1998 Daimler Super V8

1998 Daimler V8

Our luxurious V8 Daimler is to the paint shop with Darren and Chris for a minor paint repair.

1998 Daimler Super V8: MOT time

Our 1998 Daimler Super V8 has returned to the workshops today for the annual MOT.

The current owner very rarely uses the Daimler so with very little miles between tomorrow’s MOT and last years we are hopefully for a nice clean run on this one.

Refurbishing our front and rear leather seats

When our Daimler Super V8 arrived with us for a general check over, our task was to get her back on the road after a year in storage and to get her ready and MOT’d for the summer.

One of the areas that we were asked to look at was the tired looking front seats.

As with a lot of Jaguar/Daimlers the interior was starting to show signs of wear, particularly around the bolster. A simple but costly resolution would be to re-cover the seats but this was not the direction we wanted to take.

The car is lovely as it is and does shows signs of age. The owner wished to keep it this way and did not want the interior completely re-covered.

We decided to treat the front and back seats to a full refurbishment. This involved feeding the leather with new colour. We also needed to imprint the seats with the leather texture to keep the continuity of the pattern throughout. The seats have been completely transformed and this exercise, along with a full exterior and engine detail has given our Daimler a completely new lease of life.

The sun is shining as I write this so I do hope she’s out and about in Framlingham right now!!

Detailing our 1957 Ford F100 and 1998 Daimler Super V8

We called upon the services of Paul Johnson Mobile Valeting to give our 1998 Daimler Super V8 and 1957 Ford F100 a freshen up.

The Daimler has been stored for some time indoors but required a thorough clean and a detail to the engine, to bring her back to life ready for the summer. Our 1957 Ford F100 has been standing outside for sometime so a good clean was very much deserved.

1998 Daimler Super V8 

1957 Ford F100

Cleaning The Daimler Carpets

The seats are currently in the process of being freshened up to help disguise the age related wear that is starting to appear. Whilst the seats are out we have taken the opportunity to deep clean the full carpet throughout.

Preparing the underneath of our Daimler Super V8

As part of the re-commissioning project of our 1998 Daimler Super V8, we have been instructed to strip back and treat the underneath of the car and get her weather proof and protected after years of wear and tear.

Here is what we are faced with underneath prior to any work being started.

The car will now be cleaned back to remove all dirt, grime and surface rust that has built up over the years. Once stripped back we will start the process of sealing the underside.

Our process is very thorough and we use the very best products to ensure the life of the protection is maximised. These components are most exposed to the Suffolk roads so need good protection and weather proofing.

Coming in soon – Daimler Super V8 and Mini Clubman

Looking forward into February we have our 1998 Daimler Super V8 coming into the Bridge Classic Cars workshops. Currently securely stored in East Suffolk and has been for some time she is coming in to have the entire carpet set replaced and to what work we can carry out on the leather to freshen up.

And straight after we complete our works on the Daimler we’ll welcome in our Mini Clubman for a general MOT inspection and get her back on the road.

Images supplied to us from the owner, new images to follow.