July 8, 2021

Jaguar E-Type Repairs

Customer reported that he was having difficulty in getting the overdrive to engage every time. We established the overdrive unit was functioning correctly which lead

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1996 Toyota Hilux

Our 1996 Toyota Hilus has been treated to a brand new, custom made, ceiling cloth. Although some may consider it ‘not yet a classic’ parts

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Let’s get our Austin Morris Mini running right

Take a look at this little firecracker! Owner Ross has brought his wonderful Austin morris in to see Ady, our engine specialist.

Ross noticed the car wasn’t running quite right as the air/fuel mixture looked to be running a touch rich. Ady has diagnosed the issue as a faulty choke. The choke cable wasn’t correctly fitted, causing the choke to always be around 1/4 on. This was what was causing the car to run rich.

Brought into us this morning, the car is already back on the road and running like a dream! Amazing work, Ady. Ross is now off to Goodwood Festival Of Speed, have a great time!!

Prep for the Honda Integra!

Lydia, can normally be found in the trim shop, has been helping out with getting the Honda Integra ready for a re-paint.

She’s been sanding down various panels, including the front grill, spoiler, wing mirror surrounds and fuel tank cover. Most of the panels only needed a light sanding with a DA and soft sanding by hand afterwards. Any imperfections that were found in any of the paint, such as trapped air bubbles and chips, Lydia sanded down to the original bare plastic and feathered out. The underneath of all the different panels were cleaned to remove any residues that could get into the new paint.

Jaguar 3.4 MkII Balancing Act

Ady has been balancing the carbs on our 1963 Jaguar MkII to improve the running and overall performance of the car.

Jaguar E-Type Repairs

Customer reported that he was having difficulty in getting the overdrive to engage every time. We established the overdrive unit was functioning correctly which lead us to believe was, possibly, all we needed to do was change the oil. When we started to drain the oil we found it was of a water consistency. We changed the oil for new with the correct viscosity and the overdrive now functions correctly.

Sometimes it is nice to have an easy fix solution.

Aston Martin goes rouge!

Kath has been busy manufacturing the new seats for the Aston Martin DB2/4.

She’s started with the front base seats. The first step was to unpick the seams of the original covers. Then laying out a new hide of deep red leather and placing all these original base seat pieces on top of it, marking out around them and cutting out (they were used as pattern pieces to obtain accurate shapes and sizes for the new seat). Strips of leather were cut out for the piping to be made with, from a contrasting dark grey leather.

Kath sewed “flutes” for the “faces” of the front base seats by laying the leather onto scrim foam and sewing down lines. She then marked out the required shape with a fabric pencil and sewed piping onto the straight edge of the face. A plain piece of leather was sewn to this, with calico underneath, which will help pull the seat face into the correct shape. A piped “skirt” was then sewn around the “face”, along with sidebands.

Once the new front base seat covers were all sewn up, they were fitted onto their original foams.

Next up will be the front squab seats!

Local Man wins £100,000 Mercedes Cl600

Graham Cousins entered one of our classic car competitions. His ticket, number 382 was drawn and today he has come to our classic car workshop to collect his prize.

New, these CL600’s were £100,000! A dream car for many, Graham won this car from a £5 ticket!

Graham is fairly local to us, so accompanied by wife Sandra, opted to visit us for a tour of our classic car workshop when collecting his car. A lovely couple, Graham and Sandra were blown away seeing their new Mercedes CL600 in person.

Could you be our next winner?

We’ve got some incredible cars live on our website.


Aston Martin DB2/4 Seat Strip Down

Although the seats on our 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 were re-trimmed not that long ago, the colour and finish were not correct to factory specification.

Original records show red with grey piping and grey carpets. We now begin the process of stripping the seats, side panels and all interior panels so we can manufacture the new interior.

All of the metalwork around the interior will be blasted, cleaned, prepared and painted back to original specification.

Kath has started to mark out the new leather.

Overhauling the E-Type Carbs

Somewhat of a mobile task for Ady this week. Fuel was leaking from our 1973 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 V12. Ady visited the car to see what, if anything, could be done with the car in it’s current location. The carbs needed our attention so we brought them back to the workshops to be overhauled. New gaskets, float valve and diaphragms were fitted and now we are ready to refit back to the car.

Shaping fresh air into Riley!

James has been getting on with making a pair of new air vent panels for the 1951 Riley! The original ones were heavily corroded, so it was easier and more efficient for him to make brand new ones…

They provide fresh air into the car, before air conditioning was around!

The new air vent panels were hand formed by James, using traditional methods. He started by making a wooden former and then cut a piece of sheet metal. He used the wooden former and a dolly to stretch and hammer the metal curve into shape. The original vent mechanisms were used. They were welded into the metal panels and coated with sink spray between the surfaces. The new air vent panels will be left plain until the running boards are sorted and both them and the new air vents are back on the car.

Lydia has also been continuing to paint strip panels to get rid of the existing layers of paint.

Jaguar E-Type Service and Remedial Works

Ady continues work on the service of our 1972 Jaguar E-Type V12. We have changed the air filter and fuel filter, we have also changed the thermostat. The gas ram on the bonnet require replacing as well as the door rubbers on the window.

The car is a relatively new purchase for the current owner and his decision to have the car checked over and any remedial works to be carried out is a great idea. Not only does he know that the car is fit for purpose once it leaves our workshops but managing budgets in any situation is good. Doing smaller bits and pieces when work is required is much better than leaving it to build up into a much larger, costly project.

1996 Toyota Hilux

Our 1996 Toyota Hilus has been treated to a brand new, custom made, ceiling cloth.

Although some may consider it ‘not yet a classic’ parts for the Toyota Hilux are becoming increasingly difficult to source. A ceiling cloth is one of those parts that need to be manufactured from scratch.

We matched the interior as best we could with the resources we had. The existing ceiling cloth, although too far gone to repair, was useful to have as it helped us compare like for like materials and finishes.

A sound deadening mat was applied to the underside of the roof prior to the ceiling cloth being fitted. The interior accessories have all been cleaned up and prepared for refit so now that it is all in position the windows can be refitted and work can commence with the restoration.

Although Bridge Classic Cars have had involvement along the way, the project is actually being completed by father and son which is an amazing story. Being a father and son team here at Bridge Classic Cars it’s moments like this in life that make wonderful memories. We can’t wait to see the final results!

Welding new life into the arches of the Jaguar Mk 2!

Dave has been repairing one of the rear wheel arches of our 1968 Jaguar Mk2 . He has welded new metal into places where corrosion was beginning to take over. He then fitted the jacking point back in to position!

Unfortunately the other side will require a lot more attention but although it’s often unexpected work on classics that come back to bite you it is work that is essential in order to keep the cars on the road for many many years to come.

Getting the Ford Escort Ready to Run!

Today, the interior wiring was completed on our 1969 Ford Escort Twin Cam. Along with completion of the interior fit out. All other wiring was then checked over for any issues; things like poor earths, bad connections etc.

Jaguar E-Type welding work

Scott’s attention is now on the nearside floor pan of our 1972 Jaguar E-Type V12. He is welding and repairing areas in need of attention.

Service for the Jaguar E-Type

The Jaguar E-Type 4.2 has been getting serviced in the workshop recently. The oil has been been drained to get rid of any impurities that may have been in it.

Jaguar E-Type Rear Hub Assembly

Scott continues to rebuild the offside rear hub assembly. He has fitted new drop link bushes on to the rear anti roll-bar and has now started to refurbish the rear callipers.