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2008 Range Rover Sport

2008 Range Rover Sport – Minor Oil Leak and Service

Our 2008 Range Rover V8 Sport is in the workshops today to have it’s routine service.

Whilst in, we will look to diagnose a small oil leak around the front area to see whether we can repair the issue.

On initial inspection it looks to be a build up coming from around the inter- cooler but we will investigate further very soon.

Replacing the bottom arms

In our workshops today we have our 2008 Range Rover V8 Sport to have the front bottom arms replaced.

Replacing the side steps

Our 2008 Range Rover is up on the ramp today having the existing side steps changed for new ones. We are unsure how the previous ones became damaged but never-the-less, we have an exact replacement so our first task is to remove the old and replace with new. Not as easy as it sounds.

The sill covers will need to be removed, cleaned up behind. The existing brackets will need to be removed and replaced with new.

A vast improvement to the existing step which on the surface looked fantastic but underneath the plastic casing revealed a lot of surface rust.

Nothing to worry about now though as the existing set up is now fully removed and replaced with brand new. We have also stripped, cleaned and sealed the areas of the car that we manage to expose prior to fitting back up with the new steps.

Replacing the alternator on our 2008 Range Rover Sport

The battery light has come on on the Range Rover so it’s in our workshops having the alternator replaced.

It’s a fiddly job on the Range Rover with some reporting that it is a full ‘body off’ task. We’ve managed to gain access without having to carry out anything too dramatic.