July 20, 2021

Container Makeover

Our 40 foot container has had a quick makeover with a fresh coat of paint, ready for this weekend’s Classic and Sports Car and Bike

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Bonnet prep for the Honda!

Lydia has been getting the Honda Integra bonnet ready for re-painting.

She started off by sanding down the paint, to the original metal, on the front/face of it, where any dents were showing. Skims of filler were then applied over the tops of where it had been sanded. The filler then also got sanded down once dry, to create a smooth finish for painting.

The underneath of the bonnet was gone over with panel wipe and a red scotch pad to remove the shine of the paint and to clean off any dirt. Corrosion spots were sanded down to bare metal with a DA and painted with treatment to stop any more spreading of the corrosion.

Collection of the Austin Mini!

Winner of our 1989 Austin Mini ‘Pocket Rocket’ Keith Aldous visited our hangar this week to personally collected the car. Ordinarily we delivery direct to your local but we wlecome any of our winners down to have a look around and meet the team!

Here are a few photos from that day!

If you’d like to be like Keith and win the next competition car, our red 1959 Jaguar MK 1, or any of our future classic car competitions, check out the collection here click here

Sand Blasting for the Aston Martin!

Lydia has been sand blasting the internal bonnet and hinge assemblies for the Aston Martin DB2/4 in order to get rid of any substances such as old paint that have been left behind.

Bonnet work for the Aston Martin!

Clinton has been busy fabricating for the bonnet of the Aston Martin DB 2 / 4.

He’s fabricated new hinge supports for the front, repaired various cracks with welding, fabricated a new part onto the wheel arch, straightened out the front because it was all bent in, and pulled a dent out of one of the wings!

Chevron B20 – a new adventure

The day has come where we wave goodbye to our incredible Chevron B20-72-2.

The car is now on it’s way to it’s new owner who has already made the necessary plans to have her restored and prepared for the track.

The new owner is very well known in the motoring scene and this will be added to a collection of race cars that he already owns.

We hope to see the progress and results in due course. For now, it’s been fun…