Autoshack – July 2021

Good friend to Bridge Classic Cars, Lee from Autoshack has shared our latest competition car, our 1983 Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk1. Lee and Autoshack have

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Just launched!

Our competition has just launched to win our track ready road car, a dark grey 1983 Volkswagen Gold GTI Mk1! Enter today for your chance

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Lotus Cars – July 2021

Special thank you to Lotus Cars for sharing our beautiful Elise Sport 240 Final Edition competition to their equally impression 800,000+ audience. Norwich City Football

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MiniWorld – May 2021

The world’s best selling Mini magazine since 1991, MiniWorld features a fantastic article on the restoration works involved in our 1967 Austin Mini 850. Thanks

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Ongoing Honda prep!

Lydia has been continuing her prep work on the 1998 white Honda Integra Type R. She unclipped one of the rubber seals on the underneath

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Lotus Partnership

We shared a behind the scenes insight into our shoot at Lotus’ HQ in Norfolk a few days ago. We’ve also got a large collection

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Jaguar E-Type Repairs

Customer reported that he was having difficulty in getting the overdrive to engage every time. We established the overdrive unit was functioning correctly which lead

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1996 Toyota Hilux

Our 1996 Toyota Hilus has been treated to a brand new, custom made, ceiling cloth. Although some may consider it ‘not yet a classic’ parts

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VW T2 Fuel Leak

We have discovered a slight fuel leak whilst preparing our VW T2. Upon closer inspection a fuel hose was disintegrating so we have replaced the

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DB2/4’s Dodgy Bonnet

We’re in the process of reconstructing the Aston Martin DB2/4 bonnet which is showing signs of dubious structural integrity. The team have removed the frame

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Beetle Service

This charming Beetle came into us due to a breakdown caused by a condenser wire rubbing against the body and causing issues with the distributor.

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Rear Axle Re-Works

We’ve been taking apart the rear axle on our green Jaguar E-Type Series 1 so that we can rebuild it back up to performance. Scott

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Silver Service

We’re running our beautiful 1972 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 through a thorough service to check that it’s running as it should.

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Hilux’s New Trim

Last week Kath was working on a new headliner and sun visors. Today, Brian is setting up the Hilux so that the ceiling cloth can

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Carb Clean Up

We’ve worked on this Jaguar E-Type V12 before but this time it’s only in, in part. Ady has been taking the carburettors off it to

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Subaru Back To Superb

Matt and James have now finished Freddie’s Subaru to better-than-factory finnish. The majority of the work took place on the rear driver’s side wheel arch

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Honda gets shiny!

Pricey has been repairing one of the rear sides of the Honda Integra. First of all, he welded a new inner arch, grinded it and

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E-Type Shape Up

Matt and Chris have been working on applying filler to our white Jaguar E-Type so that they can smooth and shape the body, ensuring there’s

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DB9 Ceiling Lining

Kath and Brian have been working on recovering the ceiling lining in Craig’s Aston Martin DB9. Brian begun by undoing the side panels above the

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Jaguar XJS Winner

🎉 Congratulations to Nick Cullen who won our charming 1989 Jaguar XJS V12 with his lucky ticket number 52! 🎉 Nick accepted delivery of his

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Holey Moley!

Our classic Jaguar 240 has two substantial holes in its underside due to corrosion. It’s been sat 18 months and now needs some thorough TLC.

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500SL Centre Console

Craig’s Mercedes 500 SL restoration has taken a back seat recently but Brian has been working on covering the centre console by pulling tight the

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Dolomite’s New Brakes

Scott has been working on our Triumph Dolomite and replacing the brakes. He’s fitting new brake wheel cylinders and refurbishing the mask brakes. We’ve also

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Toyota Hilux Trim Update

We’re currently re-covering the sun visors and ceiling lining. Kath is working at recovering these, creating the patterns and fabric, gluing it down and making

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Riley Problem Solving

Currently, we’re doing a lot of research into our 1951 Riley as the restoration of it will need a lot of multi-trade skills from woodwork

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Triumph TR6 Almost Ready

We’ve changed the engine water to the luxurious Evans. We’re also investigating injector fuel issues with the engine that are preventing it from running smoothly.

