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Competition winners

This week we announced the two lucky winners of our competition. Karl Reilly from Essex won the 1968 Triumph TR3 with his lucky ticket number

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Workshop Walkabout

This morning we took a walk around the workshop to take a peak at how our engineers are getting on with the current projects. 1996

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New Beginnings

The 1971 Lotus Europa is set to travel to Scotland for restoration with its new owners. Back in September, a dusty 1971 Lotus Europa barn-find

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Workshop Walkabout

We had a walkabout this workshop this afternoon to see what everyone’s up to. One of our classic car technicians Pete has the 1996 Nissan

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Team Turbo

The Bridge Classic Cars engine team have been hard at work investigating a knocking noise coming from our 1985 Lotus Esprit Turbo. Ady, our engine

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Keeping it in the family

Our Range Rover has sold… before it even reached the showroom! One of Bridge Classic Cars’ own technicians, Pete heard we were selling our Range

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Our flashy ’51 MG TD

Adam, Bridge Classic Cars’ in-house automotive electrician has installed and wired up brand new side lights, indicators and reverse lamp in our 1951 MG TD.

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Our Spirited Esprit

Our 1985 Lotus Esprit Turbo is back with us for a diagnostics and a possible full engine rebuild. Our engine expert Ady has the whole

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Another Whirlwind Week Here At Bridge Classic Cars

From new projects and photoshoots to finished restorations, the workshop has been bustling this week.

This week we’ve had lots going on in and out of the workshop. Most notibly, our 1996 Nissan Patrol has been completed. We have worked on the full restoration from start to finish, we cannot wait for it’s owner to see her looking her very best once more.



We’ve had a 1977 Triumph Spitfire come in from our friend Lee at Auto shack that’s in need of a new hood. There’s no task too big or small for our classic car technicians. This Spitfire will enter the Trim Shop next week to have it’s new hood fitted.

We’ve also had two requests to value cars, one of which being a 1969 Mercedes 280SL and another being a 1986 Toyota Celica GT. We offer valuation services to inform customers on what their car is worth, be that for personal or insurance reasons.

There’s an exciting opportunity coming up with an Alfa Romeo Montreal that we’ve been asked to restore. Keep an eye out for updates on that when it comes in!

We’ve also got a 1980 MGB GT coming in soon. We took a look at it recently and replaced the adjusted the distributor as it was getting too hot but it seems to need some more TLC which we’re looking forward to doing!

Here at Bridge Classic Cars, we’re all about family and community. That’s why Gordan and Craig’s 2008 Range Rover Sport has been bought and passed onto our technician Pete. He took it out for its first spin earlier in the week to Milsoms in Ipswich. We’re glad to see it still lives on in the Bridge family.

We’ve had a gentleman enquire about us restoring his 1947 Norton motorbike which has been 50% built but just needs finishing. We don’t get many bikes in but its a real treat when we do!

This morning we went to our hanger at Bentwaters to do some filming. Our marketing team Freddie and Ellie shot some content which you will see going up on our website soon! In the meantime, take a look at some behinds the scenes shots below.

You can see the rest of the works done this week on our Triumph, Jensen, and Jaguar, here.

Competition winners

This week we announced the two lucky winners of our competition.

Karl Reilly from Essex won the 1968 Triumph TR3 with his lucky ticket number 4174. Karl is a triumph lover, already owning a yellow Triumph GT6 so we know our TR3 will be in good company.

Today Karl drove a close relative to their wedding in his new Triumph and we can’t think of a better way to experience your first drive in a new car!

Our second winner was Lee Polley from Hull who won the beautiful 1991 Mini Rover with his lucky ticket 410.

We’ve been so overwhelmed with positive comments from other competition entrees and supporters congratulating the winners.

If you fancy your chances at winning a classic car, you can enter our current draws on our 1962 Triumph TR4 or a suave 1999 Mercedes 280SL.

Click here to enter.

