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1947 MG TC

1947 MGTC

In with us today for assessment is a 1947 MGTC. It’s lovely to see this beautiful little classic still being used today but some work

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Cleaning up the MGTC hood

One final task to undertake on our 1947 MG TC before we return her to her owner…the hood.

Having spent many years out on the UK roads and a couple of trips to a ‘not so careful’ garage the hood is a bit grubby. We’ll get the buffers and polishers on her to see what we can do.

MG TC Leaking Rear Axle

Today, we see the return of our 1947 MG TC which we last saw back in October 2017. We have reports of a slight leak around the rear axle and upon closer inspection it looks to be the diff pinion seal that is weeping.

NTG are currently awaiting stock so the car will be with us until the serviceable parts arrive.

The diff pinion seal/gasket looks to be the fault.

Paul at NTG have confirmed that originally, no seal was fitted between the joins but someone has since produced a gasket to resolve the weeping problem. Hopefully we’ll have the issue corrected in no time.


MGTC returns for some remedial work

Recently we took on a project to rebuild one side of our 1947 MG TC’s woodwork. This included a full rebuild of the woodwork frame. Once the work was complete we carried out a rear re-spray of the vehicle.

When carrying out some unrelated work on site last week we noticed a slight imperfection in the bodywork…where we had previously carried out the repair.

For anyone who knows us at Bridge Classic Cars our motto is quite simple, if we have to question something then it isn’t right and having noticed the small line under the paint we decided to have her back in to our workshops to investigate the problem.

The paintwork was stripped back once again and the issues have been resolved.

MGTC next stop, Southend On Sea

This morning, we said farewell to our 1949 MGTC. Originally in with us to have the wood frame rebuilt but shortly followed by a full rear respray.

She’s now on her way back to Southend with her owner Trevor.

MGTC rear respray now complete

Our original objective was to repair the woodwork that was showing signs of wear on the offside. Not as straight forward as it sounds. Coachwork can be tricky to perfect and with it being the strength of the car it is critical to get it right.

Having stripped the car, we repaired the affect wood areas before refitting the panels ready for paint.

The front of the car was resprayed a few years ago and with the rear completely untouched now was the perfect time to complete the job properly.

Now the car is complete, fitted back up, she’s ready to hit the road once again to enjoy many more years of supermarket trips!

Classic pictures from the archives

Here we have some classic pictures given to us from our good friends.

It’s lovely when we have visitors with stories to tell and pictures to show.

We carried out some work on Trevor Murray’s 1949 MG TC  last year and whilst here he was thrilled to see the prototype 1960 Jensen 541S we had in undergoing a full restoration. Trevor was once the solicitor for the Jensen Car Club Limited and he owned a 541 himself. Here he is with his sons beside his Jensen.

And another fantastic archived picture brought to us, this time, by Asa’s dad Paul. Here is Paul and the family enjoying a summer holiday in they VW camper.

Rebuilding the A and B Post areas of our MG TC

The brand new full A and B posts have successfully been fitted to our 1947 MGTC. As you can seem we have discovered a small area of rot that has spread to the back arch panel. Rather than replacing the entire back arch for a small amount of rot Asa has decided to leave the existing woodwork in place but to cut out the affected area and replace just that area alone.

The task is now complete and looking fantastic.

A and B Post successfully removed.

The A and B posts have been successfully removed from the offside of our 1947 MGTC. We have temporarily fitted up the components we have in but are just waiting for one more piece to the jigsaw before we secure everything into position.

Due to the severity of what we have discovered we have taken some time out to assess the nearside of the car but this looks to have been resolved in the past. Without having to remove panels unnecessarily you can see how good the exposed ends of the A and B posts are.

Removing the affected areas from our MGTC

We have now successfully removed the majority of the affected area of our 1947 MGTC with just the A and B posts remain.

It’s a surprisingly big task to take on but we are lucky to have caught it now as leaving these issues will only make the situation worse.

Once the A and B post are removed we’ll start to build in the new ash posts before re-modelling the exterior panels.

MGTC Revealing the A and B Posts

We have now uncovered the A and B posts of our 1947 MG TC to assess the extent of the rot and what coach work will need to be carried out to resolve the issues.

As you can see, the A post has been tampered with and corrected in the past as sheet metal has been used to shape and strengthen the panelling.

And as you can see from the B Post images, the rot has spread to 3 separate panels with the top panel, again being a panel that has had attention in the past. We’ll now start to get to work on correcting the issues and preventing the rot to spread any further.


More rot than first thought

From time to time you unfortunately uncover more of an issue than what you first estimate and this is one of those times.

We set out with the intention of replacing the main wooded beam that runs along the bottom of both the A and B post and almost from the front of the car to the rear. After pulled away the body shell which was wrapped around the area in question we have now discovered both the A and B posts areas are in desperate need of attention.

The extra work involved is the removal of the offside front wing, offside rear wing, offside door. We will need to cut the body along the cut lines for access to bottom A and B posts for splicing repair to parts T503 and T502.

We will then need to refit all panels and paint the affected areas blending in to where necessary. The offside floor panel may have to be removed for access.

Underside rot to our 1947 MGTC

Our 1947 MG TC has arrived in to our workshops this weekend to have the underside rotten wood issue resolved.

The underside wood can be purchased off the shelf which makes the workload (and final bill) much lower but that’s not to say this will be an easy job.

1947 MGTC

In with us today for assessment is a 1947 MGTC. It’s lovely to see this beautiful little classic still being used today but some work will need to be carried out on the floor and chassis to prevent any further corrosion from happening.