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The Silver E-Type

This gorgeous 1972 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 V12 is in for a service. The client has just purchased the car and wants peace of mind

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Eulogy: Mike Colyer

We are saddened by the news that friend and client of Bridge Classic Cars, Mike Colyer has sadly passed away. We had been working on

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DB9 Completion

We’ve now almost finished working on Craig’s 2005 Aston Martin DB9 which alongside its paint and trim work, needed the power steering addressing, the rear

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DB2/4 Interior Swabs

We’re currently working through the process of selecting the interior trim with our client for our rare Aston Martin DB2/4. The choice is between the

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Riley Burning

Pricey has been burning off leftover under-sealer and old paint before it goes to sandblasting. He then scrapes it off so that as little is

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XJS Almost Ready To Go

As part of its pre-delivery inspection, we’ve carried out a thorough service and our technician Paul is currently addressing the issues that have arisen from

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Chevron Up For Auction

We recently had a photographer from Car and Classic come over to Bentwaters to photograph our stunning Chevron B20 for an upcoming auction. The Car

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Here In The Flesh

Our little blue Austin Mini has finally landed in the workshop and is ready to be fitted with its new back seats and have a

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XJS’s New Brakes

Our 1989 Jaguar XJS that has recently been finished is currently undergoing a pre-delivery inspection during which we’ve discovered it needs new brakes.

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Spare wheel cover for the Corniche.

Kath has been busy in the trim shop making a cover for the spare tyre for our gold 1973 Rolls Royce Corniche.

She started by cutting out black carpet in a circular shape for the top, and a long piece for the sides. Strips of black vinyl were then measured and cut. Kath sewed one of the vinyl strips around the outside edge of the circle of carpet. The vinyl was then folded under and sewn again along the edge of the carpet. This created a bound edge. She then created a bound edge on the long piece of black carpet, along one of the long edges and both the short ends. This long piece of carpet was then sewn onto the round piece of carpet, along the unbound edge, overlapping the two short ends. Pieces of velcro were sewn onto the underneath of the short ends, to make sure it stays together while wrapped around the tyre.

This car is being sold via The Classic sale at Silverstone 2021, by auction. Here’s a link to our website page with all the information needed.

Work on the blaze orange MG Midget.

A classic car wouldn’t be a classic car without a story! Last night we announced the winner of our 1979 MG Midget, congratulations to Coby Morton with ticket number 241.

Today, having put her on the ramp to carry out the necessary checks and pre delivery inspection we were greeted by a couple of small areas of corrosion that’ll need to be cut out and weld repairs carried out.

Paul and Scott have been working on repairing some corroded areas on our blaze orange 1979 MG Midget. The areas that needed attention were both the front inner arches, the nearside middle inner arch and the offside outer rear sill.

Paul also had to re-position and re-adjust the rear brake shoes and put a new rubber gaiter on the track rod end.

New owner for our 1960 Jensen 541S!

We have recently sold our 1960 Jensen 541S. It was being sold with the option of either; the buyer could buy the car as-is, or buy the car and have us restore it to its former glory or customise to their heart’s content. The buyer decided to buy it as-is and will be restoring it themselves! Here’s a website link to the original showroom page on our website, which gives you more information and photos.

And if you want to see what else we have for sale, click here

Engine bay re-spray for the Jaguar!

The 1963 Jaguar MK II has been in the paint shop recently.

All the original paint and underseal was stripped from the engine bay of the car. It was then cleaned to remove any excess residues that would get in the way of the new paint. All the wires were masked up to prevent any paint from spraying onto them. Paper was then stuffed into any gaps. The final bit of prep was to cover the rest of the car in plastic sheeting. The engine bay was then finally ready for the new paint to be applied.

1985 Citroen 2CV for sale!

If you’ve always liked the thought of owning a unique classic van, then now might be your chance! Coming up for sale is this fun 1985 Citroen 2CV Van in a vivid shade of green! So, if you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information on the vehicle. Here’s also a link to our showroom page on our website, which gives a little more information.

And here’s a link to the eBay selling page for it!

Inner rear arch work continues on the Honda!

Pricey has been continuing his work on the corroded inner rear arches of the 1998 Honda Integra Type R.

The inner arch section was fabricated and welded into position. The metal was ground down and dressed up. The nearside lower inner rear wheel housing was found to be corroded, so Pricey fabricated the nearside lower rear wheel housing section.

Jensen Journaal – July 2021

It is lovely to receive a copy of the Zomer 2021 Jensen Journaal in the post this week.

Several of our Jensens that we have restored have been featured in this month’s copy of the Dutch magazine, Jensen Journaal! It’s an absolute privilege, so thank you.