Morgan Plus 4’s 70th Anniversary

In our new feature, Thursday Time capsule, we look at classic cars celebrating significant birthdays in 2020.

2020 marks the 70th anniversary of the classic Morgan Plus 4, a classic that was developed and released in 1950. This highly sought after sports car graced the scene with its 2088cc standard Vanguard engine which was installed on a 4/4 chassis.

To mark its 70th anniversary, Morgan released 20 special edition Plus 4’s in March which sport a Platinum Metallic paint to promote the nuances in Morgan’s iconic visual design. What is particularly unique about this limited edition model is the gold chassis. It is the first time they’ve been developed in this colour, and will also be the last as they commemorate the end of their steel chassis production that has been going since the original Morgan 4/4 in 1936.

These rare models were handcrafted in Morgan’s workshop in Malvern, the UK, which we visited back in September.

Morgan Plus 4’s have been in and out of production since 1950 but were most recently revived after a break in 2005. The new production Plus 4’s feature a BMW powered engine instead of the popular Ford engine.

Our Morgan 4/4

Although we haven’t had the pleasure of working on a Plus 4, we have had several 4/4’s in, which are the older model to the Plus 4. Morgan released their 4/4 as a groundbreaking vehicle in 1936 which premiered their steel chassis technology and have been in production, without breaks since.

The 4/4 is the worlds longest running production car, with the 4/4 standing for ‘4 cylinder, 4 wheel’ as it was the first of its kind in Morgan’s development as they moved away from the bike powered 3 wheels.

Although there’s little difference between the 4/4 and the Plus 4, the latter of the two was developed to be faster and more powerful, making it less mainstream and typically a touring option.

Workshop Walkabout

This morning we took a walk around the workshop to take a peak at how our engineers are getting on with the current projects.

1996 Nissan Patrol

The Nissan Patrol is almost ready to be set free on adventures again. Pete has given it a general ‘health check’ and service to ensure its exploration spirit is still intact.

The last stage on the Nissan is to ‘blacken’ the underside to protect it from rust and erosion, which is all the more important for adventurous vehicles like this Patrol!

1972 MGB Blaze Orange

Tamas has been working hard on the latest refurbishments to the MGB which has recently included a new radiator as the old one had developed some rust and holes.

The thermostat has also been refurbished along with its housing and the grill. Tamas has also installed new reversing lights as well.

The Rosytle wheels are currently in the hands of our paint specialist Darren who’s just finished applying the first layer of paint to neaten them up.

1960 MGA

The Red MGA has had a seasonal refurbishment with a heater being added to accommodate for the cold months approaching!

Paul tells us that “the car originally never had a heater in, so the parts have been shipped in from America.”

Its not uncommon to see our classic cars fitted with modern creature comforts such as heaters and radios.

1972 Peugeot 504

Scott has been working on fitting the doors, making sure the latches catch and shut efficiently.

Darren has also been working on the Peugeot, painting the engine bay. This needed two sets of paint, one for the inner parts and a separate colour for the outer parts to match the body of the car.

1957 Jensen 541R

The Jensen is still in the trimming shop where Brian is installing the leather padding that sits just above the windscreen. This piece followed the original design but still had to be cut and made by hand.

Brian tells us ‘It’s quite a fiddly job to fit this panel’.

We can’t wait to see the Jensen completed with its smart new leather from our trim experts.

1965 Amphicar

Our classic car electrician Adam has been working on tidying up the Amphicar’s wires and installing a second pump to ensure enough water is removed from within the vehicle. This means a custom made pump bracket will have to be designed and fitted when the second pump is installed.

1987 Mercedes 500SL

Our engineer Anthony is currently applying a filler to the engine bay to smooth out any bumps.

A keen eye for detail from Anthony is needed to ensure that the Mercedes doesn’t leave the fabrication bay with any imperfections.

New Beginnings

The 1971 Lotus Europa is set to travel to Scotland for restoration with its new owners.

