Blend In – Paint Repairs on the 1970 Jaguar XJ

In between the workshop technicians working on the engine and running of the 1970 Jaguar XJ, the paint and body team took the chance to carry out a few paint repairs to the classic Jaguar.

In some places, the paint had become very thin in a few areas of the wing on the Jaguar and also had a few dents in nearly the same area. So, the team carefully prepped thewing of the car in order to do minimal filler work before priming the area. Once primed, our body shop knocked back the whole area methodically using finer and finer abrasives to achieve a perfect finish before it went back into the paint booth.

Our painter, Al, carefully scanned an area of the car to get an exact match for the rest of the classic Jaguar before it is colour sanded and polished to match the finish on the rest of the car.

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