The magazine talks about our 1957 Jensen 541R, the 1958 Jensen 541R, the 1960 Jensen 541R and the 1960 Jensen 541S (The Prototype).

Here are our website links to the cars that were featured to find out more information on each of the restoration projects.

New in – green 1966 Austin Healey Sprite!

New in the workshop is our 1966 Austin Healey Sprite. It’s list of jobs that need doing are; the carburettors need refurbishing, a clean up will happen as part of the rebuild, and the carbs may need some work.

New in – red Triumph Stag!

New in the workshop today we have our 1974 red Triumph Stag. The work that needs doing to it includes a full service to be carried out. Because it has only been driven 1200 miles since the engine was rebuilt the owner would like us to look over the car. The exhaust needs replacing, an MOT needs to be carried out, two small oil leaks need to be investigated, the cubby light on the driver’s side doesn’t work, the electrical aerial doesn’t work, the seat runners are difficult to move and the hood cover keeps catching on the driver’s side, so it won’t shut.

1979 MG Midget – Sold out in 21 hours!

The description for our 1979 MG Midget didn’t last very long as we sold out in record time! 21 hours from launch we sold our final ticket and can bring the draw forward.

Here’s what we said about the car…

We’re proud to present the latest MG competition car; our stunning Blaze Orange MG Midget 1500.

One of the very best usable summer classics, tickets on this practical British sportscar are only £5.

Our lovely example boasts a striking Blaze Orange exterior, which is paired delightfully with an incredible condition black leather interior. This honest classic is a very tidy, well presented classic, ready for some summer fun. With only 47,115 miles on the clock and stacks of paperwork and history dating back to 1980, this fun little classic is ready for a new owner!

The fourth and final generation MG midget was given a gearbox with synchromesh on all four gears and a larger 1500cc engine found in the triumph spitfire. The increased displacement and twin SU HS4 carbs made the final iteration of the midget the most spritely to drive.

Throw the roof down and enjoy a summer’s drive in your fabulous MG Midget. Enter the draw now for your chance of winning.”

Autoshack – July 2021

Good friend to Bridge Classic Cars, Lee from Autoshack has shared our latest competition car, our 1983 Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk1. Lee and Autoshack have been a huge part of the recent times of our Golf GTI. The car has been regularly maintained in the Autoshack workshops.

Thanks for sharing our competition Lee…

MG B formalities done, she’s Cypriot now!

Although we say goodbye to a lot of cars here at Bridge Classic Cars we always love to hear of their latest adventures and see images of them out and about. Here is our 1971 MB G Roadster, now with it’s official Cypriot paperwork!

Peter says “The weather is beautiful but heading towards high 30’s, need to go out early morning or late evening” – sounds perfect as we gear ourselves for a weekend of thunderstorms and torrential rain!

Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Tyre Change

Good friend to Bridge Classic Cars Mark called upon our black book of contacts as he was in need of some new tyres fitted to his beautiful Porsche 911 Carrera 2.

Graeme from Tyre Assist, formerly We Fit Any Tyres Anywhere is the man to ask! Pirelli P-Zero N-rated 245/35/R20 91Y on the front and 295/30/R20 101Y on the rear.

About the Porsche: The seventh generation of Porsche’s iconic rear-engined 911 sports car; the 991 was manufactured between 2011 and 2019. Originally unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, the 991 was introduced to replace the outgoing 997 designation.

The model was a reinvention of the classic 911 recipe and only the third all-new 911 platform since its first release in 1963.

This example is a first-generation 991 (991.1) built before 2016. It was succeeded in late 2016 by the 991.2 model following a change in EU emissions legislation. As a result, the first-generation 991’s are now expected to represent the last naturally- aspirated 911 Carrera Porsche will ever manufacture and therefore cementing their place as a true modern classic in the making.

The car is based on a 2-wheel drive/ rear-engine configuration, utilising a 3.4 litre, 6-cyclinder version of Porsche’s legendary boxer engine which produces 350ps at 7,400rpm, with 288 lb-ft of torque. It is coupled to a 7-speed dual-clutch ‘PDK’ automatic gearbox, and achieves 0- 62mph in 4.4 seconds, with a top speed of 178mph.
Finished in classic Indischrot or ‘Guards Red’, one of the most recognisable Porsche colours (making its first appearance in the mid-70’s), the car boasts factory-fitted design cues from the Carrera S model including; 6-piston front calipers, dual-piped sports exhaust (PSE), and 20” SportDesign alloy wheels. In addition, the car is fitted with the optional Porsche Sports Chrono Package, Porsche’s Active Suspension (PASM), and Porsche’s Torque Vectoring Plus system for greatly improved handling.

