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1959 Ford Consul

1959 Ford Consul Engine rebuild

Ady Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist has been working on repairing our 1959 Ford Consul’s engine. The valve seat had to be re-cut due to debris found on the seat. This debris was blocking the valve from closing fully and losing compression.

We machined the valve guides to allow bronze sleeves to be fitted.

We recut all the valve seats and refaced all the valves, then lapped them in. After that Ady refaced the cylinder head, washed clean and then refitted to the engine.

1959 Ford Consul Brake Overhaul

Pete has overhauled the brake system on our 1959 Ford Consul restoration project. This included new wheel cylinders, new adjusters, relined shoes, machined cylinders and fresh brake fluid.

Ford Consul Engine Restoration

The owner of this wonderful 1959 Ford Consul came in to see us as the engine was smoking on start up. This is often a sign of worn valves guides. You can see in the videos below just how worn they are.

Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist will now undergo the following work to get this lovely classic running as it should.

The head will have new valve guides fitted and have an unleaded conversion to have a hardened seat fitted.

All the valves will be refaced. You can see how heavily pitted the valves are, unleaded fuel has burned some of the seat away.

New gaskets have all been ordered up and will be fitted when we reach the assembly phase.

We will also investigate the cylinder bores as there is a deep grove in one of the bores which may result in a broken piston ring. It looks like there has also been a head gasket go in it’s time as cylinder one has had water damage to the bore.

1959 Ford Consul Brake System Restoration

This lovely ’59 Ford Consul is currently in the workshop. It’s the second Consul currently in our care. Pete is working on the braking system. We’ll be able to get this vehicle up, running and back on the road very soon.

New Arrival – 1959 Ford Consul

We’ve welcomed in this lovely Ford Consul to our workshop for restorative works. This fabulous Ford is in such wonderful condition. It truly is a credit to it’s owner.

Whilst with us, the Consul will have a full brake overhaul and engine restoration works.