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TR5 Parts arrive

Our TR5 Restoration continues as another load of parts arrive. We’re currently waiting on the bodywork to arrive to really start making progress on this

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Austin Healey 3000

This gorgeous Austin Healey 3000 has come in to the Bridge Classic Cars workshop today for a full service and a paint repair. We’ll firstly

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1957 Jensen 541 R: Now in Primer

Chris has been working hard in the paint shop recently. He’s been working on our Jensen 541 R restoration. The car has now been painted in filler primer and masked up. The doors have been painted with an extra step of filler primer as they are aluminium. Now the body is in final primer and has been fully sanded and smoothed. As soon as our workshops reopen we will be ready for the very exciting colour coat phases of painting.

Great work, Chris.

1960 Jensen 541 R Seatbelt Mounts Fitted

Dave, one of Bridge Classic Cars’ skilled Classic Car Technicians has custom fabricted mounting bracket for our Sabelt racing seatbelt setup.

He’s fabricated the centre seatbelt point for the three point seatbelt harness and mounted the seatbelt point to the chassis. Wonderful work, Dave.

1970 Ford Capri 3000 E Interior Trim Work

Friend of Bridge Classic Cars, Phil has come to us to re-trim the steering wheel on his stunning 1970 Ford Capri.

This will be one of the last elements of this car’s beautiful restoration.

Jaguar E-Type Racecar Restoration Update

Mauro, one of Bridge Classic Cars’ vehicle technicians has been hard at work fitting more components onto our Jaguar E-Type. He’s recently fitted the fuel filter, fuel pump and exhaust heat shield.

Mauro has also tidied up the radiator hoses and completed that job.

Ford Capri 3000 E Steering Wheel Restoration

We will be restoring this steering wheel off a Capri 3000. This will include all the metalwork and re-trimming to restore it back to a wonderful condition. Work will commence as soon as our workshop re-opens.

Jensen 541S Work Complete

We’ve completed yet another stunning Jensen. This 541s has now had its MOT and is ready for the owner to drive again. We’ve fixed all the niggles the owner had with the vehicle and it’s now ready to be enjoyed once more. great work, Team!

Ford Consul Engine Restoration

The owner of this wonderful 1959 Ford Consul came in to see us as the engine was smoking on start up. This is often a sign of worn valves guides. You can see in the videos below just how worn they are.

Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist will now undergo the following work to get this lovely classic running as it should.

The head will have new valve guides fitted and have an unleaded conversion to have a hardened seat fitted.

All the valves will be refaced. You can see how heavily pitted the valves are, unleaded fuel has burned some of the seat away.

New gaskets have all been ordered up and will be fitted when we reach the assembly phase.

We will also investigate the cylinder bores as there is a deep grove in one of the bores which may result in a broken piston ring. It looks like there has also been a head gasket go in it’s time as cylinder one has had water damage to the bore.

TR5 Parts arrive

Our TR5 Restoration continues as another load of parts arrive. We’re currently waiting on the bodywork to arrive to really start making progress on this project. The chassis continues to be built up within our workshop and is now up on wheels.

Austin Healey 3000 Workshop Update

How is this for a transformation!?

Darren has done a sterling job repairing the dent on our Austin Healey 3000. We’ve also given this stunning classic a full service and MOT. We’re delighted to play our part in seeing such a wonderful vehicle back on the road for plenty more smiles to come.

MGA Update

Paul has recently fitted the wing badges and engine fan into the car.

1960 MGA Soft-top Restoration Begins

Our MGA restoration continues as the soft-top is being stripped down. The metal components will be sandblasted and painted, while the fabric components will be re-upholstered in our trim shop.

Jaguar E-Type Racecar Restoration Update Part 1

Mauro has been working on our stunning Jaguar E-type racecar. We’re now at the final stages of re-fitting all the vehicles refurbished or new parts. He’s fitted the below components recently.

