1989 BMW 325 M Sport E30

BMW 325 M Sport Brake Disc Replaced

1989 BMW 325 M Sport

Our BMW 325 M Sport has had new brakes and disks fitted. We’ve also fitted new wiper rubbers. Due to a severely corroded exhaust we’re

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1989 E30 BMW 325 Completed

We finished work on this lovely E30 BMW a few months ago but have only just got around to photographing it out in the sun.

The car came in for a general recommission. In essence, doing everything the vehicle needs to get back on the road whilst making a few cosmetic improvements. Looking a little worse for wear, there were several major pieces of mechanical and cosmetic restoration to undertake with this project.

The car has had rust repairs, fabrication and been undersealed. It’s also needed a new fuel tank, fuel filter, new disks and pads and full brake service, new stainless steel exhaust and a variety of smaller mechanical components.

Darren has done a fabulous job freshening up the paintwork of this lovely E30 and our Classic Car Technicians (mainly Pete) have ensured it’s mechanically ready to be put back on the road and enjoyed.

BMW Rust Repairs

Chris has been hard at work on our 1989 BMW 325 M Sport. He’s treated the rust on the side of the slam panel in the engine bay.

1989 BMW 325 M Sport paintwork

Our lovely E30 BMW 325 M Sport is out enjoying some sun after a partial respray.

Darren has done a marvellous job in repairing the paintwork on this lovely classic BMW.

BMW 325 M Sport Arch Repair

As is quite common with E30 BMW’s of this age, our lovely 325 M Sport is in need of some wheel arch repair. It’s now down with Darren in the Paint shop for fabrication and repair before being painted in identical matching paint.

BMW 325 M Sport Brakes

Pete has replaced the old brakes on our E30 BMW 325 M Sport. It’s been treated to new rotors and pads all round.

1989 BMW 325 M Sport E30

Today Pete’s completed the undersealing on our E30 325 M Sport. He’s used Tetra Shutz to rust protect this vehicle for many miles to come. Pete’s also replaced the fuel filter and fuel tank.

1989 BMW 325 M Sport

Our BMW 325 M Sport has had new brakes and disks fitted. We’ve also fitted new wiper rubbers. Due to a severely corroded exhaust we’re looking to replace this item as part of our restorative work.

BMW 325 M Sport: Re-commission begins

The re-commission of our 1989 BMW 325 M Sport has now begun. The car has been washed down so we can fully assess the body and we have the car up in the air to assess the underside. Unfortunately we immediately discover that someone has lifted the car on the fuel tank which has bent the tank out of shape. The tank will now need to be replaced as part of the project.

The brakes will most certainly need to be stripped and new parts required to replace the perished components. The tyres are old and worn so will require replacing also.

The paintwork all round is generally very good but we know of a couple of small areas of surface rust that will require attention.

1989 BMW 325 Sport E30 – recommission

Having been off the road for a couple of years, we aim to get our 1989 BMW 325 Sport E30 through the workshops to enable her to get out on the open roads once again.

The car runs, but not very well so we will look to address this issue. On a general once over of the car the bodywork looks to be in fantastic condition for the age, with only two small bubbles to attend to.

Brakes, tyres, electrics, a service, MOT will all be checked during the recommission process but all being well, we hope to have her up and running in no time.