1998 BMW M3 Evo Coupe

BMW M3 prepared and ready for storage

Our 1998 BMW M3 Evoultion has returned to our hangar having been away touring the coast for a week. We have a few items to address on the car and then it will be put back in storage until the better weather returns.

BMW M3 Completed paintwork and Rear Seat Bolster Repair

The full respray on our BMW M3 is now complete in beautiful BMW Techno Violet. We will be giving the car a detail over the weekend ready for collection. Also pictured below is the rear seat bolster repair undertaken by Kath in our in-house trim shop.

BMW M3 In the paint shop

Darren has sent over some images of the BMW mid-painting.

We can’t wait to share images of this lovely E36 M3 in the sunlight when the paint is completely set.

1998 BMW M3 Evolution Ready For Paint

Darren, one of our Classic Car Technicians specialising in paintwork has been hard at work preparing this beautiful M3 for a full respray. It’s staying the original Techno Violet Metallic. The preparation phase of a full respray is arguably the most crucial. To achieve the highest quality, mirror-shine finished product, the vehicle surface has to be perfect at this crucial stage.

This M3 will have three coats of the deep violet metallic paint before then having 2 or 3 coats of clear coat to lock in and protect the colour layer.

Once the final clear coat has been applied, Darren will set our paint chamber to heat the paintwork. This allows the clear coat to cure at a set temperature and humidity in an environment free from dust and contaminants.

Even without any paint, this M3 still looks stunning. We can’t wait to reveal the finished product to you all very soon!

BMW M3 Rear Seat Bolster Repair

Kath has made a wonderful repair to this BMW’s rear bolster.

In order to perfectly match the leather, Kath has come up with an ingenious solution. She’s elected to cut out the damaged area at the bottom of the bolster and stretch the leather over, before stitching it back together. This means that when this panel returns back into the vehicle, the leather will have the same ageing and colour as the rest of the interior and will look pristine once more.

Does your interior need some attention? Get in touch with our friendly team today to see how we can help.

BMW M3 Brake Replacement and Calliper Refurb

Pete has been hard at work refurbishing this gorgeous M3’s braking system. He’s replaced the disks and pads before servicing and refurbishing the brake callipers.

Great job, Pete. This M3 is really starting return to her former glory now.


E36 BMW M3 Arrives at Bridge Classic Cars

? Coming into the Bridge Classic Cars workshop is this Techno Violet E36 BMW M3 Evolution. ?•••This M3 has been sat stationary for many years so will enter the Bridge Classic Cars workshop for restoration works. Once we’ve got the M3 running and roadworthy, the guys in the paint shop will work their magic, bringing this beauty’s paintwork back to life.••• Is your classic vehicle in need of restoration? Give our friendly team a call today to see how we can help.•••? 01473 742038? info@bridgeclassiccars.co.uk? www.bridgeclassiccars.co.uk? The Nursery, Main Rd, Pettistree, Woodbridge IP13 0HH#BridgeClassicCars #ClassicCars #Suffolk #ClassicCar #ClassicsDaily #Restoration #ClassicCarRestoration #BMW #m3 #E36 #e36m3 #e36fanatics #e36coupe #ClassicCarsCulture #classiccaroftheday #classiccarspotting #BMWm3 #BmwM

Posted by Bridge Classic Cars on Friday, 10 January 2020

Arriving back into the Bridge Classic Cars classic car workshop is this fabulous E36 BMW M3. The E36 BMW M3 is a vehicle with one of the largest cult followings of all.

A true drivers car, this M3 has been untouched for a number of years. As such it is in need of some restorative works to bring this wonderful machine back to its former glory.

Cleaning our M3 engine cover

Whilst we continue to diagnose the running issues with our 1998 BMW M3 Evolution we have cleaned up engine cover ready for the recommission to commence.

BMW M3 Evo Recommission

Peter is working on getting our 1997 BMW M3 running. Having been stored up for many years first impressions suggest that the car is immobilised and that the fuel pump is not working.

New arrival: 1998 BMW M3 Evo Coupe

Arriving today from London we have a very rare modern classic. This E36 BMW M3 Evo Coupe in Techno Violet was first registered in 1998 and has the potential to be very special car. This low mileage and more importantly un-molestered M3 has been untouched, standing outside, on concrete, for a number of years and the current owner is looking to get her back on the road.

At this stage we have not fully assessed to what extent the work will need to be but first impressions look very good. The usual places the E36 deteriorates look good so once we have got the engine running and given her a full valet we can then look at compiling a list of what is required.