1978 Triumph Stag

Urgent Roof Repair

It’s Big Sky Classic Car Hire‘s busiest time of the year and with almost all weekends booked out they needed a helping hand to repair the

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Triumph Stag ready for home

Finished and ready for next week’s hire. Blue Sky Classic Car’s 1978 Triumph Stag is now serviced, MOT’d and ready to go.

There are endless options and things to do around East Anglia. If you are looking for a classic car to hire, along with the fantastic and super popular 1978 Triumph Stag, Blue Sky Classic Cars Hire offer a great selection including; 1991 Figaro, 1990 Morgan 4/4 1600, 1997 Jaguar XK8, 1996 Morgan 4+4 4 Seater.

1978 Triumph Stag: MOT and remedial work

Our 1978 Triumph Stag, one of the amazing classics available to rent from Blue Sky Classic Car Hire. We keep on top of the maintenance of all of the collection and with the summer season drawing closer and the bookings now coming in she returns for the annual MOT and service.

Failing on a few minor issues which we have quickly resolved including the excessive play in the radius arm bushes. However we are currently having problems releasing one of the rear hubs. A 20 tonne press has been unable to free it so we have now called in assistance from our good friends at Scholar Engines to see whether we can borrow a 30 tonne press. We are hoping with a little heat and 30 tonnes of pressure we may finally get it released so we can get back to work in time for next week’s bookings.

1978 Triumph Stag ready to roll

We’ve successfully completed the full engine rebuild of our 1978 Triumph Stag. Unfortunately we were a week later than our original plan but we needed to be 100% certain that we had resolved the issues and that the car was running as it should be.

We are pleased to confirm that she is back up and running and has covered a good few hundred miles under her belt.

With the engine now fully test and a good amount of miles on her she’s ready to go back to Blue Sky Classic Car Hire with a full diary of events lined up!

Reinstating the Stag’s newly built engine

We have now completed the rebuild of our 1978 Triumph Stag engine. The belts and filters are on order so now Pete is on a mission to have the gearbox and engine fitted back in over the next couple of days. Firstly, we’ll clean up the engine bay whilst the engine is out.


The biggest task is now complete. The gearbox is back into position and the engine has been fitted back into the car. Now for connecting up the ancillaries and getting the car back on the road.

Removing our Stag’s Engine

We love to see our classic cars return to the workshops but we’d always prefer to see them for their annual service and maintenance schedules. Unfortunately on this occasion we welcome back our 1978 Triumph Stag, one of the amazing collection from Big Sky Classic Car Hire with a potentially big issue. Having been out on a recent rental the car developed a smoking and over heating issue.

We have managed to look over the engine with it still in situ and discovered some hoses being perished. There are also signs that these perished hoses may then have gone on to develop a larger issue of essentially ‘cooking’ the engine.

To truly diagnose the problem and hopefully rectify we have decided to remove the engine from the car and it looks to be a possible engine rebuild.

We will know more once the engine is out and we have full access to it.

As you may well know, the Triumph Stag engine is notoriously difficult to remove but with a little elbow grease and hard work we have managed to successfully remove ready for diagnosis.

Urgent Roof Repair

It’s Big Sky Classic Car Hire‘s busiest time of the year and with almost all weekends booked out they needed a helping hand to repair the broken roof on their 1978 Triumph Stag roof before the next hire.

Having been forced shut on a recent hire the roof bracket had been bent out of shape which resulted in the full mechanism be unable to work properly.

Due to our busy schedule time was not on our side but Tommy was confident he would be able to strip it, weld it  and repair it within the time we had.

Whilst carrying out the roof repair we also noticed that the seat was not operating properly. So we also carried out the necessary repairs on that too.

All complete within the day and back on the Suffolk roads ready for a full season of enjoyable driving.

If you wish to hire any of the fantastic classic cars available from Blue Sky Classic Car Hire check out their website here…