Aston Martin goes rouge!

Kath has been busy manufacturing the new seats for the Aston Martin DB2/4.

She’s started with the front base seats. The first step was to unpick the seams of the original covers. Then laying out a new hide of deep red leather and placing all these original base seat pieces on top of it, marking out around them and cutting out (they were used as pattern pieces to obtain accurate shapes and sizes for the new seat). Strips of leather were cut out for the piping to be made with, from a contrasting dark grey leather.

Kath sewed “flutes” for the “faces” of the front base seats by laying the leather onto scrim foam and sewing down lines. She then marked out the required shape with a fabric pencil and sewed piping onto the straight edge of the face. A plain piece of leather was sewn to this, with calico underneath, which will help pull the seat face into the correct shape. A piped “skirt” was then sewn around the “face”, along with sidebands.

Once the new front base seat covers were all sewn up, they were fitted onto their original foams.

Next up will be the front squab seats!

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