1971 Bedford J Type

1971 Bedford J-Type

Work continues on our Bedford J-Type. We’ve had to extend the fuel tank pipe to meet the new, wider body shell. We’ve also fabricated brakets

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Praise continues for our CalmIndianCow

We continue to follow the progress and incredible praise our good friends at CalmIndianCow are receiving on a daily basis. Recently @jendaddyg shared a post on Instagram having enjoyed lunch in London.

If you’re in or around London check out the CalmIndianCow for yourself and let us know your thoughts.

We first saw the car very early on in it’s transformation adventure. The full project story of it’s time here at Bridge Classic Cars can be found here

And if you want to know about the CalmIndianCow check out a fantastic review from Feast It member Mel.

“While the name may deceive, South Indian Street food does not get more vibrant and exciting than Calm Indian Cow! 

Based out of Shoreditch, they are a vibrant and authentic catering company that serves a variety of specially selected curries and biryanis that pack a punch, yet are based on traditional recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. To ensure each dish is true to their family recipes, they roast and blend their own spices onsite, transporting your guests to the hills and plains of Kerala!

For something that wouldn’t look out of place beside the beaches of Goa, their lovingly restored vintage Bedford J Type truck is the colourful centrepiece of any event, which, assuming there is enough space for it, would look amazing at just about anywhere! The team can happily cater for all different requirements including vegetarian, vegan, halal and gluten-free so there will be something that everyone can enjoy. Their menu is mouthwateringly good and includes the creamy Malabar Paneer Korma, Veggie naan wraps, and their signature Hyderabadi Dum Biryani which is made from over 30 delicious and locally sourced ingredients.

If you like the sound of serving your guests absolutely delicious South Indian street food from the most vibrant food truck in London, book Calm Indian Cow now on Feast It!”

Catching up with some old friends

Always lovely to see some of our previous workshop cars out and about enjoying the UK roads. Here we have TheManWithTheGoldenRoller celebrating the anniversary of his ownership. If you are a fan of Instagram Michael he is certainly well worth a follow. He and his beautiful Rolls Royce Shadow 1 visit some of the UK’s most exclusive properties and landmarks.

And next time you find yourself in London and fancy a bite to eat, look no further than the CalmIndianCow in our 1971 Bedford J Type.

Out & About – Calm Indian Cow in Cornwall

Our dear friends at Calm Indian Cow have been in Cornwall recently!

They were catering a wedding down in the West Country so of course, they took their gorgeous blue truck with them.

Some of you may remember a while back when we helped to build this amazing 1971 Bedford J Type into the mobile home of Calm Indian Cow. So, it’s always lovely to see it and Mahesh out there spreading the love.

Safe trip!

Calm Indian Cow – Beastmag London Feature – December 2020

Our Bedford J-Type truck restoration is being put to good use. Owner of Calm Indian Cow, a traditional Indian takeaway restaurant, Mahesh tasked us with restoring his 1971 Bedford Truck, fully loaded and ready for food preparation and service.

Based in Shoreditch, Mahesh is cooking up a storm, serving delicious Indian cuisine from the converted truck.

Beastmag London have recently featured Mahesh and Calm Indian Cow on their Instagram page. It was a pleasure to be tasked with such a special project. If you’re ever in the Leonard Street, Shoreditch area, we would thoroughly recommend paying Mahesh a visit.

Calm Indian Cow: Our Bedford Food Truck Restoration

We’ve been sent these lovely images of the food Calm Indian Cow is producing from our restored Bedford J Type truck.

They look absolutely delicious, if you’re ever in Shoreditch looking for a bite to eat, it looks well worth a visit.

Bedford J Type Accident Damage

Our Bedford food truck has unfortunately been hit on the front left wheel arch. Other than some bad luck with the damage, the takeaway truck has been very successful. If you ever spot the bright turquoise Bedford J-Type, we’d throughly recommend stopping off for some authentic Indian cuisine.

Bedford J-Type Indian Restaurant Final Interior Fit

Mauro has traveled into London to finish off the last few pieces of our Bedford J Type restoration. He’s fitted the final few interior parts and installed the interior carpet. Nicely done, Mauro!

Project Complete: 1971 Bedford J Type

Our Bedford J Type Indian Takeaway restaurant truck is now complete.

Its safely home in Hackney, London where it will begin it’s new life as a Indian Takeaway van.

Bedford Truck Rubbers fitted

Dave has continued work getting out Bedford J Type truck roadworthy. He’s fitted brand new front quarter rubber seals. Pete is also working on the Bedford, ensuring the vehicle is roadworthy before it makes the journey down to London.

1971 Bedford J-Type

Work continues on our Bedford J-Type. We’ve had to extend the fuel tank pipe to meet the new, wider body shell. We’ve also fabricated brakets for the spare wheel to sit underneath the truck. New exhaust hangar mounts have also been fabricated and installed.

Tom has also restored the door stands, preparing, priming and then painting them in a jet black paint.

Bedford J-Type Indian Restaurant returns

Our restoration project Bedford J-Type truck is back in the Bridge Classic Cars Workshop. It will be inspected by Pete, before addressing any issues the vehicle may have. Then this lovely 70s Truck will be ready to take to the road.

