1989 Jaguar XJRS TWR

Workshop Welcome!

This week we’ve giving a warm welcome to some fantastic classics. Arriving in the workshop we’ve had a real mix, from a 1967 Jaguar MKII

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Workshop Welcome!

This week we’ve giving a warm welcome to some fantastic classics. Arriving in the workshop we’ve had a real mix, from a 1967 Jaguar MKII to a 1972 MG Midget.

First up, our beautiful 1951 MGTD joined the workshop this week to begin recommissioning work. She’s already had a service, a brake check, her electrics have been tended to and she’s even been treated to a thorough polish. We’re already in love with this stunning car!

Next in was our break-in survivor, our lovely 1967 Jaguar MKII. This pretty classic was broken into and is with us for back seat repair and some minor dent damage.

It’s such a shame to see a classic car purposefully damaged in this way. But, we have just the team to put her right and return her to her former glory.

Our brilliant little 1972 MG Midget came to us this week with a puncture and a cracked distributor cap. The team are going to get her repaired and back on the road in no time.

Our exquisite 1989 Jaguar XJRS TWR arrived this week for a full survey to see what work needs to be carried out by our expert classic car technicians. We’ll be keeping you posted with what we uncover in the next few weeks.

Another Jaguar arrival at the workshop this week, was our gorgeous 1963 Jaguar SS100. With us for a couple of light repairs noted on her latest MOT. We’ll be sure to have her driving smoothly once more.

So there you have it, a warm welcome to all our new arrivals this week. We’re now bursting at the seams with classic cars! There’ll be a busy few weeks ahead trying to get this beauties fixed up and back to their owners.

Two Jaguars Let Loose in The Workshop

Two beautiful classic Jaguars have arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars Workshop today. Both very different cars, but both undeniably special examples.

Firstly we have the 1963 Jaguar SS100. In for a couple of minor repairs highlighted by a MOT test. This lovely classic has already received a new steering boot and a new air filter. To fit within the SS100’s engine bay, Paul has modified the filter slightly to perfectly fit. Superb work, Paul!

The 2nd Jaguar of the day is this rare XJRS TWR. Featuring a Jaguar 6.0l V12 Engine, this big cat certainly can roar.

The XJRS is in the workshop for a general health check, as well as investigating some unwanted noises coming from the underside of the car.

The TWR in this Jaguar’s name stands for Tom Walkinshaw Racing. TWR were a race team and engineering firm founded in 1976 by touring car racer Tom Walkinshaw.

TWR became associated with Jaguar in 1982. Partnering with the successful entry of the Jaguar XJS into the European Touring Car Championship.

TWR and Jaguar formed JaguarSport initially to build tuned versions of Jaguar road-cars, such as this gorgeous XJRS. They also produced upgraded versions of the XJ220 and XJR-15 sports cars at a new facility at Bloxham. By 1994, JaguarSport had been liquidated, with the Bloxham factory being overhauled for production of Aston Martin automobiles.

Take a look at the full galleries below of these stunning Jaguars.