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Jaguar XK150

Jaguar XK150 Chairs in Trim

Our Jaguar XK150 is in the trim shop this week having it’s seats re-upholstered and new foam fitted.

Our clever classic car technician Brian has been building the seats. “I added the backseats foam to the wooden boards” he describes “then pulled the cover over tight, stapled it into place and cut off the excess.”

Next up, Brian moved onto the central armrest. “I glued the cover to the armrest board” he explains “ensuring I’ve lined up the flutes centrally.” Brian’s left some flaps of material loose so once it’s fitted into the car they can be glued to secure the armrest in place.

He’s then done something similar with the base of the seat, gluing foam to the wood and securing the cover over the top. He’s marked a centre line on the cover and foam to ensure they line up, then glued the flap under the bolster.

“I then pulled the cover round tightly” Brian tells us “again stapling in place a very neatly trimming off any excess leather.”

And there they are! Some gorgeous grey leather seat for the Jaguar XK150, all ready to seat their first passengers.

Coming soon: Jaguar XK150

Arriving into our paint-shop mid October we have our Jaguar XK150 body to be prepared and painted ready for assembly. The car is currently owned by a very talented motor technician who we have known for many years so the restoration works will be carried out by himself.

The running gear is already refurbished so just waiting on the freshly painted body to be completed so the final stages of rebuild can proceed.