1971 Bedford J Type – Indian Takeaway Truck

Since we completed our restoration work on this 1971 Bedford J Type Truck it has been fully fitted with kitchen appliances, ready to begin it’s new life as a mobile Indian restaurant. We will see the car coming back to us at Bridge Classic Cars for final inspections before she’s out on the open road once more.

Completing the interior just in time for delivery

We have just completed the interior refit on our 1971 Bedford J Series. The bright yellow and green has now been removed and replaced with brown vinyl.

Just in time to see her move on to the guys and girls at Tudor Catering Trailers to have the new catering trailer manufactured. Our journey at Bridge Classic Cars is now complete.

Source: Tudor Catering Trailers

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Our Bedford Chassis Extension is now complete

When extending the chassis of any vehicle it is not just the chassis itself you need to consider.

The exhaust system of our 1971 Bedford J Series has also had to be lengthened to meet with the extension of the rear measurements.

The braking system has been stripped back and completely overhauled to ensure its safety and longevity.


Extending the chassis of our Bedford

The extension of our 1971 Bedford chassis starts today. The metalwork has been fabricated and laid into position.

We are looking to re-use the tow bar on the extension piece so extra strengthening bars are being made up to help counter balance the weight.

A further strengthening bar is being fabricated as we speak which at present has prevented us from fitting up the tow bar. That hasn’t stopped us from stripping the chassis to remove all debris and applying a detailed level of under seal.

The under-seal acts as a protective layer around the chassis of the truck. It is a thick resilient coating used to protect against impact damage from small stones, which would rapidly chip ordinary paint, allowing rusting to begin

Re-upholstering the Bedford seats

With the Bedford exterior colour changing from green to blue, the bright green interior had to go!

We opted for a brown vinyl covering to the seats for this one but rather than the previous flat texture-less seats we have added additional stitching to freshen up and improve the overall design.

Rebuilt Bedford J Truck Servo, Master Cylinder and

Huge thank you, as always, to the masters of brake refurbishment and our good friends at Past Parts. They have done an incredible job of stripping and rebuilding the giant servo and brake master cylinders of our 1971 Bedford J Truck.

Now to fit them back up as part of the recommissioning process.

Deciding on the new trim colours

The green piped in yellow will soon be disappearing from the interior of our 1971 Bedford, to be replaced with a classier looking brown vinyl.

Vinyl gives the same overall appearance of leather but at a fraction of the cost this can often be the preferred option.

The Bedford radiator is now refurbished

Our 1971 Bedford J Series truck arrived in with us in desperate need of a radiator overhaul. Thanks to the guys at Sheldrake & Wells in Ipswich the radiator is now fully refurbished, looking lovely, working as it should and now back on the car.

Refurbishing the brakes

We took a trip up the A14 to Bury St Edmunds today to see our friends at Past Parts as we look to see about getting our 1971 Bedford’s Master Cylinder, Servo and Brake Cylinders overhauled.

As we expected, it doesn’t seem to be a problem for the guys down at Past Parts, it’s what they do!

Past Parts specialise in the supply and re-manufacture of braking and clutch parts for a range of older vehicles including older and classic cars, classic motorcycles, commercial and agricultural vehicles, and industrial plant machinery. They recreate moving history with use of their own high quality sleeving technology, which successfully re-manufactures all types of hydraulic brake and sleeve cylinders up to 2-1/2″ bore, as well as brake servos and brake calipers.


Removing our Bedford bed

We have successfully removed the bed or buck from our 1971 Bedford truck. We are looking to extend the chassis to the legal limit to gain any much needed floor space in the new kitchen area that will be built above.

The bed was removed relatively easily so we can now concentrate our efforts on tidying the chassis and inspecting for any further works that may be required.

Plans for our 1971 Bedford

Today we received the initial plans for our 1971 Bedford J Series truck. Forget the colours for now, the truck will be extended at the rear to house a bespoke corrigated box that will house the kitchen.

The truck will be used in the centre of London offering street food of an Indian cuisine. Mahesh, the new owner, has big plans for the future of our J series and we look forward getting our teeth stuck into the restoration journey.

I’m sure there will be a few tweaks and alterations to the design but for now we are very exciting to be getting on.

1971 Bedford J Type work will soon commence

A late finish tonight at Bridge HQ as we finally met the owner f this wonderful Bedford J Type.

Since being here in Pettistree we have stirred up a huge amount of interest with the truck without actually undertaking any serious work.

Having a good look over the truck we had a good idea of the necessary tasks that would have to be carried out (refurbishing the radiator, over-hauling the brakes) but we needed to get a better understanding of the final objectives and now we have that information we have a good foundation to start the process.

At this stage, we will not divulge the final intentions for the truck but let’s just say we are all very excited to be able to have a big part in bringing her back to life.

…and no, she’s not for sale!!!!! haha

New arrival: 1971 Bedford J Type Truck

New arrival to Bridge Classic Cars, our 1971 Bedford J Type Truck is in with us a future project. At this early stage we are unsure what the end result could be as the owner has many ideas for her new life.

All we know is that she has spent the majority of her life in New Zealand before landing on UK shores a few years back and has since been stored with little to no use.