April 28, 2021

1960 Jensen 541S Collection Day

Mauro and Craig re-visited Jensen Service Ltd in Winchester to collect our 1960 Jensen 541S restoration project.

The car will soon be available for sale, either restored or unrestored. If you would like to know more about this car or any of our other 541 restoration projects please fee to contact the office on 01473742038 or email info@bridgeclassiccars.co.uk

Behind The Scenes – 1964 Land Rover Series IIA

Last week Freddie and Ellie headed down to Bentwaters to meet Charlotte to shoot the final visuals for our beloved 1964 Land Rover Series IIA. The sunlight dappled through the trees and cast long shadows, creating a dramatic scene to shoot in. Bursting with character and adventurous spirit, the Land Rover was ready to be driven off-road across Bentwaters and through the forests.

You’ll be able to see all the photos on Facebook or over on the competitions website here.

Jaguar XK8 Rust Repair

Pricey has been continuing with the rust repair on our 1997 Jaguar XK8 where he has fabricated, welded and repaired the rusted arches. He is then repeating it on the opposite side.

He begun by cleaning up the wheel arch and lower nearside quarter panel and then started fabricating the new panels. Once he’d drawn out the template and cut it out, he could shape up the panel and scribe the area for cutting. The next step was to replace previous repairs with new panels and fabricate the nearside inner lower wheel arch.

1968 MGB GT Arrival

This beautiful red 1968 MGB GT has come in for some TLC. The owner dropped it off with a list of adjustments and fixes that need doing. The jobs include attending to the brakes, prop shaft, dashboard electrics, issues with starting and a general service.

Behind The Scenes On Another Big Shoot

Yesterday we teamed up with photographer, Lydia Harper to shoot some visuals for Deus Ex Machina. The team, which included Matt Wild (videographer), Alice Harper (Assistant), Hannah Coe (model) and Lydia, came down to Bentwaters to take our 1953 Francis Barnet trials bike and 1963 MGB Roadster out for a spin. Partnering up with clothing brand Deus Ex Machina, Lydia was putting together some stellar content for both the brand, her own creative agency Parc femme and for us here at Bridge. We’re very excited to see what Lydia and Matt shot from the day – watch this space!

It’s fantastic to get the opportunity to collaborate with other talented artists in the industry. Bring on more collaborations!