1964 Morgan 4/4

Morgan Plus 4’s 70th Anniversary

In our new feature, Thursday Time capsule, we look at classic cars celebrating significant birthdays in 2020.

2020 marks the 70th anniversary of the classic Morgan Plus 4, a classic that was developed and released in 1950. This highly sought after sports car graced the scene with its 2088cc standard Vanguard engine which was installed on a 4/4 chassis.

To mark its 70th anniversary, Morgan released 20 special edition Plus 4’s in March which sport a Platinum Metallic paint to promote the nuances in Morgan’s iconic visual design. What is particularly unique about this limited edition model is the gold chassis. It is the first time they’ve been developed in this colour, and will also be the last as they commemorate the end of their steel chassis production that has been going since the original Morgan 4/4 in 1936.

These rare models were handcrafted in Morgan’s workshop in Malvern, the UK, which we visited back in September.

Morgan Plus 4’s have been in and out of production since 1950 but were most recently revived after a break in 2005. The new production Plus 4’s feature a BMW powered engine instead of the popular Ford engine.

Our Morgan 4/4

Although we haven’t had the pleasure of working on a Plus 4, we have had several 4/4’s in, which are the older model to the Plus 4. Morgan released their 4/4 as a groundbreaking vehicle in 1936 which premiered their steel chassis technology and have been in production, without breaks since.

The 4/4 is the worlds longest running production car, with the 4/4 standing for ‘4 cylinder, 4 wheel’ as it was the first of its kind in Morgan’s development as they moved away from the bike powered 3 wheels.

Although there’s little difference between the 4/4 and the Plus 4, the latter of the two was developed to be faster and more powerful, making it less mainstream and typically a touring option.

Fitting new wiring loom in 1964 Morgan 4/4

Our 1964 Morgan 4/4 wiring loom is one of the select few that Autosparks hold on the shelf. So expecting to be ordering the loom for a 6 to 8 week delivery we were over the moon to receive the complete loom within a matter of days.

It meant we could crack on with the task sooner that expected. The questionable wiring has now gone completely and our car is now running on brand new, guaranteed and safe wiring.

Morgan 4/4 running issues

Our 1964 Morgan 4/4 is in the workshops for a service and to look into an over-heating issue that has developed. Whilst in we need to look at running issues that looks to be coming from low compression on No3 and a possible problem with the clutch.

Finally, the wiring under the dash is very untidy and certain areas are a little questionable so this will need to be addressed too. This may result in a new wiring loom being manufactured.