1975 MG B Roadster

Re-instating the MGB engine

We have now successfully re-instated our newly refurbished 1800cc engine for our MGB roadster. The engine has been completed rebuilt by our in-house engine builder

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TR6 and MGB Tucked Up At Bentwaters

Our newly finished Triumph TR6 and its friend, the Tundra 1975 MGB have been stored up in Bentwaters whilst we work on the third in this trio, a Beverly Hills Jaguar E-Type that’s in for a full 180 transformation. All three cars are owned by the same clients, making it an exciting set of projects. With these two tucked away in our Hanger at Bentwaters, we can get cracking on the Jaguar.

New Carpets In The MGB

Our 1975 Tundra Green MGB has popped back in for a new carpet before its stored with us. Brian in the trim shop has recently fitted the new carpet sides around the pedals.

For those that might not remember the Green MGB, here’s a photo of it when it first came to us.

Once the carpet had been fitted, we loaded it up onto the lorry to transport it to our hanger.

Veteran Car Run – London to Brighton – November 2019

We were at the oldest celebration of motoring this Sunday 3rd November, the 2019 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. More than 400 pre-1905 vehicles took took to the road.

Over 120 years since the first run in 1896, it was wonderful to see so many of these Veteran vehicles make the journey from Hyde Park in Central London to the coat of Brighton.

It was fantastic to see friends of Bridge Classic Cars, Stephen Norman MD Vauxhall Cars and Jeremy Townsend Director of Communications Vauxhall Cars crossing the finish line in Brighton. We also saw television presenter, Alan Titchmarsh in his veteran vehicle.

Gordon saying hello to Vauxhall’s MD, Stephen Norman and Director of Communications, Jeremy Townsend.

To read a more detailed write up of the event, check out the Veteran Car Run’s article here.

Alan Titchmarsh arriving at the finish line in Brighton

Early morning trip to London

Early morning trip to London today to deliver our 1975 MG B Roadster. In our workshops for a couple of small tweaks and a general check over but now safely back home.

1975 MG B Roadster – ready for competition

Our recently completed 1975 MG B Roadster has already enjoyed a trip around Europe and has been back with us for just over a week being prepared for the upcoming concours competition.

A late trip to the London’s city centre as we deliver the car back to it’s owner all prepared and ready.

MGB Roadster Home Time

Today’s the day we introduce our 1975 MGB Roadster to it’s new home in the city.

First trip out was a big one, we’ve heard from the owner that the trip from London to Luton went very well. Next stop Sicily…

1975 MGB Roadster: Restoration Complete

Back in 2018 we were commissioned to source an MGB Roadster for the Managing Director of one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, who had such a car as his first Management Car Plan car and wanted it recreated as was. We understand that he is delighted with the result.

Originally sourcing the car was somewhat of a challenge due to the specific criteria that was involved.

The car must be an original car, with a factory specification finish of Tundra Green. The car must also have the original engine present so all numbers matching.

We tracked down the car in Kettering, looking very sad and untouched and parked up under a tree.

The car has now undergone a full and thorough nut and bolt restoration. No stone has been left un-turned. The complete project can be found within the projects section of our website.

A huge thank you to Matt Woods Photography for a wonderful photo shoot to mark the completion of this incredible restoration journey.

Automotive photographer Matt Woods of Matt Woods Photography has built up a reputation for exceeding client expectations and excellent customer support.

He has been commissioned by leading brands and magazines around the world.

Matt has a passion for cars hence why he specialises in automotive photography. Saying that, Matt regularly takes other work for commercial and business customers.

Throughout Matt’s career he’s had over 250 and counting Magazine Front Cover shoots for a wide variety of publication.

MGB Interior and Hood Re-fit

Final stages of our 1975 MGB Roadster rebuild now and the interior fit out is taking shape with the brand new hood being fitted up too.

1975 MGB Roadster Engine Run Up

Here is Ady and Pete successfully running up our MG B roadster engine for the very first time in the restoration project.

Refurbishing our Rostyle Wheels

Not the easiest of wheels to restore our friends at Wheelcare Refisnishing had their work cut out when we presented two sets of original Rostyle wheel in need of restoration.

Our 1975 MG B Roadster and 1977 MG BGT will soon be sitting on fresh looking rims.

Source: Wiki

Rostyle wheels are a notable design of automobile wheels of American origin but made under licence by the British firm of Rubery Owen. The Rostyle wheel was especially popular during the 1960s and 1970s.

The wheels had a characteristic pressed steel form with raised ‘spokes’, and were painted aluminium-grey on the spokes and rim and black between the spokes to imitate the open space of true magnesium alloy wheels. They were designed for use without the need of hubcaps or wheel covers but usually had a centre cap carrying the emblem of the car manufacturer.

In the United States, the wheel style was manufactured in Lansing, Michigan, by the Motor Wheel Corporation[2] and found fame in the 1960s and 1970s on Muscle cars like the Pontiac GTO, Ford Torino, Shelby Mustang, Plymouth Barracuda and AMC Javelin. In an American context the wheel style was known as the “Magnum 500”. Hence, the first British cars with “Rostyle” wheels were referred to in early road tests as having “Magnum style” wheels.

The first appearance of Rostyle wheels on the Rover P5B met with descriptions of them by some testers as “raffish” and “gaudy” and ill-befitting a luxury saloon. At that time, some Rover road testers also referred to the wheels as “Ro-style”, suggesting that the name, if not the style, may have first been developed specifically for wheels fitted to Rovers. Although this surfaces as “fact” on forums it is not correct. The name “Rostyle” is a portmanteau word deriving from “R-ubery O-wen” (the manufacturer of the wheels) and “Style”: “ROstyle”: “Rostyle”.

