1949 MG YT

Perfecting the MGYT interior

Our 1949 MG YT interior  remake is almost complete, here is the first images of the seats and door cards. We have re-manufactured the entire interior set up using the original components where possible but now with the new colour combination.

As you can see, the leather is yet to be tightened in places but certainly within the next few days we’ll have the full interior complete and ready to fit.

We have re-made the door card templates as these are almost impossible to find.

The styling remains the same as the original although we have introduced a couple of alterations to them to ensure they last longer than the originals would ever have been able to. The pockets are now slightly cushioned and the pocket fixing are much tighter than the originals were.

Keeping to the original is always our aim (unless instructed otherwise) but as technologies change it is certainly worthwhile assessing the situation in order to get the best results…and this is a great example of a little extra effort going a long way.

MGYT outside for the day

We are just waiting on the interior to be completed but as it’s a lovely day we thought it would be nice for our 1949 MGYT to enjoy the sunshine.

MGYT Interior almost complete

We are now in the final stages of building the new interior for our 1949 MGYT.

The brand new camel carpet has also arrived with us ready to be shaped and edged.

Running up the MGYT Engine

When our 1949 MG YT arrived at our Ipswich workshops back in November 2016, she was missing a lot of her character:

A very different car to what we expected but never-the-less, a car that from day one showed so much promis.

One of the major tasks was to rebuild the engine. With the majority of it being on the leather interior, and in a number of boxes it was a huge task sourcing the missing components. Now, after a full engine rebuild, the time has come for the newly built engine to be refitted into the car once again and for it to be run up for the very first time.

Fitting the new stainless exhaust system

We are very fortunate to have one of the world’s leading MG parts suppliers right here on our doorstep. NTG have provided us with a brand new stainless steel exhaust for our MG YT restoration project.

Although she arrived with us looking very sorry for herself, she did come equipped with her exhaust system. However, after years of neglect the exhaust was showing signs of wear in many places.

Repairs could be made to the existing exhaust but taking into account the hours of labour involved in repairing an old unit is was far better to replace with a brand new stainless addition.


New Dash Complete With Dials

With the dials back from Speedograph, having been completely overhauled, rebuilt and re-polished, we have now been able to securely fit them in our newly refurbished dash.

We are now on to the final stretch of the rebuild, with the interior arriving back from Kim very soon having been completely remade. We have re manufactured the new door cards as brand new door cards for the MG YT seem to be non-existant…

…until now that is!

MGYT Filler Fuel Neck

When our 1949 MGYT arrived in to us from Cyprus amongst the many components missing or broken was a missing filler fuel neck. Dave has now remade the piece and painted it ready to be refitted.

Sourcing the original number

Whilst on the hunt for evidence of the original UK registration number (prior to it being exported to Cyprus) we have come across a couple of fantastic vintage photos.

Although the car was originally Clipper Blue these look to be taken after the colour change but do show the original UK number. PXN 577

Let’s hope we can successfully re-register the car to have the original number now she is back where she belongs, in the UK.


Re-chroming the handbrake lever

Although the handbrake lever is not obviously visible we have decided to go ahead and chrome this piece.

We believe the original finish would have been black but as the component is in such good condition and wants very little repair work to carried out we felt that refinishing in chrome would look much more impressive.

MGYT Screen In Light On

With the new screen being made as we speak the frame work has now been built up and fitted into position to ensure all curves and lines meet the areas that it should.

And as you can see, we now have the eyes back on the car!

The brand new headlights have now been fitted and they look amazing. Every angle of our 1949 MGYT looks stunning but with the lights now in position it has been completely transformed once again.

It’s the final big push on the project now with the electrics and interior being the last big tasks to carry out.

MGYT Dashboard Refurbished

We’ve now completed the work on re-covering our 1949 MGYT dash. With the edging strips already re-chromed and the centre plate fully restored the dash can now be pieced back together.

Fitting the new MGYT badges

We had a very indecisive moment this morning in the Bridge Classic Cars workshops.

The big question, should we or should we not replace the front and rear badges. These are the original badges which in itself is lovely but when you have them fitted to an almost new car they really stand out.

With a little help from the family who own this beauty we all decided that replacing with new was the best solution.

Here we have the new badges fitted and looking lovely. The originals will be kept safe and will make up the fantastic history of the car.

Refitting our MGYT front grille

With the newly re-chromed and rebuilt front grille now complete we have been able to loosely refit to the car. This will be tightened once the bonnet section are fitted and secured.

It’s all in the finer detail

A unique feature on our 1949 MGYT is the invisible cooling blind that is operated by a pulley system beside the radiator.

When pulled a blind lifts up in front of the radiator but behind the front grille. It can not be easily seen but it acts as a temperature control feature.

The blind itself was in desperate need of repair so as part of the stripping process we removed the blind mechanism too. This has now been fully rebuilt, using the original parts but with brand new textile fitted.

This has now been refitted and will once again be fully functioning.

Fitting up the chrome to the MGYT

Dave is now starting to refit the chrome on our 1949 MG YT.

A lot of the original parts have been re-chromed however some of the parts were beyond repair so we have replaced with new.

When the car arrived at Bridge Classic Cars both the front and rear bumpers had taken a serious hit during the overseas transport and were beyond repair. Due to the rarity of this model we were prepared for a challenge trying to replace these.

Luckily for us we have Mike from NTG just round the corner from our workshops. Mike is one of MG’s most knowledgeable enthusiasts and has built a world renowned MG spares company. Anything to do with MGs Mike is the man, as they say, what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing.

Mike informed us that the bumpers from this model are the same as those on the MG TD so we were able to source new.

Building up the re-chromed MGYT grille


Original chrome taken from a 1949 MG YT

Can you re-chrome a classic car grille as one piece? The answer is yes…

…but we wouldn’t recommend it.

If you want to do a job right, do it properly. It may seem like a daunting task stripping a grille like this into individual pieces but it is absolutely worth it for the final finish. Ensure you have a piece of paper and a pen with you and simply jot down everything you take off so you know exactly where each slat goes when you are ready to refit. Drawings, notes, measurements, whatever it takes to make your life easy during refit is worth it.

Here we have the finish front grille. We totally stripped the components and rebuilt once chromed and polished. The brand new material surround has been refitted so it’s ready to be fitted back up to the car.

Fitting up the blue piping

Today, Dave has been concentrating on fitting up the blue leather piping around the front and rear wings of our 1949 MGYT.

With lots of blue fabric options on the market as well as a great choice of dark greys and blacks in leather this turned out to be more of a challenge than we expected.

We looked through lots of samples from various manufacturers and finally decided on the dark blue leather option that you see here. Now it is in position, we are very happy that the research really paid off.

We’ve seen a number of the MGY’s with black piping but that’s not what we wanted. In our opinion, settling for black, or even dark grey would not have been right.

Reshaping the new MGYT floor

Although our MG YT came fitted with solid floors, they had seen better days and needed attention. We felt the car deserved better so rather than repainting the old flooring we made the decision to reshape and build a new floor.

A few pictures from the chromers

Here we have a couple of up dated pictures taken by Tony at Wyatt Polishing as he gets stuck in to the MGYT chrome work.

We should be expecting all of the chrome back with us next week just in time for the refit.