January 24, 2020

1973 Triumph TR6 Bodywork Prep

Darren has been hard at work getting our TR6 body ready for paint. He’s carrying out a complete strip down to bare metal, finding and treating rust and carrying out any nessasary bodywork repairs.

Our client has requested this vehicle be converted from left hand drive to right hand drive. To do this Darren has had to alter the bulkhead and reconstruct bodywork to fit right hand drive running gear.

1957 Jensen Door Hinge Fabrication

Dave has been working on our wonderful 1957 Jensen 541R. He’s had to convert the door hinges to allow the doors to correctly fit.

To do this Dave has cut out the old door plate and fabricated a new door plate, using our 1960 Jensen door as reference to match it perfectly.

He’s then had to modify the ‘A Post’ on our Jensen to sit 4 inches further forwards towards the front of the vehicle.

In order for Dave to check the fitment on the vehicle, the new hinges have been temporarily tacked together with a mild copper. This is strong enough to take the weight of the door during the test fitting process, yet also easy to remove when we undertake the final welding.

Only once we have the perfect fitment will Dave fully weld up the door hinges and get the panels ready for painting.

1977 Triumph Spitfire Arrives for Paintwork

We’re delighted to have this wonderful 1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500 into the Bridge Classic Cars Paint shop.

The owner has brought in his spitfire 1500 for our Paintwork specialists to work on. The Spirfire will be painted black. Interestingly, black was never a colour option Triumph offered from the factory so this really will be a unique classic.

Here at Bridge Classic Cars we have a bit of a soft spot for Spitfires. they’re such wonderful classics. We can’t wait for work to begin and to see this Spitfire transform into a beautiful machine.

The 1500 from this vehicles name denotes the cc of the engine given to it. The 1500 was the final iteration of the Spitfire and is favoured amongst enthusiasts as it was the most powerful engine on offer.