  • Steering column
  • Wipers
  • Brake fluid reservoir
  • Alternator and alternator heat shield
  • Water pump and new gasket
  • Radiator and water hoses
  • Horns
  • Ignition coil
  • Fuel tank and fuel lines

Aston Martin DB5 Carburettor Rebuild

Our gorgeous Aston Martin is having a full Carburettor Rebuild to enable the engine to run correctly once more. Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ in-house engine specialist will now set to work giving the carburettors a through strip down and service.

1960 Jensen Sets and Seatbelts go in

Dave has been installing the newly trimmed seats into the car. They really do look wonderful in position. He’s currently fitting the driver side seat. Firstly, Dave installed the seat rails before mounting the seat onto the rails.

The four point racing seatbelts are being custom fitted to the chassis.

TR6 Roof Restoration Update

Antony has been working hard on our TR6 hardtop roof project. The glass has been removed from it’s metal frame. We’re currently preparing the surface before it goes into the paint shop. Once there, it will go through primer phases and refinishing to be perfectly smooth. Once the surface is perfect, it will then into paint.

The roof lining has just arrived which can be seen below. Once the hard top leaves the paint shop it will head into the trim shop for the new headlining to be fitted.

1962 Jensen 541S in the Workshop

We’ve fitted a new grille, manufactured by Bride Classic Cars on tooling disigned in house. Made from stainless steel rather than the soft alloy that Jensen made from new.

The spotlights that are notorious for coming loose have been re-secured.

Air vent grille screws were loose due to worn fibreglass body sections. Area has been fibreglass re-matted and re-drilled to the correct size to ensure a tight fit.

Bonnet catch release suffers from fibreglass cracking due to the incorrect opening of the bonnet.

This are has been remitted, strengthened and hardware refitted to ensure longevity of the repair.

The front section has been totally resprayed as incorrect front bumper alignment lead to the bonnet rubbing against the bumper skirt causing damage to paint.

Both horns were faulty and we have fitted original, refurbished horns from our stores.

Front bumper skirt has been moved forward. Non-standard rubber protection has been removed to ensure that the front skirt sits away from the bonnet valance to elevate rubbing causing paint damage.

We’ve also removed the clock, refitted new batteries and replaced.

Re-alignment of bonnet and inner wings to stop bonnet rubbing on inner wings and damaging the black paint.

1973 Triumph TR6 Body Gapping

Darren is meticulously working on our stunning triumph TR6. He’s ensuring the panels are perfectly gapped and positioned before we apply any paint. 

He’s also making sure the panels are completely smooth and true to achieve the perfect paint finish. After seeing the internal bodywork painted we can’t wait to see how good this vehicle will look in it’s stunning magenta. Once Darren has worked his magic on the external body panels and all the chromework if fitted we will get to admire this stunning triumph once more. Great work, Darren.

Austin Healey 3000

This gorgeous Austin Healey 3000 has come in to the Bridge Classic Cars workshop today for a full service and a paint repair.

We’ll firstly be servicing the vehicle in our main workshop before it heads over to see Darren and Chris in the paint shop for the small repair.

Jensen 541S Grille and Bonnet Adjustment

Dave has started work on our beautiful 1962 Jensen 541S. The vehicle is in for some small, remedial tasks. A new front grille is on the list to be fitted and here at Bridge Classic Cars we have manufactured the tooling to replicate the S grille and have been one of the main suppliers of the Jensen 541S grille.

The bonnet latches also need adjusting and the engine is not running anywhere near as beautifully as it should be.

1968 Triumph TR5 Bodyshell

Our Triumph was brought to us part way through it’s restoration. As such, the body shell is being restored elsewhere. We’ve been sent images as the body progresses and we do hope to have it with us very soon to continue with the re-build.

Peugeot 504 Bodywork Restoration Continues

Scott has been grinding out over 1/4 inch deep filler that’s covering very poor rust repairs. Where flat sheets of steel have been simply tack welded over the rust it’s caused the rust to worsen.

Scott has cut out the pervious repairs and worked back further into the car until the solid metal. From there he’s fabricating repair sections and welded them in, repairing correctly any rotten sections along the way. Great Work, Scott.