The firms MG and Rover, amongst other British sporty cars in the 1960s often specified Rostyle wheels as original equipment instead of ones made of light alloy or wire spoked wheels. Chromium-plated Rostyle wheels were made for Jensen, Rover and, famously, the Ford Cortina 1600E, originally designed for Ford Chairman Len Crossland’s wife.

Rostyle wheels were the only wheel option on the Range Rover for many years following its introduction. These 16-inch Rostyles were used on the Range Rover until 1986 when they were replaced by alloy wheels. The Rostyles then became optional fitment to the short wheelbase Land Rover (the wheels were not strong enough for use on the long wheelbase models). The Land Rover maintained its optional Rostyle wheels until 1995, becoming the last vehicle to offer them from new.

As well as in Britain, similar wheels were made under license in Germany and Argentina.

Special masks must be made to paint the wheels of restored cars to resemble the originals.

Max Sinclair, the sales manager for Rubery Owen in the 1960 to 1980 period has stated that “We changed the face of motoring, and Mag wheels followed us as their reliability improved.”

1975 MGB Roadster – Bumpers, Brakes, Engine Bay

Our 1975 MG B Roadster restoration is progressing nicely. With the bumpers having been repaired and restored they have now been fitted to the car. The brakes have been built up and the plates have now been fitted. The badges are in position, everything is lined up and it’s starting to look like a proper car.

Soon we have the wheels fitted and then we’ll know we are nearing the end! The car is nearing completion ready for it’s European road trip next month.

1975 MGB: new wiring loom

We are currently fitting up the brand new wiring loom, supplied to us by our friends at Autosparks.

Autosparks are the ‘go-to’ people when it comes to brand new wiring looms.

“The origins of Autosparks date back to around the 1920’s when it’s founder, Mr Henry Colomb, formed an electrical business in Beverley Road, Hull.

It is unclear when the progression from electrical to auto-electrical took place although we do have a certificate from the Trade Mark authorities dated July 1954 registering the original company logo as seen below.

Under the ownership of Henry and the management of Mr Cliff Dalton, Autosparks Ltd flourished and by the 1980’s was a well established and well respected company. With Mr Colomb, then retired, living in Malta, and Mr Dalton reaching retirement age, the running of the company was left to a younger family member and with growing competition, the company finally collapsed in August 1991.

Meanwhile I began my business, R D Components, in November 1977, initially manufacturing and selling spares for the legendary BSA Gold Star motorcycle. Within 12 months I was doing full restorations and one of the items I had to make myself was the Wiring Harness. From there I built virtually a full range of Harnesses for all Post-war British Motorcycles, even supplying the reborn Triumph Motorcycles at Meriden. By 1983 I had began producing harnesses for classic cars, as well as manufacturing original equipment harnesses for the prestigious Aston Martin Lagonda marque which continued until the models at the time, the V8 and Lagonda saloons, were phased out in 1990. The rate at which R D Components grew and the quality of its products soon undermined the strength of, and the then complacent attitude of Autosparks. In 1991 we bought and moved Autosparks down to our base in Sandiacre, Nottingham.

Over half of the 30 plus workforce that are with me today were around at the time of the takeover offering an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure that the quality of everything we produce remains very high.

Today Autosparks produces a range of Harnesses for classic Motorcycles, Cars, Tractors and Commercial Vehicles as well as supplying original equipment Harnesses to smaller volume manufacturers including such diverse applications as some of the top British Sportscars, European Road Sweepers and a range of Emergency Vehicles.

Roger Davis


Since writing the above, probably ten or eleven years ago, the company has moved forward again. I decided that it was time to bring some younger blood into the ownership of Autosparks so in November 2005 we formed a limited company once more introducing new directors and shareholders. Debbie Johnson, who has for many years ran the ‘business’ side of the company as well as building up a wealth of knowledge of the products joined me as director and shareholder as well as three of the long term staff as shareholders.

Our workforce remains solid with, apart from a few of retirements, the same core members of staff that have served us well for so long.

Roger Davis”

MGB: Brakes and Exhaust refit

The front and rear brakes have now been rebuilt and fitted. The front wheel bearings have also been replaced.

The newly refurbished radiator is back in position, as is the new steering rack and steering column.

The front sub frame and rear axle have been replaced, complete with new bush kits.

Front and rear shocks have been replaced along with new leaf springs.

We have replaced all brake pipes throughout and today, fitted the brand new exhaust, complete with fitting kits.

MGB: Building up the rear axle

The rear axle of our 1975 MGB roadster is now rebuilt and ready for refit. Pete is currently working his way through the rebuild of the car so now we are at the stage where the car will really start to take shape and you’ll see the progress pick up pace.

Re-instating the MGB engine

We have now successfully re-instated our newly refurbished 1800cc engine for our MGB roadster. The engine has been completed rebuilt by our in-house engine builder Ady and is once again looking stunning alongside the Tundra Green paint finish.

1975 MGB Reassembly

We are now well on the way with our 1975 MG Roadster as we head into the reassembly stage.

With brand new parts as well as refurbished parts on the shelves ready, John and Peter are busy working together to get everything perfectly and secure fitted back into position.

As you can see, the headlights, rear lights, boot fixings are all in position. John is fitting up the new wiring loom and Peter is busy building up the freshly restored running gear.

John loves a photo!!