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1990 Morgan 4/4 1600

1990 Morgan 4/4

This wonderful Corsa Red 1990 Morgan 4/4 is in for remedial works. We can’t wait to see her back out on the road again.

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1990 Morgan 4/4

This wonderful Corsa Red 1990 Morgan 4/4 is in for remedial works. We can’t wait to see her back out on the road again.

Manufacturing a new set of Morgan carpets

Our 1990 Morgan 4/4 is one of the most choices for weddings in the Blue Sky Classic Car Hire portfolio of classic cars.

Unfortunately, one of the main areas that suffer with wear and tear is the foot-well carpets.

Having searched high and low for a new set of carpets with little results we put a call in to the guys at Krazy Horse who we very useful indeed. Krazy Horse are an authorised Morgan dealer, their Deco House Showroom is the perfect environment to browse leather, colour swatches and wood veneer samples.

Krazy Horse explained that no two Morgans are the same, therefore the generic carpets online are not the same as the ones we have.

It means we needed to manufacture the carpets new and this time, we included a selection of hidden fixings that would resist the movement created by the bride’s heels and would help keep the carpets looking better for longer.


Repairing the Morgan’s seat recliner

At some stage recently the seat reclining mechanism had been wound up too much and has broken the internal operation. Having stripped the seat back to reveal the mechanism Pete has been able to resolve the issue. Now the seat reclines as it should.

Correcting the exhaust rubbing

We noticed whilst on our ramps that the exhaust seemed very close to the tyre and upon closer inspection it was evident that it had been rubbing against the inner wall of the tyre.

This was due to the bracket being bent the wrong way. It was a great find by Peter and a quick fix that has saved a lot of money in unnecessarily worn tyres.


1990 Morgan 4/4 – getting summer ready

We have now taken in the first of the fantastic collection of cars on offer at Big Sky Classic Car Hire. With a diary full of summer bookings, the cars have been off the road for the winter and have come in now for a general check over and to correct any minor issues that have developed over the season.

First up, we have our 1990 Morgan 4/4. One of only 42 1990 4/4’s and one of 3,560 4/4’s of all ages currently licensed or SORNd in the UK.

The 4/4 (stands for ‘four wheels and 4 cylinders’) model was launched in 1936 and is still the smallest and lightest of the Morgan 4 wheel cars in production.

In 1936 the engine was an 1100 cc Coventry Climax unit and since then a variety of engines and transmissions have been used but in more recent years Ford 1600 or 1800 engines and gearboxes have dominated. A total of 5448 versions of this particular model were made between 1968 and 1993 in both 2 and 4 seater options.