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1966 Reliant Scimitar

Temperatures Are Soaring For The Scimitar

Dave, one of our expert technicians, discovered a faulty temperature gauge on the 1966 Reliant Scimitar last week.

“The sender unit needed replacing” he describes, “and the wiring was a mess, there were lots of splits and poor joins”. So, along with a replacement sender unit, the wiring has also been redone and thus the temperature gauge is working once more.

The Spotlight’s On The Scimitar

New indicators were fitted this week on the 1966 Reliant Scimitar, changing the old bulbs to LED.

“We had a problem with the new indicators,” explained workshop manager John. “There was feedback, so we switched to LED to make them brighter.”

The Scimitar is now as flashier than ever – great work John!

1966 Reliant Scimitar in The Classic Car Workshop

Pete has begun work on our 1966 Reliant Scimitar. It’s in with us for a oil change, chassis and suspension grease along with a general check over and MOT.

The water temperature gauge is currently swinging to max when the ignition is switched on. We will be investigating this do find out if it is the gauge itself that is faulty or if there are any other issues.

The windscreen washer jets also need repaired or upgraded.

The speedo and odometer are both currently not working and the 90 degree pinion drive takeoff from the gearbox has sheered.

We have also been tasked with investigating the options for installing power steering.

Pete has ordered up Choke cable, spark plugs, oil filter, grease caps, washer jets and a 90 degree drive speedo. and has begun investigating the remedial works required to get this stunning Scimitar fighting fit once more.

Top work, Pete

1966 Reliant Scimitar Arrives at The Bridge Classic Cars Workshop

This stunning white Scimitar is in the workshop today.

Whilst in our care this Reliant will be given a full service and MOT. It currently has a couple of electrical issues with the temperature gauge and windscreen washers which will be fixed.

The speedo is not currently functioning and will need a gearing renewal. We will also be upgrading the headlights to LED.