Behind The Scenes – Photoshoot of the 1966 Mercedes 250SE

Bridge Classic Cars has recently shot this incredible 1966 Mercedes Benz 250SE W111 Coupe with the announcement that it will be our next Bridge Classic Cars Competitions prize that one lucky winner will have the chance of owning.

It was a stunning early Autumn morning when the big 1960s coupe was rolled out of The Hangar. The sun was bright and the chrome work glistened across the entire car. As it made its way elegantly across the airbase, the cold air let the big straight-six breathe easier. Freddie at the controls of the camera and Charlotte at the controls of the vast coupe, it was time to begin the customary photoshoot for each of our cars.

As it sat under the Autumn sun, its true depth of colour and character could be seen by all. Every angle this car was magnificent. The interior carries so much soul and it’s 55 year journey to this very point in time could be seen and revelled in. This car tells its stories better than any of writers who have owned this very car before.

The W111 Coupe’s are the final generation of the hand built Mercedes. A masterclass in crafting a luxury coupe for the jet set to cover the greatest distances in the most amount of luxury as possible. This, car tells the story of a true survivor of a car from a bygone era.

And, it could all be yours..

Click the link below and enter now for your chance to win this incredible piece of automotive history.

Enter to win the 1966 Mercedes Benz 250SE Coupe

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