Mr Genlloud – Suffolk

“Absolutely delighted with the renewed headlining – superb job displaying tremendous skill and the considerable care taken not to harm the vulnerable materials of this

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Running Smooth

Our 1957 Jensen 541R/S is having some final adjustments to its engine and mechanics. We’ve just fitted heat protection to our plug leads, made a

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Nissan Patrol Prepped

Our adventurous 1996 Nissan Patrol has made its way into the paint shop to have its next stage of paint. Its currently been masked and primed and now awaiting its colour.

Porsche Primed And Ready For Paint

Our stunning Porsche 911SC has been masked and prepped for paint and will now have its respray. We can’t wait to see it looking shiny and new after our expert paint technicians have finished.

Putting The British Back Into The Jaguar

Having spent a lot of its life across the pond in sunny California, it’s only natural to find American modifications on our 1973 Jaguar E-Type Roadster Series 3, however, now back on home soil, parts such as rubber bumpers can be converted back to British/European standard. James has welded up all the holes and repaired the dents which had previously been filled, resulting in poor symmetry on the front.

Scott has started to to disassemble the front suspension components ready to be refurbished as well.

Land Rover Gets A New Gear Box

We’ve just had the gearbox reconditioned and refitted into our 1964 Land Rover Series IIa. We recently had some trouble with the gearbox seizing due to the teeth from the third gear falling off. We sent the gearbox off to Last Transmission to have it rebuilt.

After receiving the gearbox back, Scott and Ady were tasked with lowering the gearbox back in place through the centre column of the Land Rover. Using their initiative, they set up our small engine crane to help lift it in place.

Now the gearbox has been refitted with no extra complications, Scott has been re-fitting the panels and seats ready for the team to take it out for its pre-launch photoshoot.

Mr Genlloud – Suffolk

“Absolutely delighted with the renewed headlining – superb job displaying tremendous skill and the considerable care taken not to harm the vulnerable materials of this 80 year old unrestored Alvis”

Running Smooth

Our 1957 Jensen 541R/S is having some final adjustments to its engine and mechanics. We’ve just fitted heat protection to our plug leads, made a bracket to secure the alternator, made a gear leaver and re-bled the clutch and breaks.

Jaguar MKVII Out Of Paint And Into Chrome

Our classic 1954 Jaguar MKVII has officially left the paint bay and gone back into the fabrication bay to have the doors re-attached as well as chrome elements such as window frames, door handles and door catches.

Peony Red Grills And Shields

Paul has fit the heat shield into the engine as well as the front grill and badge into our 1960 Peony Red Jensen 541S. Every day our Peony Red is starting to resemble a real car more and more as it makes exciting developments daily.

Lilac Jensen Gets New Seats

Our Jensen 541R restoration project, currently owned by our director, Gordon, is currently getting new seats made by our trim shop. Most recently the tubs have been stripped to be recovered. All the old rails have been removed and old patterns have been measured up next to the tubs to see if they fit or if the designs need to be modified. Parts were then marked out in new white leather to cover the seats, including the seat skirts, side panels, and front section of the seat. Piping along the edge has been made and all the parts have been laid down over the tub.

White Jaguar E-Type Dismantling And Rebuilding

Scott has been working on marking the caution bar to identify where it fits back into the front axel later down the line. By leaving marks on parts, trim or the car, its helps our technicians know how pieces fit back together.

In the fabrication bay, the body is being prepared to be worked on and James has been panel beating the bonnet. The dents seem to have been previously corrected by using filler which isn’t always an effective method.

The dashboard and wiring loom has also been removed from the Jaguar along with the front frame.

Honda S2000 Paint Prep

Our Honda S2000 has come out of the fabrication bay with its freshly repaired wheel arch and has been prepared for paint.

The Honda will now enter the paint booth and will have its final paint colour applied.

Day 5 – Cylinder Headed Welded

Richard Kimberley from Manningtree sent us back the cylinder head which has been welded to replace part of the ring that had corroded. He lined up the gasket to determine how much needed to be welded. We will now be lap in the valves before sending it off to Scholar to be refaced.

Lilac Jensen Trim Continues

Recovering the rear side panels and rear side window surrounds included cutting out dark blue leather to cover the wood and glueing them to the front of the wood followed by wrapping around the underneath, trimming to shape and glueing down.

Making the new sideboards on the front squab seats for the Jensen included sewing up the corners first to fit over metal bars, stapling them onto the seat around the back, gluing the front of each sideband onto the foam, trimming away the excess leather and then the process is repeated for the other squab.

Pressure Testing The Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark 1

We’ve run a pressure test on our DB2/4 and found that the readings are positive. If the readings had been low, we’d worry there was a leak or a hole somewhere however with high readings, we know that the engine is functioning as needed.

Aston Martins At Stratton Motor Company

Craig popped over to the Statton Motor Company to disconnect the air bags in the seats of his Aston Martin DB9 ready for the seats to be retrimmed but whilst he was there he saw this DB2/4, identical to the one we’ve got in, so he took the chance to take some photos as reference for when we rebuild ours.

White Jaguar E-Type: Disassembling Continued

Scott has been removing the front suspension, all brake and fuel lines and rear axle on our 1973 Jaguar E-Type Roadster. He’s also started to disassemble the front suspension components ready to be refurbished.

Behind The Scenes: BMW Z3

Our latest edition is up for grabs now on our competition website. A 2000 BMW Z3 Roadster is the ideal modern classic convertible, perfect for those sunny days coming up and it drives like dream.

Charlotte once again came down to help us out with the shoot, driving the BMW for our video and sitting for some portraits:

Closer Look At Our TR7 V8

We’ve had this stunning TR7 V8 in before, so we thought we’d take a closer look at it. This stunning blue classic is a TR7 with V8 mods, making it not only beautiful to look at but also beautiful to drive.

We’re still working on this and moving through the list of to-do’s to get this lovely classic back on the road – watch this space.

A Car For Life: 1998 Citroen Saxo VTR

Craig recently purchased this little 1998 Citroen Saxo VTR, which is the same model and year of his first car. Fondly reminiscing his early days of driving, Craig tells us he’s bought this to keep for his son to learn in. Loick, Craig’s 4 year old son, will be owning and driving a much loved classic when he’s 17 in 2034.

Craig’s Saxo, which was identical to this one, featured TSW Alpine Wheels and a large sound system. Unfortunately, Craig and his beloved Saxo had an unfortunate run-in with a tree, for which the Saxo did not survive. It is rare to find a Saxo these days that hasn’t been mod’ed and changed for rally spec. This particular motor has been loved and cared for with only 20,000 miles on the clock, making a unique example of the much-loved daily.

Until 2034, this little Saxo will be cared for and stored, awaiting its new owner.

Mercedes CL600 V12 Arrival

This stunning modern classic arrived recently and is being prepared to be launched soon. After its had a thorough clean and a service, the team can begin preparing all the visuals surrounding the launch. Watch this space!

The 2000 Mercedes CL600 V12 is often referred to as a super-coupé and has the drive and delivery to wow any driver. With a comfortable and stylist interior, it rivals its plush competitors over at Bentley.

Clear Vision On The TR7

Tom has fitted the Cibie front fog lights, allowing for clear vision on foggy roads.

Tom has been trying to diagnosis the issue with the steering on our recent TR7. The steering wheel isn’t self centring, so Tom has gone through the steering components bit by bit to try and understand the root cause of the issue. He’s taken off the tyres and removed the wheels to gain aces to the tracking rod ends which he’s loosened as well as loosening the steering rack and removed the joints from the steering rack column.