base and back swab of our black 1960 Jensen. The next stages will be to fit the headlining which will be a gorgeous cream colour. This should offset the black leather and black exterior paint wonderfully!

1957 Jensen 541R – Uranograu

First glimpse of our 1957 Jensen 541R in its brand new suit.

A unique two tone finish; with the body in Uranograu or Urano Grey and we have matched the roof to the wheels.

Here we have images of our Jensen in final stage primer before top coating the individual panels and body shell.

The car will now head back into the workshops to be fitted up with newly refurbished parts.

1961 Francis Barnett Trials Restoration Complete

So the time has come for us to finally reveal our completed 1961 Francis Barnett 250cc Trials.

It has been almost 2 years since the bike arrived with us and as we quickly discovered it had more of a history than we first realised. being an original Francis Barnett factory trials made it rare but then to find it was a 250cc model made this a extremely special project.

The bike is now restored to as close to factory specification as we are able to get it.

If you know more about the history of our bike or any of our fantastic projects you see on our website we would love to hear from you.

Our 1967 Mini, ready for paint

The preparation of our 1967 Austin Mini is now complete. Next week we’ll be wheeling the bodyshell into our paint bay to be treated to a nice new coat of Surf Blue and Old English White.

Barn Find: 1960 AC Aceca BE 812

Arriving into our Suffolk workshops very soon we have our very special and rare 1960 AC Aceca BE 812 barn find.

The car has been dry stored since it was taken off the road in 1985. Previously owned and residing in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia the car was shipped to the UK in 1962 and has remained with the same owner ever since.

We will be working alongside the family who own this beautiful car to assess it’s current condition and come up with a plan which may see the possible return to the UK roads in the not too distant future.

Mini 850 Electric Car – very close to paint

Our 1967 Austin Mini 850 is very close to paint preparation stage now. With the majority of the new panels and repair work having now been completed Darren will look at final stages of re-shaping. When he is happy the car will move on to paint preparation before we apply the new Surf blue and Old English white.

Rebuilding 1934 Riley Monaco brakes

The car came to us needing a service and at the same time we were asked to investigation the brakes that did not seem to be in full operation.

Having stripped the brakes, re-facing the drums and re-lining the shoes Mauro has now successful rebuilt the brakes and the car once again, slows down and stops as it should.

The car is now complete and ready to return home for the summer.

Our Jensen 541R Interior

Our 1957 and 1960 Jensen 541R interiors have completely taken over our trim shop as Brian and Kath return to work.

They get straight into the rebuild of our Jensen interiors and as you can see, a lot of the original components are beyond repair so many new templates are being made using the original patterns.

The Jensen rear quarter are being remade using new boarding and foam padding before being recovered in black leather.

The original leather work has been stripped, removed and being replaced with brand new material.

1960 Morris Mini Deluxe Body Preparation

Our 1960 Morris Mini is for our own private collection and the body preparation is nearing completion in the trusted and capable hands of our good friend Darrell. Once completed, the car will return to us for paint.

1989 E30 BMW 325 Completed

We finished work on this lovely E30 BMW a few months ago but have only just got around to photographing it out in the sun.

The car came in for a general recommission. In essence, doing everything the vehicle needs to get back on the road whilst making a few cosmetic improvements. Looking a little worse for wear, there were several major pieces of mechanical and cosmetic restoration to undertake with this project.

The car has had rust repairs, fabrication and been undersealed. It’s also needed a new fuel tank, fuel filter, new disks and pads and full brake service, new stainless steel exhaust and a variety of smaller mechanical components.

Darren has done a fabulous job freshening up the paintwork of this lovely E30 and our Classic Car Technicians (mainly Pete) have ensured it’s mechanically ready to be put back on the road and enjoyed.

1996 Rover Mini in the Paint Shop

We recently painted our lovely little 1996 Mini. The car has now been fitted up by our good friend Ted at Team C Racing and is back with us to have a few minor repairs and touching up in the paint shop. The work is now complete and the car safely back with Ted to continue the rebuild.