Back in September, a dusty 1971 Lotus Europa barn-find found its way into the Bridge Classic Car family. After a thorough clean, it started to resemble its original self.

When the car first arrived, it had be collecting dust in a barn in Stonham Aspal for some years. You can read more about it here.

The 1971 Lotus Europa ready to begin its journey up north.

Soon the Lotus was purchased by Mr. Kerr Davidson and transported to Scotland by Lets Go Automotive. 

Now residing on the outskirts of Pentland Hills National Reserve near Edinburgh, the Lotus will begin its restoration journey by the father and son duo. 

Competition Winner Receives His TR3

“We all buy a ticket in the hope we win, but we never expect to win.”

Our most recent winner, Karl Reilly from Essex, was delighted to receive our 1957 Triumph TR3 today with his lucky ticket number 4174.

He’s putting his new TR3 to good use this week, driving a close relative to their wedding on Thursday.

Karl is a Triumph fanatic, already owning a Triumph GT6, meaning the new TR3 will feel at home in the hands of a Triumph Club member.

If you’d also like the chance to be a lucky Triumph winner, we’ve got the TR3’s little sister, the TR4, up for grabs now!

Pick up your TR4 tickets here.

Workshop Walkabout

We had a walkabout this workshop this afternoon to see what everyone’s up to.

One of our classic car technicians Pete has the 1996 Nissan Patrol up on the ramp. “I’m working on the front disc brakes” he explains “the inner seal on the hub has gone.”

Pete’s lined up the front-wheel-drive axel, marking out exactly where each component goes, so it can go back together the exact same way.

The seats on our 1972 MGB Roadster are back from Kath in our in-house trim shop. Tamas is now fitting the seats back into car. “I’m also removing the wheels ready to go into paint” Tamas tells us “as well as refitting the luggage rack back onto the boot”.

Another MG also in the workshop, is our stunning 1960 MGA. Keen to modify the car, her owner is opting for heating to be installed. Some classics would have these modern ‘essentials’ as optional extras back in the day.

“We had to order the heater box from America” our expert Paul explains. “We’re also doing some minor improvements on the gearbox and pistons.” Paul’s also added another mirror that the customer’s asked for. Along with changing the rubber trim around the boot and bonnet from grey to black.

Classic car technician Scott’s continued fitting various bits and pieces onto our 1957 grey Jensen 541R. “I’ve been making the cable ends for the grill flap mechanism” he tells us. The front grill on the 541R opens to act as a cooling aid for the engine. The driver controls this mechanism from the front seat.

Scott’s also fitted the new windscreen washer system this week. Including new washer bottle, pipework and washer jet system.

Our impressive 1967 Jaguar E-Type Race Car has reached a milestone moment today! Our Director Gordon and workshop manager John got her engine roaring and even got flames firing out the exhausts!

This is a very exciting moment here at Bridge. After quite an exhaustive restoration, it’s a beautiful thing to finally have a car up and running again.

Gordon even managed a quick test drive round the car park!

In the trim shop our interior experts Kath and Brian are making great progress on our 1960 Black Jensen 541R. The back seats, front seats and centre console all now in position.

Rosie the dog even came to say hello!

Our car electrician Adam has been working on the 1965 Amphicar’s wiring. “I’ve been tidying up the engine bay wiring” Adam explains. “All the engine accessories and wiring wasn’t waterproof. Which for an Amphicar- is pretty important!”

Interestingly, the Amphicar’s engine is in the boot, much like boat engines are. Whereas under the bonnet, is where the fuel tank and storage space is.

Our engine expert Ady’s is getting ready to put the engine back in our 1972 Peugeot 504.

He’s also done some engine work on the 1953 Ford Taunus Transit Van. “It was running a bit rough. So, I’ve done a few engine tweaks and am hoping to do an oil and filter change next.”

