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Visit to our Hangar

Whilst preparing for our upcoming live draw we had a visit from Andrew with his incredible Porsche 993 GT2. He stopped by having seen a

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1960 MGA Test Drive

With our restoration really complete, the MGA’s owner, Mike came to give his car a test drive. It’s safe to say we think Mike is

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1972 Peugeot 504 Rust Repairs Continue

Scott is working on our Peugeot 504 restoration. He is now starting to repair the outer reenforcement rail that was mainly full of filler. Scott has now also repaired the offside rear wheel well and dropped out the rear axle to repair the inner sill. In the past few weeks Scott has now finished repairing behind the rear set and also fabricated a new rear drip rail. Superb work, Scott!

1959 Ford Consul Brake Overhaul

Pete has overhauled the brake system on our 1959 Ford Consul restoration project. This included new wheel cylinders, new adjusters, relined shoes, machined cylinders and fresh brake fluid.

1961 Morris Mini Deluxe

Darren has been hard at work in our fabrication bay. He has been cutting out all the rusted metal and coating in zinc weld-though primer before any new panels and fresh metal gets let in.

Superb work, Darren

1966 Ford Mustang Delivery

Making dreams come true. Last week we delivered our 1966 Ford Mustang GT to lucky winner, Colin Dixon.

Our biggest competition to date, Colin has one one of the best condition Ford Mustang’s in the UK. Congratulations Colin!

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We’ve got two more stunning classic cars which will be won soon. 

Get your entries in now for your chance of winning!

?? 1970 Vauxhall Viva GT:

?? 1995 Mazda Efini RX-7 Type R Bathurst:

Race E-Type Transmission tunnel

Dave has created this masterpiece for our Race -inspired Jaguar E-Type project.

Sticking with the lightweight ethos of the build, the transmission tunnel will be fully on view. And what a view it is. Dave is a master welder and has created this beautiful transmission tunnel from sheet metal. Superb work, Dave.

1973 Triumph TR6 in for Service

This beautiful Triumph TR6 is in the classic car workshop for a service. We’ve recently completed a hardtop restoration for this very car.

The TR6 has been sat for a little while so it needs a new starter motor before she’s back on the road.

1971 Rover P5B Water Leak Fixed

Pete has fixed the water leak our P5B Rover was suffering from. To do this, he’s replaced the ineffective pipes behind the water pump. Top work, Pete

En-route to their new home in Bristol

Thanks to Roma, our Fiat 850S and Morris Mini 1000 are now on their way to their new home in Bristol. After such a beautiful day it is now an awful night to be travelling with the heaven’s opening and a big downpour spoiling the nice shiny arrival.

1961 Jensen 541S Engine

We will soon be ready to start the restoration of our 1961 Jensen 541S. Another very exciting Jensen project as we get to work restoring the car back to its original, factory spec, finish.

For now, the original engine has been brought in to the workshops from our hangar storage unit so Ady can get to work on the testing and rebuild.

1973 TR6 Work Commences

Mauro is trilled to be working on this beautiful Triumph TR6. He’s shared some snaps on Facebook as this project starts to pick up momentum.

Superb work, Mauro! We will be updating this blog with every major milestone in the rebuild of our TR6.

Visit to our Hangar

Whilst preparing for our upcoming live draw we had a visit from Andrew with his incredible Porsche 993 GT2.

He stopped by having seen a few of our classics sitting outside our unit whilst we prepared inside.

Thanks for popping by Andrew and a real treat seeing your GT2…stunning!

Mini parts for blasting

Tamas has been busy sorting out the parts from our 1960 Morris Mini Deluxe, ready for blasting.

We work alongside Abbey Protective Coatings when we have lots of blasting to do. Their facilities cater for large quantities of parts so when we have lots to do and only one blaster in house it is more cost effective and faster to use specialist services.

1960 MGA Test Drive

With our restoration really complete, the MGA’s owner, Mike came to give his car a test drive. It’s safe to say we think Mike is rather pleased with his beautiful, restored MGA.

Paul has now fitted the seatbelts and will continue test driving the car to ensure she is running perfectly before it returns to Mike.

Mr Oswald – Lowestoft, Suffolk

I just wanted to write and let you know that the little car does indeed now run and drive very well. I took it out for a little ride out yesterday and am pleased to say it performed very well. I have to say that I have been impressed with your professional and speedy response with regard to rectifying the issues the car had.

I have now let people know about my lucky win and have been pleased to be able to let a few sceptical types know that the competitions are indeed genuine and the cars are very real.”

1973 Triumph TR6 In The Workshop

Our TR6 has reached another exciting milestone in it’s restoration journey. The Triumph TR6 has now left the paint shop and is with Mauro in the Workshop.

Mauro will now be building the car. All components will either be refurbished or replaced with new.

The main components that are being currently refurbished are as follows:

  • Steering collum
  • Door locks
  • Wiper motor and mechanism
  • Dashboard
  • Dash vents
  • Seat runners
  • Windscreen surround
  • Door handles
  • Center console
  • Mudguards
  • Front grill
  • Soft top roof

The following items are brand new:

  • Fuel pump
  • Alternator
  • Fuel filter
  • Front lights
  • Tail lights
  • Indicators
  • Rubbers

The following items have already been refurbished

  • Radiator
  • Prop shaft
  • Exhaust
  • Chromework
  • Fuel tank
  • Wheels
  • Heater box
  • Dials
  • Mauro will now begin the assembly process on this vehicle.

Some for the future: Caterham 7 and Lambretta

We have had a couple of new enquiries this week for the body preparation and paint shop. First up we have a few imperfections on a Caterham 7.

Followed by welding work on a classic Lambretta.

We will hopefully see both of these projects in our workshops very soon.

1990 Austin Mini Thirty in the Trim Shop

Kath has been working her magic on one of our future competition cars, this lovely little Austin Mini Thirty. The interior of our Mini was in need of restorative works. Kath has done an incredible job on the steering wheel, dash and rear door pockets.

First up, Kath tackled the steering wheel. She masked up the black centre section and sanded down the leather to smooth it out. She then applied flexible filler, left the filler to dry and then sanded down.

Kath then cleaned the surface before applying specialist leather colour paint to the leather. This paint will not crack and is perfect for reconditioning high-wear surfaces such as a steering wheel.

Next up for Kath, the worn rear door pockets. She marked up the two new panel insets, cut to size and installed into the car for the perfect fit.

The dash of our Mini was also very well worn and in need of restoration. Kath started by making a rough template to mill a new dashboard from. She then marked out and scored the board to bend into shape. It has now been positioned in place. A air vent hole will need to be drilled and the air vent fitted when this arrives with us.

Superb work, Kath.

1979 Ford Escort RS2000 in the Paint Shop

Chris has done a superb job so far repainting our Ford Escort RS200. It’s had primer coats applied and is just about to get it’s top coat. This lovely Escort RS2000 will be available as a competition very soon.

1988 Nissan 300zx Engine Repairs and Servicing

Pete, one of Bridge Classic Cars’ vehicle technicians has been working on our Nissan 300zx restoration. He has replaced the faulty water pump. He is also giving the engine a full service including new cam belt, spark plugs, fuel filter, oil filter and fresh oil.

Great work, Pete

2003 Mercedes SL55 V8 Wheels

A future competition car, this SL55 is simply gorgeous. However, the wheels where the only area letting the car down. Not anymore.

We’ve refurbished the wheels and refitted them to the car. They’re now looking as good as new.