February 12, 2020

Mercedes Pagoda Engine Rebuild

Ady, Bride Classic Cars’ engine specialist has completed another full engine rebuild on this Mercedes Pagoda Engine.

Does your classic vehicle engine need some TLC? Get in touch with our team of experienced Classic Car Technicians to see how we can help you.

1957 Jensen 541 R Interior Strip Down

Kath has begun stripping down our Jensen interior. She will carefully clean and then mark out all interior fabrics and use these as reference for the new leather. Once the seats and interior trim is all stripped down, we can then work on building them back up with brand new foam and leather.

Jensen 541R Custom Door Hinge

Dave has done a wonderful job fabricating new hinges for our Jensen 541R. He’s had to weld in a box section in order to extend the Jensen’s ‘A post’ towards the rear of the car. This has allowed to doors to sit in their correct position. The Jensen will go to our in-house paint shop for bodywork to ensure the door sits perfectly flush. Great work, Dave!

Goodwood Members Meeting 2020

Our beautiful swing badges have just arrived for the Goodwood Members Meeting at the end of march. We hope that this years event is just as enjoyable as previous years. We hope to see some of the Bridge Classic Cars community there! Do let us know if you plan on attending.