Win with Bridge Classic Cars

1988 BMW 635 CSi

Mr White – Ipswich, Suffolk

“Dear SVEC members.

I wish to compliment the services I have received from Bridge Classic Cars Restorers. I arranged to meet Gordon (Owner) at the Bridge Classic and Sports Car Show at Pettistree on the 26th August 2018. (As was advertised on a flyer in a summer newsletter) The upholstery on my 30 year old BMW 635CSi was in need of repair. The leather on the driver’s seat had perished and both front seats were in need of refurbishing and various pieces of trim within the cabin needed refitting.

I arrived at the show and parked in the Classic Car area and walked toward the showroom to find on-route, a replica of Dave Pearce’s 320 Superstock! That made me smile! I then walked to the showroom and was immediately impressed by not only the quality of the prestigious cars being restored, (XK, E Type Jag’s, Aston Martin’s…) but the immaculate state of both the showroom and workshops. The floors are spotless! And they did a good job!

The replacement biscuit coloured leather in my Beema has matched well with the original colour, it all fits well and although one of my requests to refit the upholstery to the driver’s door had been overlooked, my car was re-collected, the work was undertaken, returned to me and at no further cost. Honest business men!

I would also like to compliment Gordon’s son Craig who markets the company and has introduced updates on work being undertaken to your car online. Modern technology put to good use!

David White”

Interior work on our 1988 BMW 635CSi

Currently in our workshops we have our 1988 BMW 635CSi. A beautiful classic with bags of character, the car is in with us to have the interior worked on.

As you can see, both the drivers and passenger’s seats are worn in the usual places so we will remove the seats and look to re-cover the areas affect. Whilst the seats are out we will also look to re-fit some of the trim within the cabin that is starting to come away.


Coming Soon – BMW 635 Interior Work

We were introduced to our 1988 BMW 635 at our Classic & Sports Car Show this weekend gone with a view of having some worn interior addressed. As you can see, the bolsters and front support are worn which is not uncommon on these cars so we will look to strip and re-cover the affected areas.