Last but certainly not least, our body shop expert Anthony has been working on our 1987 Mercedes 500SL. “We need to get the underseal off the metal shell” explains Anthony. “It’s really tough to remove so we use a method of literally burning it off, it’s almost like melting it.”

Phew! What a busy week we’re having here at the workshop. As we fast approach the weekend I think everyone earned a well deserved break. Well done Bridge Class Cars team!

Team Turbo

The Bridge Classic Cars engine team have been hard at work investigating a knocking noise coming from our 1985 Lotus Esprit Turbo.

Ady, our engine expert explains the process; “we removed the whole engine to investigate. The pistons were in bad shape. We’ve gone right through the whole engine and all its components.”

The Lotus has been treated to four brand new pistons, new gaskets, new bearings and a new cambelt. It was also discovered that a loose clip has caused the pully to rub on the waterpipe, causing a leak.

It’s taken the team three days and a whole lot of tea! But we’re finally over the worst. The engine is only waiting on a new water pipe to be fitted and she should be raring to go soon!

Things are heating up for our MGA build

With cold weather approaching, Paul, one of our master classic car technicians was asked by the owner of this majestic MGA to fit a heater box. We elected to import a period correct Smiths heater box from the US. Paul has had to adapt the bracket between the heater unit and the fan motor to perfectly fit the engine bay of our MGA.

After the full engine rebuild, Ady has now installed the engine back into the vehicle. A weak casting caused one of the piston skirts to break. Unfortunately this required a full engine rebuild.

Slick New Oil Filter For Our E-Type

This stunning V12 Jaguar E-Type is being worked on today in the Bridge Classic Cars Workshop. The old, original oil filter wasn’t quite up to the job of keeping this beautiful V12 singing.

To fit an upgraded, modern oil filter we have had to adapt the oil filter housing to accommodate the larger cartridge-style filter.

Whilst in our workshop we have fitted a customer supplied bumper and addressed a few other running issues.

The Deluxe’ Last Day

It’s our gorgeous 1961 Morris Mini Deluxe’ last day with us today. We have a load of work to do before tomorrow night, where she will be presented as a birthday gift to Eva Ranson, wife of our Director; Gordon Ranson.

The Mini arrived at our Pettistree workshop this morning looking pretty bare! Although her engine was in, she still needed all her interior fitted, including carpets, door panels and seats.

Firstly, one of our engine technicians Ted completed some final tweaks to the Mini’s 800cc engine. The engines already been totally recommissioned, as well as stripped and repainted in that lovely green you can see in the picture.

Meanwhile, Brian in the trim shop is getting the first section of the headlining in. He’s then got the front lining in and has fitted the C Posts.

The front dash was then fitted with it’s fleck material. “I trimmed around the edge” explains Kath, another of our trim-shop experts. “Then, I’ve glued it all in place.”

Kath’s then fitted the upper section of the dash, she’s then bent it round and trimmed it to fit. “I then glued the ends around the door seal” she tells us “then reattached the door seal.”

The door panels were next on the list. They were tricky! Kath had to trim the board and cut some foam out along the side to be able to slide it in. She then inserted the little door fillet panels.

The rear door panel pockets were equally difficult. “The boards didn’t fit” Kath explains “so we had to trim down to get them to fit inside nicely.”

Kath then had to trim holes for the ashtrays – a fixture you never see anymore in modern cars!

She trimmed the holes for the lights and fitted them in place. Getting the rivet bracket into position then fitting the rest of the board.

The sun visors were the next feature to be fitted. First of all the brackets were screwed into place, then the custom made visors were attached.

All the underlay and carpet was yet to be fitted when our Mini arrived back with us this morning. Underlay was trimmed up and glued into position. Matching red carpet was then fitted under where the seats will go. Taking care to trim around the seat brackets where each of the front seats will go.

The final sections of carpet were then fitted into place, trimmed up and glued to hold their position.

The seats were then fitted into the front. Looking lovely!

