1973 Triumph TR6

spud985 – September 2020

Our eye-catching lemon-yellow 1973 TR6 was spotted having a quick pit-stop at First. Coffee Shop this afternoon. We completed a full roof restoration on this

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TR6 Strikes A New Gear

Our Triumph TR6 was struggling to change gear when it came in, but there’s no job too small or fiddly for us here at Bridge Classic Cars. We’ll get it back to its old chirpy self in no time.

Our technician Pete managed to replace the clutch slave cylinder so the TR6 should now run smoothly!

spud985 – September 2020

Our eye-catching lemon-yellow 1973 TR6 was spotted having a quick pit-stop at First. Coffee Shop this afternoon.

We completed a full roof restoration on this sporty little number a few months ago, and we’re super pleased with the final look. It’s only fitting that lemonade was the drink of choice!

Fitting new TR6 windscreen

A new windscreen is required on our 1973 Triumph TR6 as the sun’s reflections are showing up all the imperfections in the existing screen. Slight scratches and a glaring fog is visible when the sun is shining so a new screen is being fitted. Whilst doing so we are replacing the existing rubbers and surround and as we have gone to this much effort we thought it was also best to freshen up the screen surround and brighten up the dull black finish. This finish, next to the stealth like new hood will look incredible!

1973 Triumph TR6 in for Service

This beautiful Triumph TR6 is in the classic car workshop for a service. We’ve recently completed a hardtop restoration for this very car.

The TR6 has been sat for a little while so it needs a new starter motor before she’s back on the road.

1973 TR6 Hardtop: Completed Restoration

We’ve now completed our TR6 Hardtop Restoration. Kath has put the final touches to the rubber seals and it’s now ready to be reunited with the rest of the vehicle. A superb collaboration between the Paint and Trim Shops, great work, all!

What a Triumph! Our Hardtop Restoration Is Almost Complete

Our Triumph TR6 Hardtop restoration is now almost complete. We just need to fit the glass now, and it’s ready to go. A collaboration between our Paint and Trim Shops, this is now looking immaculate. Great work team.

In the Trim Shop, Kath has fitted the main headliner and trimmed around the b posts. She’s and re-covered the three boarded sections for the inside rear window. She’s installed the front edge rubbers and cleaned up the old rear rubber. The final stage will be to fit glass and then it’s ready to be used on the owners TR6.

Triumph TR6 Hardtop Restoration

Another joint effort between the Paint and Trim shops has now been completed. We were tasked with completely restoring this TR6 hardtop. We’ve removed all the chrome-work and transformed the hardtop with a black on black colour choice.

Once the roof was prepared and fully painted it headed into the trim shop. From here, Kath unpicked the old headlining before marking out a template for new material. Then she cut out the fabric and calico loops for ready for the rods. She then begun sewing the fabric together before glueing info place on the hardtop and looping the hoops through the rods. Once the main ceiling of the hard top was trimmed, Kath moved onto the side pillars.

Great team effort on this one, it’s looking amazing!

1973 Triumph TR6 Hardtop

Our 1973 Triumph TR6 factory hardtop is currently in restoration here at Bridge Classic Cars.

The hardtop is also having a bit of a face-lift whilst in with us; with all chrome work being removed and a new black ‘stealth-like’ finish.

A lot more repair work than first anticipated with the roof having suffered a lot of corrosion. All affected areas have been cut out and replaced with new metalwork, the hood is now in the paint shop being primed and painted before heading off into our trim shop for Brian and Kath to fit the new black head lining.

TR6 Roof Restoration Update

Antony has been working hard on our TR6 hardtop roof project. The glass has been removed from it’s metal frame. We’re currently preparing the surface before it goes into the paint shop. Once there, it will go through primer phases and refinishing to be perfectly smooth. Once the surface is perfect, it will then into paint.

The roof lining has just arrived which can be seen below. Once the hard top leaves the paint shop it will head into the trim shop for the new headlining to be fitted.

1973 Triumph TR6 Hardtop Restoration

Coming into the Bridge Classic Cars workshop for a complete restoration is this Triumph TR6 Hardtop.

This hardtop will need both interior restoration in our in-house trim shop and exterior restoration in our paint shop.