Thanks, as always to Graeme for doing a great job!

Just launched!

Our competition has just launched to win our track ready road car, a dark grey 1983 Volkswagen Gold GTI Mk1!

Enter today for your chance of winning.

  • Apx 20 valve turbo with 3 stage boost
  • Emerald ECU
  • 6 speed 02S gearbox
  • Peloquin Limited Slip Diff
  • 800kg corner weight
  • 384nm torque
  • Bhp/tonne 356
  • AVO GTX performance suspension kit
  • Motorsport spec triangulated rear beam
  • Pro race 1.2’s with R88
  • Wilwood four pots on 280mm discs
  • Electric power steering
  • Brake comp brake bias/pedal box
  • Techedge 2j9 wideband lambda
  • Porsche grey black 7A1
  • Yoko ad08R

For your chance to enter, please click here

Prime time for the Jaguar E-Type!

Chris and Matt have given the series 3 1973 Jaguar E-Type a coat of primer this week! We’re looking forward to seeing it in all it’s colourful glory!

Aston Martin goes greyer!

Brian has been continuing his work on the Aston Martin DB2/4 interior.

He’s finished re-covering the pockets for the doors, the top parts for the dashboard and the cover for the rear hatch hinge. The door cards have been re-covered in new foam, then the new dark red leather, with a line of dark grey piping down one side. The pockets fix onto the doors first, and then the door cards go over the tops of these, so you just see the dark grey leather through a rectangle-shaped cut-out.

Brian has also been busy covering the rear door cappings, front window surrounds, rear side window surrounds and front side windows in the new dark grey leather.

Repairs on our 1968 green Jaguar E-Type

Scott has been continuing his work on the green 1968 Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5 4.2.

He’s repaired the air filter bracket, fitted new brake reservoir bottles and replaced various bits of wiring. The heater box and controls were seized, so that was sorted out. Scott also rebuilt the rear breaks and put the rear axle back together.

New Parts for the Ford Escort!

John has been working on the Ford Escort recently. Here’s a list of the work carried out!

He’s modified and fitted the choke cable, the headlight relay was fitted, headlight surrounds were adjusted, the interior was put in, wiper blades were installed, a new double width kit was put in to adjust the wheel arch placement, there’s a new old stock steering wheel centre in the car, and the odometer clip was missing so a new clip was manufactured!

Rear wheel arch work on the Honda!

Pricey has been continuing his work on the rear wheel arches of the Honda Integra.

He started by tacking the wheel arch in position, before welding the arch fully. The welds then got ground down. The outer return lip was fabricated and welded. Pricey had to take it down to bare metal on the nearside quarter panel and drill it off, because of poor quality previous repairs. Deep filler was then applied. The middle sill was corroded, so was removed, and the inner sill was cleaned up. He fabricated the front lower inner arch and treated the corrosion on the inner sill.

Small interior changes happening for the Aston!

Brian has been covering the top parts of the dashboard and the cover for the rear hatch hinge in the chosen new dark grey leather, for the Aston Martin DB2/4. He took the original leather off each of the pieces and cleaned off any old glue, before applying the new leather.

Pockets for the Bentley!

Brian has been making the pockets for our Continental Bentley. These sit inside the door panels and are made up of two parts. He took the original foam and leather off the “fronts” of the pockets and took the original leather off the “backs”. He then cleaned up the metal for each piece, before gluing new foam and leather onto them.

Brian has also been working on the frames that sit underneath the front base seats in the car. He took the original leather off each one and replaced with the new leather. Straps were also made that attach underneath these frames.

More fabricating more to the front end

Clinton is continuing to work on the front end of our 1955 Aston martin DB2/4. More areas of corrosion have now been cut out and new metalwork has been replaced.

Fabricating new TR6 bracketry

In order to fit the new ignition barrell, Paul has had to fabricate new brackets for the Triumph TR6 steering brace.

Leak detection on HMC

Her we have Ady carrying out a combustion leak test on our HMC, trying to find the cause of an apparent over heating issue. A long road test brought back no results to go by.

A new thermostat and leak detection test should hopefully show the issues, if any.