Brian then added sound deadening to the back seat section, before attaching his custom-made back seat. He also added the rear squab and the parcel shelf behind it.

“I’ve then fitted the rear quarter panels” Brian explains “securing them with screws at the top”. Brian’s also glued the wheel arch covers into position.

Aside from the interior, the Mini’s working components also had to be reassembled. These parts arrived back with us this morning as individual bits. The team have spent the day reassembling the subframe, ready to get the wheels back on and get her back up and running!

My goodness! What a team effort to get our gorgeous little Mini ready for her big reveal. We hope Eva loves her ‘Little Eva’ as much as we do!

Happy Birthday!

RS2000 delivered to classic car competition winner

Congratulations to the winner of our 1979 Ford Escort RS2000, Mike Hill

We delivered the RS2000 up to Mike in Manchester today. Our covered vehicle transporter kept the RS nice and clean on its journey. Mike won with ticket number 1676.

We have three stunning cars live on the website, two of them will be won next week!

💚 1957 Triumph TR3 (Won in just 8 days time! 640 tickets left)

💛 1991 Rover Mini (Won in just 8 days time! 92 tickets left)

❤️ 1962 Triumph TR3 (Launch Sale – tickets are just £15)

The MGTD ‘to do’ list is almost complete

Pete has been working on our beautiful classic 1951 MG TD. Pete has just finished fitted the new steering rack into the car. ‘The steering rack presented a few challenges”, Pete explains. “Due to the length of rack, I’ve had to dismantle the rack before installation. Once it’s in position it can then be re-assembled”. Superb ingenuity Pete! Working on cars of this era presents many challenges. But no job is too daunting for our expert team!

After completing the steering rack, Pete has installed a brand new stainless steel exhaust. The new exhaust sounds lovely, we cannot wait to hear what the vehicles owner thinks!

Keeping it in the family

Our Range Rover has sold… before it even reached the showroom! One of Bridge Classic Cars’ own technicians, Pete heard we were selling our Range Rover and fancied it himself! Congrats, Pete on the lovely new car!

The Range has been treated to a full alloy wheel refurb before it heads to it’s new home with Pete.

Before Pete took delivery of his new car, we refurbished the wheels. Check out the before and after galleries below.

Our flashy ’51 MG TD

Adam, Bridge Classic Cars’ in-house automotive electrician has installed and wired up brand new side lights, indicators and reverse lamp in our 1951 MG TD.

A new member to the team, Adam brings with him a wealth of experience as an automotive electrician. There’s not job too big or too small for our team of experts!

Super work, Adam!

She’s My E-Type On Paper

Our stunning 1972 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 is with us again for a range of repairs, fixes and upgrades.

To start with, the car’s not running. Therefore, our engine experts have her up on the ramp ready for closer inspection.

Dave, one of most experienced classic car technicians is changing the ignition. Once this is completed the engine should be able to be fired up. This will enable the team to start with various other fixes.

Tom, one of our specialist classic car technicians has repaired a couple of the cars more minor niggles. “There was a problem with the handbrake light” Tom explains. “We managed to tweak the switch and have sorted that out.”

Tom’s also investigated an issue with the accelerator panel and the windscreen washers. Both of which should now be rectified.

A new chrome rear bumper has also been fitted by Tom and Paul this week. The bumper was supplied by the customer and expertly fitted by our specialist technicians.

The car also has an oil leak. Tom has cleaned under the car, to give our engine expert Ady a better look at where the oils coming from. ” I suspect it’s coming from a washer between the engine and the oil relief valve” Ady’s told us.

We won’t know whether the fixes are successful until we get her engine back up and running. We have every confidence in our classic car experts. Let’s get this beautiful little sports car back on the road soon!

