MGA Paint Process

Chris is now so close to completing the paintwork on our 1960 MGA. All of the panels and main body have now been painted and

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Jaguar E-Type Centre box

What a turnaround! We’ve sourced, stripped and re-trimmed this Jaguar E-Type centre box to a black / tan colour scheme in a matter of days. Great work, Kath.

Mercedes Bulkhead Repair: 1987 Mercedes 500SL

The third generation Mercedes SL, R107 generation frequently have issues with bulkhead rust. We’re experienced in classic vehicle rust repairs and, fabrication. Within our in house fabrication bay, Anthony, has been working on our 1987 Mercedes 500SL.

Does your Classic Car need rust repairs or fabrication? Give our friendly sales team a call on 01473 742038 to find out how we can look after your pride and joy.

Smart Repair: 2016 Mustang 5.0 GT

Accidents can happen to your pride and joy. But fear not, our skilled technicians can help! We’re able to perfectly paint match to any colour and carry out smart repairs within our state-of-the-art paint shop.

This beast of a Mustang was unfortunately damaged recently and has come in for repair. We should be able to get this Ford Mustang back to top condition very soon.

MG Midget: Classic Car Repairs

Pete has been working on a few repairs to our lovely little 1980 MG Midget.

It needed new brake cylinders and brake shoes which have now been fitted. There was also an issue with the clutch that needed attention. Pete diagnosed a faulty clutch slave cylinder and has now fitted a new slave cylinder.

This vehicle will soon be available for purchase from ourselves. It certainly isn’t a pristine vehicle, but this little MG is a lovely, usable classic car with a whole load of bang-for-your-buck summer driving fun to be had!

1963 Morris Minor 1000 Rust Repairs Needed

As part of our inspection and recommissioning of this Morris Minor, Pete has uncovered quite severe rusting on the passenger side. Should the customer agree, we will begin repair works on the affected area shortly.
There are quite a few other jobs to do on this lovely little Morris which will be picked up shortly.

1960 MGA Back In The Workshop With New Paint

Chris has done a wonderful job on this MGA full respray. We’ve used a colour match to replicate the MGA’s original factory colour. This stunning red really is lovely. Now the body is back in our workshop, Paul can continue work on the mechanical restoration of this lovely 60s Classic. Great work, Team!

1965 Amphicar 770 Restoration Update

Tom has been making progress on our rare Amphicar restoration.

After installing the new floor he has fitted the rubber lining to the floor, vehicle sides and door cards. Being an amphibious vehicle, the interior needs to be waterproof should any spray enterer the vehicle cabin.

Tom has also adjusted the handbrake to bite sooner and for pressure to be applied evenly across both of the rear brakes. We’ve aligned the metal exterior trim to sit as a perfect pinstripe across the side of the car.

The front seats have also been now been installed. The next steps in our Amphicar restoration will be to install the seatbelts, make rubber matting to cover the soft top well and install front and rear chrome light surrounds.

BMW M3 Completed paintwork and Rear Seat Bolster Repair

The full respray on our BMW M3 is now complete in beautiful BMW Techno Violet. We will be giving the car a detail over the weekend ready for collection. Also pictured below is the rear seat bolster repair undertaken by Kath in our in-house trim shop.

MGA Paint Process

Chris is now so close to completing the paintwork on our 1960 MGA. All of the panels and main body have now been painted and cured. Chris will fit up the panels onto the car before giving her a good polish. Stay tuned to see the fully assembled rolling chassis back in the workshop soon for it’s restoration to continue.

Great work, Chris!

1957 Jensen 541 R Interior Strip Down

Kath has begun stripping down our Jensen interior. She will carefully clean and then mark out all interior fabrics and use these as reference for the new leather. Once the seats and interior trim is all stripped down, we can then work on building them back up with brand new foam and leather.

Jensen 541R Custom Door Hinge

Dave has done a wonderful job fabricating new hinges for our Jensen 541R. He’s had to weld in a box section in order to extend the Jensen’s ‘A post’ towards the rear of the car. This has allowed to doors to sit in their correct position. The Jensen will go to our in-house paint shop for bodywork to ensure the door sits perfectly flush. Great work, Dave!

BMW M3 In the paint shop

Darren has sent over some images of the BMW mid-painting.

We can’t wait to share images of this lovely E36 M3 in the sunlight when the paint is completely set.

1997 Hudson Motor Company Mark IV Minor Repair

This lovely HMC Mark IV popped in to see us briefly to fix some sticking brakes and loose headlights. It was in and out within the hour and is now back on the road with its loving owner.

1972 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 Final Fitting

Our beautiful Series 3 Jaguar E-Type is now so close to completion.

The interior restoration has been completed, it’s now a task of reinstalling the final few pieces of interior trim and completing the wiring and electrical systems.

Bob has diagnosed a few minor niggles within the electrics which he will be working on this week. Bob will also be fitting an immobiliser to this lovely Series 3 E-Type

1968 Triumph TR5 Interior Restoration

Our Triumph TR5 is currently having it’s interior trimmed at our in-house trim shop.

Kath has made webbing straps to attach to the seat frames. She then begun stuffing the side bolsters and seat backing with foam, moulding the foam position to fully fill the available space.

The final stage will now be to stitch back up the leather outside of the seat and install components back together. As always, Kath’s attention to detail is second to none. Stay tuned to see our TR5 Restoration progress!

1998 BMW M3 Evolution Ready For Paint

Darren, one of our Classic Car Technicians specialising in paintwork has been hard at work preparing this beautiful M3 for a full respray. It’s staying the original Techno Violet Metallic. The preparation phase of a full respray is arguably the most crucial. To achieve the highest quality, mirror-shine finished product, the vehicle surface has to be perfect at this crucial stage.

This M3 will have three coats of the deep violet metallic paint before then having 2 or 3 coats of clear coat to lock in and protect the colour layer.

Once the final clear coat has been applied, Darren will set our paint chamber to heat the paintwork. This allows the clear coat to cure at a set temperature and humidity in an environment free from dust and contaminants.

Even without any paint, this M3 still looks stunning. We can’t wait to reveal the finished product to you all very soon!

1967 Austin Mini 850 Arriving

We’ve got another Austin Mini in the Bridge Classic Cars Paint Shop. This Mini belongs to Team C Racing. The body will need to be welded with new metal, shaped, prepared and then painted either Ocean Blue or Island Blue. We will then be sending it back to team C to continue the restoration.

New Arrival 1980 MG Midget

After inspecting the car in preparation for sale, our Classic Car Technicians have spotted a few fixes that need to be made to get this MG into great working order. Other than a thorough clean, this vehicle will also have the brake system refurbished as well as some small correction to the paintwork.

Once these restorative works have been carried out, this 1980 MG Midget will be available for sale in the Bridge Classic Cars Showroom.

Morris Mini Heads Into The Paint Shop

Our Morris Mini Restoration has begun! This lovely little Morris is being restored to it’s original factory magenta colour.

Its now had its first coat of primer so with a little but more preparation it will be ready for it’s colour coat.