1979 Ford Escort RS2000

New Arrivals!

We’re always excited to see fresh classics arrive at our workshop here at Bridge Classic Cars. So, here’s a first look at the new arrivals

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RS2000 delivered to classic car competition winner

Congratulations to the winner of our 1979 Ford Escort RS2000, Mike Hill

We delivered the RS2000 up to Mike in Manchester today. Our covered vehicle transporter kept the RS nice and clean on its journey. Mike won with ticket number 1676.

We have three stunning cars live on the website, two of them will be won next week!

💚 1957 Triumph TR3 (Won in just 8 days time! 640 tickets left)


💛 1991 Rover Mini (Won in just 8 days time! 92 tickets left)


❤️ 1962 Triumph TR3 (Launch Sale – tickets are just £15)


New Arrivals!

We’re always excited to see fresh classics arrive at our workshop here at Bridge Classic Cars. So, here’s a first look at the new arrivals joining us this week.

First up, it’s our 1996 Nissan Patrol. In for a paint job, re-chroming and body preparation.

Our 1958 Jensen 541R has arrived with us with gearbox issues. The specialist technical team are on hand to diagnose the faults and get her back up and running.

These Ford Escorts are both sitting comfortably at the Hanger in Bentwaters.

The light blue Ford Escort RS Turbo belongs to a customer, she’s being kept with us in our secure storage facility where we watch over many of our customers prized possessions.

The other is our very popular 1979 Ford Escort RS2000 that believe it or not, is a competition prize where one lucky winner will be handed the keys to this beauty! For more information on our competitions click here.

Lastly, this stunning 1971 Triumph Spitfire has come to us to sort a couple of problems out. Firstly, to investigate a strange noise coming from the engine along with fixing some oil leaks.

It’s great to follow a classic cars journey from their first day with us, to when we say goodbye.

Make sure you check back on our current projects page for all the latest updates on everything we’re working on at Bridge Classic Cars.

The Escorts Silver Lining

Every cloud might have a silver lining, but not every Ford Escort RS2000 does!

The team have been hard at work making our RS2000 the best example of it’s kind around. So, adding these chrome trims to the interior doors really sets off it’s look – don’t you think?

1979 Ford Escort RS2000- Decals Go On

Chris has now applied decals to our RS2000. Keep an eye on the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website. This will be available to be won very soon. Superb work, Chris.

1979 Ford Escort RS2000 in the Paint Shop

Chris has done a superb job so far repainting our Ford Escort RS200. It’s had primer coats applied and is just about to get it’s top coat. This lovely Escort RS2000 will be available as a competition very soon.

1979 Ford RS2000 ready for preparation

Our 1979 Ford RS2000 is now in the hands of Chris in our paint shop ready to be prepared and painted.

The decals will be replaced as part of the refurb and after completion we will fit with a brand new vinyl roof.

Collecting our 1979 Ford RS2000

A crazy busy week at Bridge Classic Cars HQ this week; lots of exciting projects on the go, cars coming in, going out. The truck and the trailer have been up and down the country.

Mauro has been our designated driver all week and one of his tasks was to collect our latest addition to the Bridge family. Sure to be a popular one, tucked away in this garage is our 1979 Ford RS2000.

Follow the progress of this incredibly iconic classic as we bring her back to life for one lucky person.