FOUR Exciting Showroom Additions At Bridge Classic Cars

This week has seen four new arrivals into our showroom. One of which is a 90 foot boat! Unfortunately we couldn’t fit Aleda, the 1882 Dutch ‘Stevenaak’ Houseboat in our showroom, so we’ve had to venture out to her current mooring on the River Deben in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

We’ve also welcomed in two superb restoration candidates. Firstly our beautiful Lotus Europa barn find. What was obvious to us through the years of accumulated dirt was how good this car actually was. The interior is like the day it came out of the factory with no rips, tears or degradation through its long term storage.

Our second showroom vehicle which is ready for restoration is our Rover P6 3500S. Offered for sale at just £2750, this appreciating diamond in the rough is awaiting a new owner.

Last but by no means least is our little Ford Fiesta. An incredibly low milage example, this little Ford is a great, usable collectable car.

Read a full write up of all four vehicles via the link below.

Our Spirited Esprit

Our 1985 Lotus Esprit Turbo is back with us for a diagnostics and a possible full engine rebuild.

Our engine expert Ady has the whole engine out of the car, with many of its components removed for closer inspection. “When fitting the cylinder head to the cylinder block, you have to torque the cylinder head up to a certain lbs per ft.” Ady explains. “It was in doing this that I found that the thread in the cylinder block was completely stripped.”

Being an all aluminium engine means the wear and tear is so much greater on the threads. An aluminium engine does however give the Lotus Esprit Turbo its high-speed performance, so it’s swings and roundabouts one might say!

You can see the extent of the damage from the pictures of the parts shown below. The problems been rectified by putting a helicoil into engine.

Our spirited Esprit is longing to be driven down some winding Great British roads. We’re doing all we can to get her back to tip-top condition and return her to her owner as quickly as possible.

Courtzz01 – October 2020

Our 1990 Austin Mini Thirty winner Courtney Barker couldn’t help but share this gushy Instagram post about her new toy!

“Always wanted one of these and still cant believe its mine!” – Well you better believe it Courtney, its certainly all yours!

Courtney has been a classic car fan since she was a child and has even set up her own car fan club – East Coast Japanese. She’s clearly been having so much fun with her new Mini, she’s forgotten to take pictures!

If you fancy winning your own classic Mini, we’re currently running a competition for someone to win this fantastic 1991 Rover Mini. To pick up your tickets, head to our competitions website.

Electric Mini Sparks Online Conversation

The Tesla powered Mini is taking shape, with brakes to match the 300hp electric muscle. 😁⚡💪 #electricmini #minielectric #mini

Posted by Electric Classic Cars on Friday, 2 October 2020

We’ve teamed up with Electric Classic Cars to build the ultimate 300hp electric powered classic Mini. Our 1967 Austin Mini will appear on the upcoming series of Vintage Voltage, due to air in June 2020 on Quest.

Bridge Classic Cars has undertaken the bodywork preparation and paintwork. Our Paint Shop finished the vehicle in this dazzling ‘Surf Blue’.

The team at Electric Classic Cars have now begun installing the braking system. With 300+ horsepower now coursing through the wheels, this Mini was going to need a bit of an upgrade!

With over 3,000 likes, comments and shares, this little electric Mini certainly is a talking point! What do you think of the build? Spoiling an iconic classic or adapting to survive in the 21st century? We’ll keep you updated as the build progresses.

Powering Up Our Jensen

Our stunning 1962 Jensen 541S is eagerly anticipated at her new home. Her new owners came to test drive her around the beautiful grounds at our Hanger Showroom at RAF Bentwaters, Suffolk. Needless to say, they fell in love with her instantly.

One of the requests of the new owner is to have power steering installed, in what otherwise would be the original 1960’s steering system. These modernisation requests are favoured with many classics, making these stunning cars more usable and reliable.

The original steering column has been sent to our specialist modifiers in Holland. Once they’ve done the modifications they’ll send it back. We can then refit it to the car and get the power steering working.

What is already a lovely car to drive will be even smoother thanks to this seamless modification.

We can modernise classic cars to include power steering, Bluetooth, air-con or even to go fully electric. Get in touch with us today to find out more!