1997 Aston Martin DB7

End Of The Road For DB7 Wheels

We recently sent off our Aston Martin DB7 Magnesium wheels to Wheel Care to be refurbished, however, we have been informed that the wheels may be too far gone to service and recover, and it made more sense to source new wheels.

Magnesium is a porous metal which means if the quality of them has already degraded. By blasting them, you risk uncovering much more than what looks to be on the surface. As you can see from our wheels, with the paint removed we are faced with the honest truth of just how much work will be involved.

DB7 Wheels For Refurbishment

We’re about to send our Aston Martin DB7 wheels off to Wheel Care to be refurbished, refaced and repainted. This ensures that the wheels last longer and run better. Since these wheels are Magnesium making them harder preserve throughout the process due to their porous nature.

Wheels have a hard life, often taking curbing dents, getting rough around the edges and generally worn down. Investing in refurbishing your wheels not only restores them to their former beauty but also increases your safety on the road. It is also more economic to refurbish your wheels rather than to replace them.

DB7 In For A Service

This stunning 1997 Aston Martin DB7 has been sat in storage up at our specialist hanger at RAF Bentwaters. Today it came in for a general service and check up.

This model is particularly rare as its a manual transmission whereas most of these models are automatic. The car was passed down to the current owner after previously belonging to the customers late father.

Our specialist classic car technician Tom has started the check-up today by replacing the oil, oil filter and spark plugs. Tom will also be checking the gearbox, differential and brakes among other elements. We aim to carry out a thorough service and refurbishment of this Aston Martin, leaving it healthy and new afterwards.