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June 18, 2020

Suzuki GSX400 Custom Exhaust

Before we look to cut the frame, alter the overall appearance to a cafe racer and start to piece together the bike with brand new components, we have taken the basic set up to our very good friends at Demand Engineering. Demand will be the next guys to get their hands on our bike as we look to design and manufacture the bespoke custom exhaust. A very different look to the original with the appearance and sound being absolutely critical to what we want the end results to be. We cannot wait to sit down with Dan and plan the next steps.

Introducing Demand Engineering:

“Demand Engineering makes exhausts, that’s what we do, and that’s all that we do.

We’d like to think that we’re getting pretty good at it, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Demand was formed in 2011 by two friends doing what a lot of friends do, finishing a conversation that starts with the immortal lines ‘what if you and I…..?’  they both happened to be Engineers, and they both had passion for all things noisy with wheels on.

Fast forward 7 years and we’ve been involved with some pretty special projects, in a wide variety of vehicles, from GT40 race cars to irreplaceable classics.  We’ve built exhausts for Boats, Bikes, Tractors, Buses, Supercars and even Aeroplanes. That doesn’t mean to say we haven’t done a fair few ‘normal’ cars as well, Subaru’s, VW’s, Fords, and seemingly endless Motor homes.  There’s been nothing I can think of that has phased us.

We work with all of our customers to give them what they want, I’d like to think that was kinda the point.   We’ve worked with Guy Martin on his Transit van, and with Universities with their ‘Formula Student’ cars.
Side exit? No Problem. Lightweight, Carbon fiber Race Kart exhaust? Sure. Needless to say, if it has an engine, we’re bound to be interested!  We can build and create manifolds, silencers, tailpipes and more,  come and have a cup of tea and lets talk about what we can do for you.

Over the years, we’ve also become pretty adept at exhaust development.  We have designed, tested and manufactured exhausts for other companies, from specialist equipment to super cars.  With computer controlled Tube bending equipment, combined with our fixture tables, we can precisely replicate any design, over, and over again.

One thing in common with all that we do, for every exhaust we make, from a tuned equal length manifold, to a rear silencer on a family hatchback, we offer the same level of care and attention, workmanship, materials and customer service.

Demand Attention and Performance.  It’s our name on the exhaust, and we’re proud of what that means.

Porsche 911 Headlining Repair

It was debatable whether we could rescue the original headlining of our 1982 Porsche 911. This was the preferred option by the customer so we set to work seeing whether we could repair the tear and keep the original headlining.

With a bit of gentle persuasion, we managed to tighten the headlining and reposition. The slight tear, we managed to patch up using a special interior fill paste. Once set, we could colour match the area to enable to a good match to the patina.

Kath and Brian have done an incredible job on this one and the great news is, the car leaves us with the original headlining still in place.

Great work Kath and Brian #teamtrim

1970 Fiat 850 Inspection

The new owner of this Fiat 750 has asked us to inspect the vehicle and asses the amount of work needed to get it back on the road. Ady and John have made a list of all of their inspection notes that need addressing.

  • Core plug at the back of engine
  • Repair back panel
  • Repair cracked screen
  • Both fan belts need replacing
  • Core plug at the back of engine
  • New exhaust clamp
  • OS outer sill split
  • 4 new tyres
  • Front bumper corners need fixing
  • Bottom bell housing cover missing
  • NSR floor rust hole
  • Both anti roll bar link arms
  • Rear shock rubber
  • Brake service
  • OSR indicator
  • Lights not fully working
  • Wipers not fully working
  • Needs points ignition and condenser

Filming Day at RAF Bentwaters

Normally, the quieter of our locations, today Mauro, Freddie and Craig spent the day at RAF Bentwaters at our Hangar Showroom.

Mauro was looking over the cars we have in our facility to ensure they are all up to standard; our weekly task is to ensure the cars are driven, checked over and brought up to temperature. Whilst there, he was also looking at the Ford Sierra Sapphire brakes as they seem to be loosely stuck and in need of a little attention needed freeing. The Mercedes 190SL, having just completed the full engine rebuild was being cleaned by Colin at Viper Auto Valet ready for our showroom. The Mercedes E350 was ready to be collected. We also await the arrival of our 1998 BMW M3 Evolution which has enjoyed a few weeks travelling the country but now returns to us to be stored away for a few months. Meanwhile Freddie and Craig we over the other side of the site with our Mercedes SL55 filming for some future projects.

Carl Boardley – unveiling his WSR-built BMW 1

Statement from Cooper Colchester BMW

Big News – suffice to say we are Buzzing!

“Cooper Colchester 2020 Motorsport announcement.

We mentioned yesterday that we had a big announcement for 2020, and here it is.

This morning we met with Carl Boardley (Motorsport) and his team to have final discussions regarding a sponsorship deal for 2020. We are over the moon to announce we have a secured a deal for us to be working together moving forwards.

In 2020 Carl will be racing the WSR-built BMW 1 series British Touring car, in conjunction with HARD Motorsport. This is the very car that Rob Collard raced in the British Touring car series for BMW Motorsport themselves.

The car achieved 37 wins, and 118 podiums in its time in the BTCC, so has a proven pedigree!

As many of you Motorsport fans will know the BTCC is the back bone of Motorsport in the UK, and dates back to 1958 when the series was named the British Saloon car series.

We are immensely pleased to be able to work with a local Race Driver, and support Carl in his second season in the BTCC. With a long and proven track record as a competitive and successful driver, we cannot wait to see what can be achieved in the BMW for 2020.

Carl Boardley Motorsport is incredibly active on social media bringing race day footage, VLOG’s from the garage, and much more so get following Carl now. Instagram is and Facebook is Carlboardleymotorsport

The first race on the calendar is Sunday the 29th of March, at Donnington Race circuit. With the entire race weekends shown on ITV4. (Qualifying on Saturdays)

As always keep your eyes on our Social media for opportunities to attend Race days throughout 2020.

We will be running competitions and events throughout the year that will give you chance to get up close to British Touring car action!”