1970 Jaguar E-Type Series 2

New Cat On The Block

This morning, we welcomed a beautiful green 1970 Jaguar E-Type Series 2 (2+2) 4.2 in for a service to address MOT advisories. Jaguar E-Types are

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Friendly face at The Bell, Walberswick

Here at Bridge Classic Cars, we love the fact that we are never too far away from a classic car or a classic car enthusiast.

Whilst enjoying an afternoon meal out with the family at The Bell Inn, Walberswick Craig was thrilled to see a classic Jaguar E-Type arrive in the car park having enjoyed a nice run out in the sunshine.

What made it even more special was the fact that it’s one of our Jaguar E-Type’s that we have recently seen through the doors at Bridge Classic Cars.

It’s great to recognise cars when we visit the local car shows and even more so to see them enjoying a day out at the pub in the sunshine.

1970 Jaguar E-Type

If you ever find yourself in or around the beautiful Suffolk coast why not pop in to The Bell, Walberswick

The Bell is situated on the village green, in the heart of picturesque Walberswick, Suffolk and just a stones throw from the rolling sand dunes, stands The Bell Inn. This elegant, 600 year old pub is steeped in history, sitting in an area of outstanding natural beauty, big blue skies and fresh sea air.

Almost Out The Door…

Our stunning green 1970 Series 2 4.2 had been completed and was in-fact on its way home with its owners when, just past the gate, the drivers seat broke. This is an area we hadn’t been working on as it wasnt requested but evidently was in need of some TLC. This is often the way with classic cars, bits break through usage and love but we always remind ourselves when things like this happen, that these cars have survived many decades until now!

We fabricated some new bolts and metal elements to fix the broken nut in the chair runner so that the seat now functions good as new!

Green Machine Is Looking Lean

Our stunning green Jaguar E-Type Series 2 4.2 has almost completed its thorough service. This morning Mauro was carefully replacing the carburettor rubber that fits around the air filter. This was the solution to the engine idle not running correctly.

Mauro has also fit new brakes, new back suspension arms, new front upper suspension arm ball joint and added in some high performance silicone spark plugs that allow the engine to perform at a higher level.

Mauro has also been working on modifying the steering column to remove the extra movement. Once he’d altered the steering column, he could fit the wheel back on as shown below.

Our experienced Auto Valet technician, Colin, From Viper Auto Valets has finished the jaguar project but thoroughly cleaning this stunning motor. The nature of the paint means that once polished, it’ll look good as new.

Here are the photos of the elements for the suspension and steering column.

1970 E-Type Engine Additions

Mauro has been continuing his work on our 1970 Green Jaguar E-Type Series 2 4.2 edition. He has recently replaced the Rocker cover gaskets due to an oil leak and has fitted some high performance Silicone spark leads.

1970 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Service

Our 1970 Jaguar E-type Series 2 4.2 is currently have its service. Mauro has been taking care of this project and is in charge of ensuring that this charming classic is back on the road asap.

Mauro has fitted new rear anti roll bar, link and bush as well as repaired the rusty fuel lines. Mauro has also been carefully reassembling and rebuilding the rear axle, fixing an oil leak by fitting new seals, fitting new brakes, discs and pads. Once he had finished rebuilding the rear axel, Mauro could fit it back in.

New Cat On The Block

This morning, we welcomed a beautiful green 1970 Jaguar E-Type Series 2 (2+2) 4.2 in for a service to address MOT advisories. Jaguar E-Types are among the most popular classic cars we receive, with a large majority of our projects being E-Types. These classic motors are well recognised and well-loved, with their value increasing every year.

With iconic styling and excellent road manners, the Jaguar E-type design was perfected by aerodynamics of Malcolm Sayer and the keen eye of Sir William Lyons. Series 2 coupes are among the rarest of the bunch, with fewer than 5000 being built.