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1957 Ford F100

Detailing our 1957 Ford F100 and 1998 Daimler Super V8

We called upon the services of Paul Johnson Mobile Valeting to give our 1998 Daimler Super V8 and 1957 Ford F100 a freshen up.

The Daimler has been stored for some time indoors but required a thorough clean and a detail to the engine, to bring her back to life ready for the summer. Our 1957 Ford F100 has been standing outside for sometime so a good clean was very much deserved.

1998 Daimler Super V8 

1957 Ford F100

Collection day – 1937 International, 1957 Ford F100

This morning we successfully completed the removal of 1937 International and 1957 Ford F100 for their current position.

Both vehicles have been left in storage for many years, in a yard, right here in Suffolk. Due to a bereavement we have acquired the vehicles with a view to recommissioning them.

Once back at our workshops we will fully assess the work required and try to get them up and running.

1937 International

Next up we have our 1957 Ford F100. Luckily this one has been sitting on concrete rather than wet gravel for many years should was certainly easier to move.

1937 International and 1957 Ford F100 coming soon

We are very pleased to have secured the restoration of a very rare 1937 International and a Ford F100.

Both projects have been stored for a number of years right here in Suffolk, without any works being carried out. Once in our workshops we will assess what actions need to be taken and we’ll put together a project plan.

Due in next week to Bridge Classic Cars.