May 17, 2021

Jaguar XK8 Painted

Our 1997 Jaguar XK8 has been prepped and readied for primer and then followed up with its final paint stage. Matt also masked up for

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MG B GT Finished

We have finished our 1968 MG B GT which needed the brakes taken apart, cleaned, adjusted and bled, as well as setting up the pointers

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MG Midget Finished

Our 1971 MG Midget has been completed and sent back off. We replaced the faulty distributer cap and set up the timing for the carburettors

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Jaguar Etype Bonnet Shaping

James has been shrinking the bonnet skin of our 1973 Jaguar E-type Series 3 Roadster to make profile match on both sides. Once he finished converting the left hand front bumper from USA to UK spec he fitted it with rubber and re-shaping it to give an even gap on the body. This is so that the runner is not pinched or deformed once assembled.

13 Elite Presents For Classic Car Owners

From visually pleasing literature to driving gloves and gadgets, we’ve compiled a list of gifts perfect for any classic car lover and for any occasion.

Driving Gloves

Driving gloves are the perfect gift for any classic car enthusiast, especially those who like to drive their roadster with the roof down in brisk conditions. With few classics having effective heating systems, gloves allow the driver to not just look good but also keep warm. They also offer a better grip meaning the driver can operate their beloved classic with more precision.

Sun Glasses

An effective pair of polarised sunglasses are a must-have for any classic car driver. Whether is sunny summer drives or winter sunsets, the sun can be a driver’s worst enemy. Brands such as Ray-Ban do both stylish and effective sunglasses for your driving needs.


A classic watch is a perfect accessory to go with a classic car. Both timeless and classy pieces elevate any luxurious individual. Porsche, TAG Heuer and Rolex are just three brands that find automotive culture at the heart of their horology business. Take a look here for a collection of fantastic watches.

Key Cover/Leather

A leather cover for your keys not only allows you to proudly show off your elite set of keys but also keeps them protected and easier to find.


Every classic car lover will have copious amounts of car manuals and classic car history books, however, classic car photography books provide a different side to classic car literature, with many providing insightful and thoughtful information on the industry, its history and specific cars whilst being presented on beautifully designed pages with double-page spreads of stunning photography. Take a look at the examples below for some unique classic car literature:


Classic Cars: A Century Of Masterpieces

The Classic Car Book: The Definitive Visual History

Lost Wheels: The Nostalgic Beauty Of Abandoned Cars

Smoke and Mirrors

A Man & His Car: Iconic Cars and Stories From The Men Who Love Them

Damsels In Design: Women Pioneers In The Automotive Industry

Bond Cars

Magazine subscription

Octane – an aesthetically pleasing visual masterpiece. As magazines go, Octane is the creme of the crop for its photography, design and insights into the classic car world. Featuring interviews, feature pieces and the latest news, Octane is a magazine that can be appreciated by any classic car lover.

b500 – Another magazine that goes above and beyond with its content. Not just the standard interviews and news, b500 features stunning design and visuals that makes up their magazine. A treat for the eyes as well as the mind.

Land Rover Magazine – Land Rover excel with their visual imagery, from their frequent short cinematic films to their stunning photography, the classic 4×4 brand knows how to mix visuals and information effectively and seamlessly. By showcasing stories from around the world and highlighting the fantastic engineering that goes into Land Rovers, the magazine takes a look at the adventurers and individuals that make Land Rovers so iconic.

Magneto – A collection of creative photography and eloquent articles, Magneto is the ideal read for any car lover.

Honda Vintage Apparel

Honda has released a vintage car apparel line which makes for the perfect gift for those wanting to look the part. As an appreciation for Honda’s roots, the clothing provides enthusiasts with everything from hats to jackets.

Cleaning products

From detailing spray to interior stain removal, every classic car enthusiast can always do with cleaning products to help with the precise maintenance of their motor. Don’t let your fellow classic car lover go anywhere with a dirty car any longer.