Stick to original with our Aston DB2/4

More stripping, gluing and re-covering on the agenda for Brian and Lydia in our trim-shop this week and the cappings, front and side windows, window panels and woodwork have all been finished in new leatherwork.

Stripping the Jaguar MkII engine bay

Work continues on our 1963 Jaguar MkII. Paul has stripped the engine bay of key components, clean up in preparation for refit. The refit will commence once the engine bay is prepared and painted by our paint shop.

Bonnet prep for the Honda!

Lydia has been getting the Honda Integra bonnet ready for re-painting.

She started off by sanding down the paint, to the original metal, on the front/face of it, where any dents were showing. Skims of filler were then applied over the tops of where it had been sanded. The filler then also got sanded down once dry, to create a smooth finish for painting.

The underneath of the bonnet was gone over with panel wipe and a red scotch pad to remove the shine of the paint and to clean off any dirt. Corrosion spots were sanded down to bare metal with a DA and painted with treatment to stop any more spreading of the corrosion.

Collection of the Austin Mini!

Winner of our 1989 Austin Mini ‘Pocket Rocket’ Keith Aldous visited our hangar this week to personally collected the car. Ordinarily we delivery direct to your local but we wlecome any of our winners down to have a look around and meet the team!

Here are a few photos from that day!

If you’d like to be like Keith and win the next competition car, our red 1959 Jaguar MK 1, or any of our future classic car competitions, check out the collection here click here

Sand Blasting for the Aston Martin!

Lydia has been sand blasting the internal bonnet and hinge assemblies for the Aston Martin DB2/4 in order to get rid of any substances such as old paint that have been left behind.

Bonnet work for the Aston Martin!

Clinton has been busy fabricating for the bonnet of the Aston Martin DB 2 / 4.

He’s fabricated new hinge supports for the front, repaired various cracks with welding, fabricated a new part onto the wheel arch, straightened out the front because it was all bent in, and pulled a dent out of one of the wings!

Chevron B20 – a new adventure

The day has come where we wave goodbye to our incredible Chevron B20-72-2.

The car is now on it’s way to it’s new owner who has already made the necessary plans to have her restored and prepared for the track.

The new owner is very well known in the motoring scene and this will be added to a collection of race cars that he already owns.

We hope to see the progress and results in due course. For now, it’s been fun…

Our Piaggio Ape TM P50 Arrives

Bridge Classic Cars technician Mauro, originally from Portugal told us that his grandfather owned a Piaggio Ape and had used it as his everyday car for many years. He recently decided that the car needed to be sold.

We don’t know for what reason but we thought it would be a great idea to own the little Ape, possibly to make into an advertising and promotional tool for the company or to sell on to somebody as they are used for many different applications…pizza, coffee shop etc. She has now arrived safely from Lisbon and we look forward to registering her in the next few weeks and to have some fun.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 285bhp Mk1 Madness!

Arriving in with us this morning is our monstrous Mk1 Golf GTI. A very special car with an impressive restoration history too.

In simple terms, here’s the story:

  • Apx 20 valve turbo with 3 stage boost
  • Emerald ECU
  • 6 speed 02S gearbox
  • Peloquin Limited Slip Diff
  • 800kg corner weight
  • 384nm torque
  • Bhp/tonne 356
  • AVO GTX performance suspension kit
  • Motorsport spec triangulated rear beam
  • Pro race 1.2’s with R88
  • Wilwood four pots on 280mm discs
  • Electric power steering
  • Brake comp brake bias/pedal box
  • Techedge 2j9 wideband lambda
  • Porsche grey black 7A1
  • Yoko ad08R

Featured in Performance VW, the world’s best-selling VW tuning magazine. November 2016.

Article written and photographed by Jimbo Wallace.

285bhp in a Mk1 that weighs about the same as an empty packet of Quavers is anything but cheesy…

Engine: APX 20v, custom stainless downpipe and exhaust system, Emerald ECU (mapped by Emerald) and custom wiring loom with three map settings: 200bhp, 265bhp, 285bhp (various torque settings). Custome engine ounts, hydraulic (with braided hoses), twin paddle Helix clutch, lightened/balanced flywheel, new fuel system including pump and stainless basket to hold filter/pump etc, braided fuel lines with custom swirl pots setup, Mocal oil cooler with stainless hoses and alloy fittings run inside front wing with cover plate over hoses, Forge intercooler, Mk2 Golf diesel radiator with twin 10″ fans, SFS hoses, custom induction filter, baffled alloy sump, Mocal oil catch tank, Audi 02S six-speed gearbox, Peloquin limited-slip diff, cable shifter on custom raised allow tower inside car, new 100mm driveshafts, Mk2 wiper motor, washer bottle and oil catch tank moved further back for better weight distributions.

