September 13, 2021

Goodwood Revival 2021

Another amazing year of the Revival at glorious Goodwood! Where would the classic racing world be without it on the calendar for all enthusiastic petrolheads

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Goodwood Revival 2021

Another amazing year of the Revival at glorious Goodwood! Where would the classic racing world be without it on the calendar for all enthusiastic petrolheads young and old alike. Since 1998, Lord March has welcomes visitors to the legendary West Sussex circuit which some claim to be the very best on earth to watch vintage motorsport at it’s finest.

This year’s event runs from the 17th to the 19th of September at Goodwood, West Sussex.

For those of you interested in attending or wanting to find out more, simply click here to find out more and get your tickets for an incredible weekend of classic racing and nostalgia-fueled excitement.

Mr McDonald – Suffolk

“Thank you for storing the car for me, first class from start to finish. Will certainly be using again”

The Search for Perfection – 1989 Porsche 911SC

The Porsche 911. An icon of the sportscar world since its introduction in 1963 with the legendary long bonnet cars. To this day, 911 takes its first basic principles forward through each subsequent generation.

The older generations of this model need to be kept in top condition so as to remind those of its lineage back to Ferdinand Porsche’s earliest idea. This beautifully kept 1989 Porsche 911 SC that we have in at Bridge Classic Cars is one of those cars. The owner of this vehicle has asked our skilled and enthusiastic technicians to inspect and advise on a small rust blemish on the rear window frame.

Just like all of the restorations that are undertaken here Bridge Classic Cars, the work will be sympathetic to the car but also finished to the highest standard to ensure that both the customer and ourselves are happy with the repair.

Keep an eye out on our website for more updates about this incredible 1989 Porsche 911.

From the Ground Up – Restoring the frame on a 1951 Riley RMB

To achieve the best results with a restoration, every component must be given the same outstanding care and attention. It is vital that for great things to be built, the foundations must be strong.

This rings true with the 1951 Riley RMB we are painstakingly restoring in-house here at Bridge Classic Cars. As much attention has been given to the foundations of this beautiful classic as has been awarded to its flowing, classic bodywork being lovingly restored by our talented metalworking craftsmen. The frame had been sent out for media blasting to uncover and inspect any faults or deviations to this now 70-year-old frame. On the whole, the results were positive as to what returned from its careful strip down.

However, on closer inspection by our in-house team at Bridge Classic Cars, we found a couple of areas that we were not happy to leave be. So, for that, the decision was made to send the entire frame out to be dipped. The reason for this degree of investigation is to further expose any areas that would need attention and sympathetic repair befitting a classic car of this rarity and style.

Time to Shine – Photoshoot with our competition Vauxhall VX220

A beautiful Suffolk Friday evening is made all the while better when it involves a very special British sportscar.

For those who know, this is our 2003 Vauxhall VX220 that you could own through our Bridge Classic Cars Competitions and own a unique piece of British motoring history. The 2003 VX220 that we have here at Bridge Classic Cars is 1 of 7 finished in British Racing Green, so you could get your hands on an ultra-special example of an underrated future classic.

Those who saw the live draw of the GT6, Lancia and our very special Damon Hill Watch probably saw these two playing together on a runway. You will have also noticed a new face to Bridge Classic Cars Competitions with Lucy, who stepped in to help us out due to our regular presenter Charlotte, being temporarily unavailable. Fear not regular watchers., Charlotte will be returning very soon.

The VX220 has been carefully gone through by our technicians here a Bridge Classic Cars to ensure the owner has got a solid, reliable and top-class driver. We have known of this car for some time and have worked closely with its previous owner who has spared no expense in keeping this very special car in the best overall condition at a well-respected marque specialist.

There is still a chance for you to enter to win this very car, just head over to Bridge Classic Cars Competitions to enter the draw or check out any of the other vehicles that catch your eye. Someone has to win them!

A New Lease of Life – Cambelt & Service on our 1998 Volvo V40.

You have all probably seen the posts recently about our amazing 1998 Volvo V40 that is going to our new run-around/camera car here at Bridge Classic Cars. Although this being quite a modern car, it still deserves to be running and kept to the standards of our highest mechanical restorations that we do here in-house at Bridge Classic Cars.

One of the most overlooked parts of any service schedule on a vehicle is the cambelt change. This being a belt as opposed to a timing chain, it does suffer through age and also on the mileage of the vehicle and should be replaced periodically to preserve the health (and the happiness) of your engine. Our technicians here at Bridge Classic Cars have years of experience and this shows with end result. The cambelt change on this 1998 Volvo V40 was done in good time and will help preserve the longevity of these much-overlooked workhorses.

While the belt was being changed, the Volvo was treated to a full-service in-house at Bridge Classic Cars so that while we use the V40 as the new camera car for our Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, we can have complete confidence that it is happy and healthy.

Expect to see more on our Volvo V40 as we learn more about it and bring you along for the ride.