1971 Land Rover Range Rover

1971 Range Rover Carburettor Service

Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist has serviced and cleaned up the leaking carburettors in our 1971 Range Rover. He has replaced the seals and gaskets and re-installed into the vehicle. This has massively improved the engines running.

Ady has noticed a slight radiator leak so this will be investigated further by our good friends and radiator experts, Shelldrake and Wells in Ipswich. This is the final task to complete before the vehicle is running beautifully once more. Great work, Ady!

1971 Range Rover Broken ‘O’ Ring

Ady has found a broken ‘O’ ring which is causing a fuel leak, we’ll fit a new ‘O’ ring to fix. We’ve also found the issue with the speedo, the bearing that rotates the speedo pin is no longer fully lubricated. After re-lubricating and cleaning this component, the speedo should now read accurately. There’s still some work to do on our Range Rover project but Ady’s made a cracking start today.

1971 Land Rover Range Rover Arrives at the Workshop

This 1971 Range rover is in our workshop for a service, improve how it runs and to fix a few niggles. The speedo gauge flickers and the clutch is reportedly very light. First up, Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist will be investigating the engine.