Chassis: 15″ Team Dynamics wheels with Toyo 888 205/15 tyres, Wilwood four-pot calipers and 280mm front brake kit, brand new copper lines and braided hoses throughout, lines to rear brakes run through the inside of the car, rear disc conversion with Mk4 calipers, larger Mk2 16v brake servo/master cylinder, adjustable Tilton bias valve, AVO GTX adjustable coilover suspension valved and built to custom spec with higher lb spring rates (front and rear), fully polybushed, seam welded wishbones with ball joint extenders, lower strut brace, rear motorsport derived traingulated axle inc, adjustable rose joints to reduce beam flex under load and CDS tube roll bar fixed in place of original anti-roll bar to increase oversteer and reduce understeer, 15mm wider track on the front, 10mm wider track on rear, stud and alloy wheel nut kit, Ground Control fully adjustable front top mounts with new bearings, adjustable rose-jointed track rod ends, Quaife quick steering rack in original Mk1 housing, currently running new rack with original ratios, strengthened steering rack mounting points.

Exterior: Bare metal respray including underside, new front panel, rear panel, front wings and parts of sill, lower rear panel cut to allow air flow as existing design acts as an air scoop, new grille and spoiler, full weld in roll cage to front suspension turrets, part seam welded shell, lightened shell throughout (inc. removal of spare wheel well), original seat belt points, excess metal in rear quarters and doors, rain tray in engine bay, carbon bonnet, fibreglass tailgate, polycarb windows, lightened metal doors, tubed rare arches, pulled arches all-round, new windscreen, lower swage line deleted, tinted genuine Helix rear lights, cold air ports in front panel.

Interior: Carbon door cards, flocked dash with Stack gauges (mph/rev counter 0-60 timer, lap timer), electric power steering with adjustable resistance control, Cobra Suzuka Pro bucket seats with Luke four-point harnesses, fibreglass wheel well cover, carbon trim in dash, OMP steering wheel, fire extinguisher, custom ECU port and fuse board inside glovebox, raised shifter tower, battery relocated to boot.

Lotus Cars – July 2021

Special thank you to Lotus Cars for sharing our beautiful Elise Sport 240 Final Edition competition to their equally impression 800,000+ audience.

Norwich City Football Club’s Principal Partner, Lotus Cars, has generously donated a Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition for a competition to support the Community Sports Foundation.

Production of the iconic Lotus Elise is ending after 25 years and the competition prize is the first car to be built from the Final Edition range.

It comes with a customised Certificate of Provenance pack from Lotus and will be provided with a new bespoke Lotus Elise car cover.

The competition winner will also have an exclusive handover day at Lotus HQ in Hethel, which includes a private factory tour and test track experience.

#DrivingInclusion for people with disabilities

All proceeds from the competition will help the Foundation to continue our work to provide inclusive environments for people with disabilities in Norfolk.

Jake Humphrey, TV presenter and trustee of the Foundation, was on hand to unveil the car and further explain the significance of the competition.

“This is an incredible prize; all of the Elise Final Edition cars have been snapped up, so this is the only way to get your hands on one.

“As a trustee of the charity, I have seen first-hand the importance of its work and the impact it has on people in Norfolk.

“Without vital fundraising this work would stop, and many across Norfolk would be deprived of our support.

“We want to thank Lotus Cars for this incredible opportunity to boost our fundraising this year.”

Matt Windle, Managing Director, Lotus Cars, said:

“At Lotus, we are great supporters of the power of sport, not only for mental and physical wellbeing, but also how it can help inclusiveness amongst the community. Providing this unique version of the Lotus Elise, a sports car that is so admired around the world, will enable even more people in the region from around the county to benefit from the wonderful work of the Community Sports Foundation.

Shaping up the Jaguar E-Type

Chris and Matt are continuing the work on shaping up the body of the Jaguar E-Type roadster in the paint shop.

Once the shell was back from the sand blasting, it was re-assembled, making sure all the panels lined up. From that, Chris and Matt were able to assess what condition the shell was in. It was then given a coat of epoxy primer to protect the metal and a thin layer of body filler to perfect the shape of the car and allow them to give each panel an equal gap around all the edges.