Portable Speaker

For some, the sound of the road or a classic cassette player is all they need, but for those who may want to listen to their music in HD or have a larger selection of music without the hassle of wiring up a new sound system, Bluetooth portable speakers provide the perfect solution.

Jerry Can Hip Flask

Hip flasks are always a great luxurious accessory however this one comes with a twist – it’s designed to look like a jerry can. Ideal for an explosive swig of whisky.

Wireless Phone Charger

Many classics may not have the voltage to charge your phone or satnav, so a wireless phone charger does just the trick! Anker does good wireless chargers. If your phone doesn’t support wireless charging, buying a long lead and portable charger also works well however the charger needs to be charged from the mains after every 2-3 phone charges.

Cordless Tire Inflator

A cordless tire inflator can fit in the boot of your classic and will mean you’ll never find yourself flat or caught short again. It can also be used to inflate other items.

Luckies Fuel Candle

With the familiar smell of warm metal and gasoline, this gasoline culture candle takes you trackside in one whiff. 100% soy wax, this candle is also eco friendly and vegan, including aromas of apple, raspberry, aldehydes and balsam.

ULEZ Expansion Threatens London Classic Cars

Sadiq Khan’s proposals for the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expansion has been met with controversy as London based classic car owners are threatened with losing their classic cars.

The new scheme would see an extra 140,000 motorists affected by the end of October as the proposal would cover the North and South Circular roads with drivers charge £12.50 a day to drive a heavy polluting vehicle.

Many argue that this proposal would simply imply an added cost to ownership and would not make it impossible to own a classic in London, as it also sees London making positive steps towards slowing climate change. Those against the proposal argue that it could force many London based classic car owners to scrap their beloved classics. This step could see a further push at converting more classic cars to being electric so that owners can enjoy them without a side portion of guilt and lighter pockets.

This change would not only affect the older classics but would also lead to less classics from the 1980’s through to early 2000’s being forced off the roads.

As we make steps to be a greener society, we could see more ULEZ zones opened around the country.

Jaguar XK8 Painted

Our 1997 Jaguar XK8 has been prepped and readied for primer and then followed up with its final paint stage.

Matt also masked up for stone chip on the sill and arch lips before applying the final paint. Matt explained that “we check for colour coverage by turning the booth lights off and using a special torch to make sure base coat has covered”. This allows the team to ensure that the paint is sat as it should do. Once the base coat had been applied, Matt could then add the clear coat and finish the car.

It now looks good as new – you’d never know the rear quarter had been taken apart!

MG B GT Finished

We have finished our 1968 MG B GT which needed the brakes taken apart, cleaned, adjusted and bled, as well as setting up the pointers gap and timing for the carburettors, which were also stripped cleaned and adjusted. We also addressed the scraping noise which turned out to be the drum hitting the back plate.

MG Midget Finished

Our 1971 MG Midget has been completed and sent back off. We replaced the faulty distributer cap and set up the timing for the carburettors and points gap. We then road tested it and found it ran perfectly.

Land Rover Series 3 Assessment

This Land Rover Series 3 has been assessed for body work and engine work however we are unsure to our next steps with it. It may come in in the future and we hope to see it again soon.

Deus Ex Machina x Parc Ferme: Video

We’re delighted to recieve this fantastic video from Matt Wild, videographer, who shot alongside Lydia Harper a few weeks ago for a project with Lydia’s creative agency Parc Ferme and Deus Ex Machina.

With Hannah Coe as the model and Alice Harper as the assistant, the team created these stunning visuals with the help of Bridge Classic Car’s selection of motors.

Check out the video on YouTube below:

If you didn’t see them in our previous MGB blog, check them out again here:

Classic Car Weekly – May 2021

We were recently featured in Classic Car Weekly after journalist, Paul Guinness got in touch wanting to write an article about our Ford Model T recommissioning.