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Aston Martin DB5 running rich

Our stunning 1965 Aston Martin DB5 is in the workshops today fine tuning the engine to look at getting her running smoother.

When warm, the Aston is running nicely but does require a lot of choke to keep her running and when idling does have the tendency to cut out. Ady is on the case to investigate the issues. We first noticed that the carbs were running with no oil which will be one of the issues to address.

The point and condenser will be replaced with new to go with the relatively new plus and coil.

We will then turn our attention to the triple carbs to see whether we can get them balanced better.

We’ve noticed some slight play on the carburettor spindles which may be a good idea to address at some point in the future. This will simply be a case of stripping the carburettors down for a full refurbishment. For now, we are looking to tweak the carbs as they are to see how we can get the car to perform.

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