June 11, 2020

1971 Range Rover Broken ‘O’ Ring

Ady has found a broken ‘O’ ring which is causing a fuel leak, we’ll fit a new ‘O’ ring to fix. We’ve also found the issue with the speedo, the bearing that rotates the speedo pin is no longer fully lubricated. After re-lubricating and cleaning this component, the speedo should now read accurately. There’s still some work to do on our Range Rover project but Ady’s made a cracking start today.

MG Midget Clutch and Release Bearing

Scott has been working on our MG Midget. He’s replaced the clutch and release bearing before the car is transported to it’s new owner. As with all of our sales vehicles we’ve also given it a full 12 months MOT. We wish the new owner many joyful miles to come in this lovely little classic.

1957 Jensen 541R Restoration Update

There has been plenty of progress on our Corvette powered Jensen 541R restoration. Dave’s gearbox mount is now in place.

Dave has also welded in seatbelt mounting brackets in, ready for seatbelts to be installed.

Dave has also fabricated Metal components for the top of the door (left) which are now with Chris in the paint shop for painting. Dave has also made aluminium vent sliders which open or close the heating airflow.

1971 Land Rover Range Rover Arrives at the Workshop

This 1971 Range rover is in our workshop for a service, improve how it runs and to fix a few niggles. The speedo gauge flickers and the clutch is reportedly very light. First up, Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist will be investigating the engine.

Suzuki GSX400 New Headlight Design

Huge thank you to Alchemy Motorcycle Parts for their assistance on this design modification. Our 1984 Suzuki GSX400 Cafe Racer/Bobber now has it’s new headlight.

We have been searching the market for a 6 inch LED with black surround and an integrated black mesh front. We have been able to find this specification in a H4 Halagen format or a 7.7 inch size but the size and specification has been tricky to master.

There are plenty of 6 inch LED options but the only grille able to fit would be a retro-fit option that screws to the sides. This was not the look we were going for.

A call to Alchemy Motorcycle Parts and a little homework on their part and they have successfully managed to marry up the LED 6 inch headlight with the integrated mesh used on the Halagen set up.

And it looks amazing…thank you!