July 9, 2021

Red Jensen interior fit continues!

Thomas has been fitting the mushroom shade leather front seats into the peony red Jensen. He first had to fit runners into the front of the car, these are bolted in, either side, as a pair. The seats then slide onto these with attachments on the bottom of each front seat. These runners are what make the seats move backwards and forwards, to give more or less leg room in the front!

Thomas has also fitted the centre mirror, centre console and sun visors.

Kath has been making a boot carpet for the Jensen 541s too. She made a carpet cover for the fuel pipe, to match the boot. These were both made by her creating a paper pattern first. All the edges of the carpet were binded in the mushroom leather.

Rebuilding the MGB V8 oil pump

The oil pump gear would not turn so with the use of a marker pen, Ady was able to show where the pump was rubbing and then he could relieve the high spot to allow it to turn.

One that was done, Ady had to sort out the end float as there are two thickness’ of gaskets.

Here we have the oil pump drive coming through the housing to the distributor to make sure it all works before thbe rebuild.

Shaping the future of the E-Type

Chris and Matt are starting to shape up the E-Type body shell. The car is now in Epoxy primer and once prepared will be ready for the paint application process.

Exciting times ahead for our 1973 Jaguar E-Type.

Preparing the seat frames prior to refit

From trim-shop to paint-shop, our 1955 Aston Martin 2/4 seat frames and accessories are currently being blasted, treated, prepared and painted prior to the new covers being refitted.

There would be nothing worse than seeing our beautifully manufactured interior coverings fitted to the old, existing and tired looking frames.

Repairs to Jaguar Mk2 wheel arches

Dave has successfully cut out the corroded areas within the wheels arches of our Jaguar 240 Mk2. He is now working on repairing the areas with treatment and welding in new metalwork.

Behind The Scenes At Hethel: Lotus HQ

We’ve been keeping something very exciting under wraps and we’re now delighted to be able to tell the world that we’ve partnered with Lotus and Norwich City Community Sports Foundation to run a charity competition with the to win a very special Lotus Elise.

Our 2021 Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition is set to be one of the most iconic cars in Lotus history and you could win it! In the final year of the Lotus Elise production, this very car is the very first final edition car. To put it simply, it’s the very first of the very last ltd edition Lotus Elise.

All of the proceeds will be given to Norwich City Community Sports Foundation to help thousands of people every year achieve their goals through sport, supporting some of the most disadvantaged, disabled and talented people across the region. Their vision is to support, inspire, and improve the community.

The Bridge Classic Cars team got exclusive access to the world famous Lotus’s HQ at Hethel to shoot with Jake Humphrey and a team from Norwich City Football Club and Norwich City Community Sports Foundation.

With Ellie on the Behind the scenes and supplementary visuals and Freddie directing the crew, we managed to shoot some amazing visuals for the campaign. You can take a peak behind the scenes here:

Electrical works on our Ford Escort Twin Cam

The two John’s have been working on our Ford Escort Twin Cam rewiring project. The front loom has been stripped and refitted to take an electrical fan. The middle loom was very good so having cleaned it up we felt it was best to leave it alone.

On running up we diagnosed an issue with the alternator so it went away to be repaired by the specialists at Nacton Auto Electrics Ltd.

The dash and switches have also been fitted up too.