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1971 Ford Capri

Delivering our freshly painted 1971 Ford Capri

The 1971 Ford Capri respray is now complete. The fresh looking Tawny Brown finish has totally transformed the exterior of the car and with the engine out being detailed by the car’s owner we can’t wait to see her at some upcoming summer shows.

1971 Ford Capri Engine Respray

The engine was removed prior to the car arriving in our workshops. With the engine out we were able to respray in and around the engine bay.

Working on the Ford Capri bodywork

We have had lots of work to do on the Ford Capri with the unveiling of the sills uncovering much more rot than we first anticipated.

The affected areas have now been cut out, treated and new, improved components have been manufactured.


Repairing sections of our 1971 Ford Capri

Lots of areas of our 1971 Ford Capri have suffered from corrosion so Trevor and the team are working hard to fabricate some of the components required to correct the areas worst affected.

1971 Ford Capri arriving for a respray

Arriving with us this week, our 1971 Ford Capri in for a full ‘engine-out’ respray.

Before we collected the car, the engine had been removed so we have been assigned to strip, prepare and paint the body and return to the customer for reassembly.