2005 Smart Roadster Brabus

Electrical issues on our 2005 Smart Roadster

Our 2005 Smart Roadster Brabus has returned with some electrical issues that need addressing. We believe there to be a loose connection somewhere within the system as the car loses all electrical power with no prior warning.

We’ll get it in the workshops tomorrow to investigate.

Looks to be a loose connection around the main feed. We have assess as much as we can and tightened where we could see.

Reprogramming the SAM unit

The Sam unit in these Smart cars is not just a fuse box but the central control unit for all the cars electrical systems. When these units fail it can be a very costly repair. Usually your only solution is to take your car to Mercedes and get them to supply and fit a new Sam unit, they then perform all the relevant coding to it to make it work. 4Smart can repair / refurbish Sam units and offer a replacement service at a fraction of the cost of a new unit.

Sam faults are normally due to the ingress of water into the electronics, a common fault on roadsters. To start with the SAM will usually only partially fail. Maybe your hazard lights, heater or electric windows will become intermittent or stop working completely. if you act quickly at the first signs of failure a repair is usually possible.

Whilst in the workshops we have upgraded the lights to LED. The main beams have been done and one of the running lights has been changed.

Sound-proofing our Smart Roadster Brabus

In today we have our 2005 Smart Roadster Brabus. According to the owner this fantastic little rear engined sportscar is a little noisy in the cabin so he has asked us to fit more sound deadening where possible.

Where managed to get in behind the seats and underneath the roof compartment in the boot which is also accessible from inside the cabin. Hopefully this will help lower the noise inside the car and make for a more pleasurable drive.