1935 Riley Kestrel

Producing a new water housing

We have identified the cause of the water leak and build up of dirty residue under the bonnet. Having removed the hosing we have discovered a fault with the water housing. Dave has spent the morning reproducing the connector whilst Pete has been busy cleaning up the build up.

We have now successfully fitted the new water housing and securely the hosing back into position.

Giving the Riley’s exterior a freshen up

We had Paul Johnson Valeting in at the weekend to clean and detail a number of our cars and whilst here we asked him to give the chrome work of our stunning 1935 Riley Kestrel a quick polish.

What a difference a good polish makes, she’s now looking absolutely beautiful and once we’ve carried out the necessary re-commissioning works she’ll be back on the road, now looking even more shiny!

Recommissioning our 1935 Riley

We’ve been out today to collect our 1935 Riley for the recommission to commence. Currently not running at all but has been some time ago so we do not envisage any huge issues to contend with. First things first; get her back to the Woodbridge workshops to have a good look over.

When arriving on site we were greeted by a lovely selection of classics including this beautiful little Rover with a true British number plate.