1997 HMC Mk IV

Leak detection on HMC

Her we have Ady carrying out a combustion leak test on our HMC, trying to find the cause of an apparent over heating issue. A long road test brought back no results to go by.

A new thermostat and leak detection test should hopefully show the issues, if any.

HMC In For Headlight Tweak

With only 183 ever made, this little HMC is both rare and collectable. Finished in a stunning blue, this classic bears a strong resemblance to Austin Healey. HMC (Holmes Motor Company) was founded in 1984 by two brothers, Graham and Peter Holmes who were inspired by the beautiful shapes of Austin Healeys. However, due to a disagreement between the Healey family and Jensen in 1989 over the ownership of the Healey trademark, the name was withdrawn.

This little 1997 HMC MKIV came in for a flying visit to fix its headlights, which are now as dazzling bright as they’re meant to be.

Paintwork Complete On The HMC

Chris, our in-house paint expert has now repaired the damage on the rear of the 1997 HMC MK IV. The final coat of paint is now on, so we’re on track to get to car complete and ready to go home.

1997 HMC Mk IV in the Paint Shop

Chris has been working on our beautiful HMC Mk IV. He has repaired chips on the rear quarter panel corner and repaired the fibreglass on the bumper mount hole. Top work, Chris

HMC MK IV Sportscar In The Classic Car Workshop

This gorgeous HMC mark 4 is back in with us at Bridge Classic Cars. Whilst in our care we will be advisories all the advisories from the pervious MOT and undertaking any nessasary work to get it though a new MOT.

We will be Investigating the following: Underside corrosion to chassis. Coil spring corrosion. Condition of the brake disks and pads. Offside headlamp bulb.

In addition to this we will also be repairing the paintwork on the rear near side, aligning the rear bumper, fixing the passenger side lock and repairing the offside door trim

1997 Hudson Motor Company Mark IV Minor Repair

This lovely HMC Mark IV popped in to see us briefly to fix some sticking brakes and loose headlights. It was in and out within the hour and is now back on the road with its loving owner.

HMC complete and going home

Work is now complete on our 1997 HMC Mk IV so it’s au revoir for now.

The 2 new tyres were fitted this morning so off she goes to enjoy the Suffolk summer sun!


Our HMC enjoying the sunshine

As we wait for news on the repair to our HMC’s wheel, the car is unfortunately now out of action. Here she is outside Bridge Classic Cars enjoying the sunshine.

As, what happens a lot at Bridge Classic Cars, our car park has attracted the attention of passers by all day with many happy strollers enjoying the look of our HMC MkIV.

Severe corrosion causing water to leak

We’ve discovered the cause of the water leak. As you can see, the connection between the thermostat to radiator is suffering from corrosion. This will need to be replaced with new.

Coming soon to Bridge Classic Cars: HMC Sportscar

With the owner’s of this stunning HMC making the permanent move to Australia later in the year, we are pleased to have it in with us to carry out some remedial work before she makes the big trip. Work will begin at the beginning of May 2017. More information to follow.

Holmes Motor Company Limited was founded in 1984 by brothers Graham and Peter Holmes, trading as HMC sports cars.

HMC sports cars manufactured Sports cars inspired by the Austin Healey, although the body shape was similar to the original Healey the car was an extremely capable modern sports car in its own right and was widely regarded as the finest in its class, so much so Geoffrey Healey endorsed it.

Unfortunately due to a dispute between the Healey family and Jensen in 1989 over the ownership of the Healey trademark, the name was withdrawn. Despite this draw back the HMC had excellent reviews from magazines such as Motor Sport and Performance Car and television programmes including Top Gear. Through a network of dealerships the HMC sold very well worldwide until 2001 when parts supplies finally dried up.  The company was forced to evolve so with Peter managing customer support for HMC Healeys and with a slight name change Graham and then son Gresham were flown to Sao Paulo to help with the development a new Brazilian sports car called the Lobini.  This is the Dream of Portuguese businessman Jose Orlando Lobo and designer Fabio  Birolini to bring Brazil to the forefront of sports car manufacture. The Name Lobini is taken from the names of Jose and Fabio and when translated means small Wolf, the model name H1 is an acknowledgement of the work done by Holmes motor company.  The Lobini H1 is now in production and selling well in Brazil and America and will soon be available in Europe through lifestyle automotive in spring 2007. 

In 2004 Holmes motor company completed the first Holmes Spyder 550, they continue producing this model whilst developing others such as the RS Spyder and the Speedster.