1981 MG B GT LE

MGB GT LE Delivered To Happy Winner

Congratulations to Duncan Walker, winner of our 1981 MGB GT LE

MGB fanatic, Duncan, took delivery of his Limited Edition MGB late last week and was delighted with his new classic motor!

Duncan had entered our first ever competition for a 1964 MGB Roadster, as well as entereing several other draws since then, including our other 1972 MGB Roadster.

We wish you many happy miles of motoring ahead in your superb classic!

Live Draw Results Produce MGB Winner

Last night’s live draw was all focused around our delightful 1981 MGB GT LE that’s been won by Duncan Walker with his lucky ticket 1056. We’ll be delivering his new classic down to Hampshire as soon as we’ve run it through its PDI (pre-delivery inspection).

We’ve still got two other wonderful classics up for grabs so head over to our competitions website to check them out as tickets are selling fast!

MG BGT LE: There’s always one difficult one

All we set out to do was fit new tyres but one of the centre badges was having none of it! The spring that holds the badge in place survived but the plastic/perspex logo is unfortunately no more.

A new badge has been ordered and fitted.

Behind The Scenes: 1981 MGB GT LE Photoshoot

On friday, Ellie and Freddie took to Bentwaters to shoot our latest competition car, the 1981 MGB GT LE, a limited edition MGB GT. Its fast back rear and silver exterior makes for a trendy classic car.

1 of only 580 MGB GT LE’s built, this rare model was one of the final run to leave the production line before the closure of the Abingdon factory in 1980. This MGB is not only a lovable and affordable classic, but makes a great every day vehicle too.

With Freddie handling the video and main visuals, Ellie worked on capturing the behind the scenes insights and artistic shots. After scouting out multiple locations across Bentwaters, the team settled on the run way after shooting some content on the access roads and by the log piles.

The MGB has had its PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) and only had a few small leaks which have been fixed.

Here’s an exclusive view on some of the extra visuals shot last week…