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1968 Jaguar E-Type (YMO388F)

YMO 388F is a Series 1.5 Jaguar E-Type from 1968.

In some ways this provides the best of both worlds. The looks of the original Series 1 car with some of the running gear improvements that came with the Series 2, as well as avoiding some of the price hike that attached to Series 1 cars.

Built as a left-hand drive car for the American market and first sold in Seattle, she returned to the UK via Holland in 2006 and was restored by Southern Classics with various upgrades including:

  • Sigma Engineering fast road specification engine.
  • Uprated brakes all round.
  • RHD conversion.
  • Uprated limited slip differential.

Coming to her current owner in May 2016, recent work has included carrying out a covered headlight conversion to restore Sayer’s original unpolluted design and a complete refurbishment of the bonnet revealing that it is the original, but has had at least a couple of punches on its nose over its lifetime!

In our Ipswich workshops today to investigate a brake binding issue and some intermittent electrical problems.

We’ve stripped the front brakes, freed up all the pistons, stripped down the offside front caliper and gave it a thorough clean.

We’ve upgraded the front flexi hoses to stainless steel, cleaned and greased the front pads.

We’ve checked and adjusted the front wheel alignment and all this has rectified the brake binding issues.

With regards to the electrical issues; the headlight switch was at fault so a new switch has been fitted along with a new fuse.

After a few minor adjustments the car is now ready to go back home.


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