1962 Triumph TR4

Friday Snapshot

Ford Escort RS Turbo Photoshoot On Monday shot the 1988 Ford Escort RS Turbo with our friend and talented model, Carnell Cook at Bentwaters. We

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Friday Snapshot

Ford Escort RS Turbo Photoshoot

On Monday shot the 1988 Ford Escort RS Turbo with our friend and talented model, Carnell Cook at Bentwaters. We were incredibly lucky with the weather as it managed to stay dry and clear throughout the afternoon and with the addition of some artistic smoke grenades, our marketing team shot some stunning visuals. You’ll begin to see the photos and videos appear throughout our social media pages.

New Mustang In The Stable

This beautiful 5 litre 2015 Mustang GT is the newest addition to our Hanger storage collection. We’re looking after this customers car for the winter so it’ll be tucked away as part of our storage services. It really is a stunning modern car.

New Arrivals

This week we’ve welcomed a selection of new vehicles into the Bridge Classic Car family including the 1974 Lime Green VW Beetle, the 1994 Land Rover Range Rover TDI, our new Mercedes transportation lorry and an original Chevron B-20. The Range Rover and Beetle are set to be competition cars however we are yet to decide the fate of our exciting and rare Chevron.

Competition Winner Delivery

This week we also delivered the Triumph TR4 to the lucky winner Adrian Harcus and wife, Aileen, in Aberdeen. We’re excited to see what plans they have for their new TR4!

Chrome parts and guest cars

Our friend and trust chrome specialist visited Bridge Classics HQ today to drop off some beautifully crafted chrome pieces for our recent blue Jaguar E-Type series 3. Tony Wyatt from his self titled polishing company works on providing us with the best and shiniest chrome parts for our restorations. Today when we arrived, we came in his stunning 3 litre Rover which itself has his handiwork on the front.

Adrian Harcus Wins our 1962 Triumph TR4

One of our most popular classic car competitions, the ’62 Triumph TR4 was won last night by Adrian Harcus. Adrian won with lucky ticket number 1541.

We’ve got a long trip ahead of us, as this car is being delivered all the way to north Scotland!

Thank you to everyone who entered this competition. We have three stunning cars pictured below that are currently live on the website, all of which will be won very soon. Pick up your tickets at https://www.bridgeclassiccarscompetitions.co.uk/

1962 Triumph TR4 Paint Repair

Chris has been working on repairing and repainting our ’62 Triumph TR4. Chris firstly repaired the damaged areas reshaping the dented bodywork, before sanding down the bodywork for primer. He then applied a coat of primer before the all-in-one colour coat. The colour coat has now been flattened down and is ready to be polished.

Brilliant work, Chris!

1962 Triumph TR4 to Hangar 111

Ady has taken our 1962 Triumph TR4 this morning to our good friends at Hangar 111 to improve the running. The carburettors and jets have been adjusted to get the best possible performance from the car in it’s current state.

1962 Triumph TR4 in for Paintwork Repair

This gorgeous 1962 Triumph TR4 is in the classic car workshop today for repairs to the paintwork. It will be heading into the paint shop where Darren and Chris will be taking care of her.