1957 Jensen 541R Trim shop Update

Kath and Brian have been making superb progress on our Jensen 541R Interior restoration.

Kath has been re-working our doors. They were first made to match the original specification. However, we have been asked to change the design slightly.

Kath has recut new leather and repeated the original process of marking, cutting out, sewing and gluing the leather into place.

Next up for Kath, she has sewn together sections of new leather for the seat tub. Kath then piped around the edge and clipped back the side skirt to inner sections before sewing them together. It’s now ready to be fitted into the car.

Kath has then moved onto the seat bases. She began by sewing on the two seat faces together before applying the edge piping. Kath has clipped the side bands on the seat face to check fitment. Once she is happy with the fabric’s fit, she sews the two pieces of fabric together.

The back board has been trimmed in leather and sewn around the edge. The piping has been glued in place before being stapled to the board.

When making the pocket for the back board, Kath has sewn in elastic to the top of the pocket to allow it to stretch and contract as a pocket should.

This too is now ready to be fitted into the car. Great work, Kath!

Brian has added extra wadding to pad out the old foam on our Jensen squab seat. He’s glued in calico to hold the centre section in place before adding 3mm of foam to cover the existing foam. Brian then fit the leather cover, turning all edges before stapling into place.

Brian then moved onto the glovebox. He’s glued the vinyl material to the glovebox surround, glued vinyl to the glovebox lid and added vinyl to the back of the lid.

Next up, Brian moved onto marking out the leather for our Jensen’s window surrounds.

Brian has also continued work on the front seats, stripping down the front base seat, removing the old seat covers and has made new covers using the original cover as a template.

Extra foam has been added to the seat to pad it out and make the seat as comfortable as possible. The side covers have now also been stapled and are ready to be installed into the car. Superb work Brian and Kath, this interior is going to be stunning!

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